Starting on Monday 5-17

  • Hi everyone my name is Mandy and I am starting once again on my 12 week  BFL Challenge. I have tried for over 10 years now to complete this and now at 32 I finally have decided to put myself first. My starting weight is 243 pounds and my goal is simple to win the $25,000 and be the most dramatic transformation in the challenge's history.  By taking this step to change my life I will be able to actually live instead of waiting to die.

    I am starting my challenge on Monday May 17 and I welcome anyone that is also starting their journey to send me a message-I am working on my website where I will have my blog and lots of information about health and fitness- 

    My Email address is

    Good luck everyone...get off the couch and go out for a walk!




  • Hi Mandy!  I'm starting on 5/17 also.  Every night I have been envisioning myself with a totally transformed body, wearing one of the winners' jackets.  :) I'm looking forward to this challenge!


  • Hi Mandy & Everyone Else,

    I'm Dan.  I'm starting on the 17th of May 2010 at 8:30 am.  Got to be specific in goals or they won't happen.  I do go to the gym now and then, but it is hit or miss, so it's like 0 days a week, then 7 days for a week, then 3 or 4 days.  I just turned 48 and I am within 7 pounds of my peak fatness.  I just need to change one letter... an "a" to an "i" and then I will be close to my peak fitness.  Funny, but I got one for all the comments about my weight issues.  Anyway, I'm hoping to lose 35-40 pounds of fat and get back in good running shape... and I don't mean running to the frig! As for Mandy up there, you got me beat by a few (21) pounds, I hate to break it to you, but the $25,000 prize is already in the bag.  Well, that is to say, I'm going to give it my very best effort.  But being a runner up to me would still be an honor.  I encourage you 100% and wish you the best of luck and success.  Tell us your goals, so we can keep you in check.

    Me:  Weight = 222 lbs My goal 182 lbs  Height = 5'11" Goal, well can't fix that... DNA issue.

    body fat... getting done Monday... estimate 26 - 28% Goal 11 - 13%

    Waist = 36 inches. Goal = 32 inches

    Current mile time = 7:02.... yea I can run, but not like College (4:28 mile). Goal 5:45 mile, 5k under 20:00. Hey, I'm 48 years old.

    Pull ups = Current 3, Best ever 17 (age 21). Goal 12.

    Favorite food... Myoplex of course...

    Former favorite show:  Man v. Food.... I use to think, "I could do that show."

    Peace and Health to all!!!


  • Here are my stats and goals:

    Current weight-243 Goal Weight-140

    Current Jean Size= 18 Goal Size= 6

    Waist Measurement 40  Goal 26

    I completed my 1st 5k on May 8th and finished in 43:47 My goal is to finish my next 5k in less than 30 minutes-I will be competing in another 5k in July

    Fave Food: Chicken

    Weakness: Sweets and Bread...I am a carb addict:(

    The plan is to work hard and smart and write down EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth!

  • I'm starting on Monday also.  I'm 39 and while I've been in great shape about 8 years ago, I've let myself go.  Although the 25,000 will be in the back of my mind, my goal is to transform my body so that I feel comfortable wearing a tank top and shorter shorts.

    Current weight - 225  Goal weight - 170-180

    Current Pant Size - Mens 40 Goal - Womens 12

    When I was slimmer, I ran a 5K in 30 min.  I'm shooting to completing more 5K's inthe same time if not better.

    Fave Food - Doesn't matter

    Weakness - Beer

    Favorite show - I love The Biggest Loser


  • i am starting 5/13/10 the   thing that  that pushes me the most is  when i look down at my feet and i can see my feet  iam good to  go but then i start going up further  so lets go.........................

  • YAY!!! Good luck everyone!!! I've slowly been jumping back on the wagon but you all have inspired me to go all the way and begin SERIOUSLY (not just leisurely) pursuing my 12 week new LIFESTYLE on 5/17 as well! LETS BE GREAT!!!! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!

  • YAY!!! Good luck everyone!!! I've slowly been jumping back on the wagon but you all have inspired me to go all the way and begin SERIOUSLY (not just leisurely) pursuing my 12 week new LIFESTYLE on 5/17 as well! LETS BE GREAT!!!! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!

  • HI Everyone,

    I am starting the challenge also  - but looking through the paperwork... How do they really know when your before/after pics were taken if they don't ask you to hold up a newspaper or anything?


  • Hi name is Steve and am actually starting on Monday 5/17 as email is chat please.....I have a crdio question as well....sound ok ?

    Steve (Prior Marine)

  • Carolinaloser, I just have a couple of thoughts I would like to share with you. I am a 2006 champion and these are things I learned along the way here.  

    First of all, I think it would help you a great deal to figure out just what exactly caused each one of your previous failures to complete the transformation challenge and take specific steps to avoid those problems this time. Most people end up blaming it on "life happened" or something or someone else, but usually the truth is that people had only a general goal and no real idea of how to get there so they quickly got overwhelmed.

    ANother suggestion is to not only write down everything that goes in your mouth but to also write down everything else, too, cravings and what you did to beat them, virtually anything that has the ability to grow into a problem for you.

    I wish you lots of success. In about two really good challenges you should be all set!

  • Thanks BFL Mike-I have determined that even though I had the tools and the knowledge I still lacked the dedication, I am pretty sure that just getting older and realizing that my health will not hold up forever was the final straw and knowing that I did not want to die young is a big motivator for me...At 32 I feel I haven't been living and I am ready to live life- I will be using your advice to write down EVERYthing-

  • Here is my blog address

  • I am also starting my 12 week BFL challenge tomorrow!  I am 5'5" and weigh in at a hefty 204.  My Cholesterol is really high, and I have to do something about that.  I am 30 years old and don't want my first heart attack and bypass surgery at age 41 like my mom!  I will be looking forward to reading your blog!

  • Did anyone else start this challenge on any day but a monday? I started last wednesday (the 12th) As soon as I put my mind to it I got going with it!  I guess this monday would be my first, official bfl challenge monday though!