Week 1 in Retrospect..

  • Well, its almost the end of week one..  and a few things have changed forever..  First and foremost, I have unleashed my inner Warrior! With that said..



    This long an treacherous week has almost passed, and I am transformed!!  I have un-caged my inner Warrior, felt his screams and have witness his power grow.  I have overcome the challenges of giving up Diet Soda ( cold turkey ), as well as a major shift in diet change.  I have battled through indescribable soreness and pain, and now that I have broken through, I can see my strength increase!!!  I BELIEVE!!!  My mind is more focused, and I think more clearly.  I am more determined because I haven't given up, even when it would have been easy or acceptable to.  I am invigorated at the changes that are happening, and I can feel this change wash over me.

    I will post again at the end of week 2, with more observations on my own transformation.    This is utterly amazing.. and only Week 1!!!! 

    Always Believe,

    John T.

    Glendale, Arizona.

  • Wonderful!!!

    I am so happy for you!

    If you feel this way after week one, imagine all of the transformations and inner changes that you will encounter by week 12!!

    Keep it up!

    Stacy Lynn

  • John,

    Congratulations on completing week 1. I am approaching the end of Week 1 as well and I am feeling on top of the world!

    I haven't weighed or measured myself and don't intend to just yet. I realize there probably won't be much change on the outside just yet but I FEEL SO GOOD!

    After 7 months of dealing with postpartum depression, being unhappy, and constantly fighting with my husband, I finally feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    I am actually happy, I actually have energy, and I am actually a pleasant person to be around


    I think we both should be very proud of ourselves! I'm so excited to complete this challenge and I know that there is NOTHING that will stand in my way! :)

    Good luck and keep up the good work!


  • John T.   RAAAAH!

    Great to read of your experience and enthusiasm.

    oh what's that?.....your inner warrior has to go pee again from so much water?

  • James,

    The need to urinate frequently is nothing more than weakness leaving my body!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAH!!!!!!!  


    It seems to me that you have found the warrior's spirit.  Good. Keep it.  Let it speak to you during your battles so that nothing may stop you!!  Just how Bad do you want total VICTORY!!!!  You have stepped through the darkness, into the light to find your Ultimate Self.  Keep going!!!  


    Always Believe,


  • J-

    glad to hear your first week was so incredible!

    i'm nearing the end of my unofficial challenge and recently found I have an Inner Runner in me that I never imagined possible. it is such a welcome suprise. we learn so much about ourselves in this challenge--right to the end, i'm already psyched about starting another challenge

    looking forward to your week 2 experience!  K


  • John,

    It is good to hear of your change within.  Keep it up.  I have, also, just finished week one.  My workouts went very well and I stayed on track with the eating plan.  Had to make a few adaptions along the way and I expect that will be the case throughout.  My schedule is kind of strange so I make it work.  I know that it will all work out in the end, but I wish I had started on a Sunday instead of a Monday.  Sunday will, more often than not, be my free day: we have a lot of fellowship meals and get togethers on Sunday after church services.  This is a great day for me to use as my Free Day, but what I don't like is that it is also the last day of my BFL week.  

    I had forgotten how high intensity workouts really make you feel.  I am one who has had a good continuing workout program, although I have not used much "work to muscle fatigue/failure" workouts.  As a younger man, I used to do sets to failure on a regular basis, but it had been a long time.  It is easy to tell that is what really increases strength and muscle growth.  

    I had some serious doubts about the feasiblity of making a good dent in my overall goals during my first challenge, but at this point, I believe it is possible.   I am looking forward to the coming weeks to see where it is going to take me.  It would be great to be back in the shape I was in 20 years ago before serious knee problems and surgery (recently had total knee replacement).  



  • Yeah! I am psyched for you! I just finished my week 2 and I am amazed at how much better I feel on the inside, I am calmer, more focused, and happier. After yesterday's Free Day, I woke up this morning super stoked to be back on the meal plan and exercise routine. Just one day of  cheese and crackers and pasta for dinner and I feel groggy and hungover.