Just a question (or two)!

  • I've been looking around here and I haven't seen it posted anywhere, so here it goes. I have been reading the Entry-Kit packet for bfl, and as I understand it, our pictures have to be turned in 15 days before the completion of our challenge? For example, I started on Wednesday, May 12, so my pictures must be in by by July 20th? Is this correct?? I'm a little afraid about that! I would love all the time possible to change my body before those pics go in.

    Also, how do we get the official competitors kit?


    Thanks for helping me out! I'm probably just over thinking this.

  • The entry kit says you have 15 days after you finish your 12 week challenge to get it in.

    What is the official competitor's kit?  I just know of the entry kit that you download from this site.

  • I'm not exactly sure, but the entry kit says: "We must receive your completed Official Competitors


  • Maybe that is the entry kit?

    Just wanted to be sure.