Any guys here lose over 50lbs and get ripped just like the pics

  • I was wondering if any members of this forum actually lost 50lbs of fat and go to single digit bodyfat using bodyforlife just like the pics, I am not asking if someone has done this all in only 12 weeks but I would like to see examples of those that have used bodyforlife as a lifestle and got there eventually?

  • Hiyas 6packmission,  I have spent some time looking at transformations at for motivation.  Many of these guys have been doing BFL type nutrition while working out.

    Their workouts may be different, but the results are motivating.  Some are average and some are extraordinary.

  • I had results like this the first time I did body for life about 9 years ago. I dropped 33 pounds and had a nice set of abs. I have been training power-lifter style for the last 6 months and have dropped very little fat. I am gonna give this a try again. I do believe it works if one stays true to the concept and follows the rules on hitting the high intensity moments.