Starting on Monday 5-17

  • Lol! Good for you Corinne! That only proves that you are DETERMINED!

    Hello everyone--It's 12:30 am, so I have officially started, though I won't be doing anything until after I go to bed and wake up. I already posted my stats on another thread, so I guess I'll copy & post here:

    Age: Over 50, but under 60

    Height:  5'3"

    Weight: 192lbs (ugh! can't believe I'm actually posting this--TWICE)

    Fat % : ? TBA

    Gender: Female

    Goal: Lose 30 lbs (the first go round); get back into an exercise routine; establish a habit of healthy eating; gain strength and ENERGY; but most of all improve the quality of my life!

    I'm not used to blogs or forums, so it'll take a while, but I do plan on reading them! Thanks for sharing & good luck to all!

    Cindy ;p

  • Good morning everyone that is starting on their journey today...I am on my way to the gym and I am super motivated to begin my transformation...Have a great workout and remember to write down everything you eat...exercise is only one part of the is VERY important.