Need Encoragement

  • Hi all!!!

    My name is Marlene. I am a 53 yrs. old who are seriously thinking to have a body for life. I took my health for granted and now I have diabetes. Since I was 13 I broke the 200 lbs. always weighted 220 to 240 lbs. Until...voila!!! I became pregnant and went up to 265. Then I lost 65 lbs and guess what? This time I became pregnant of twin (close factory after that). After that well....I never put attention to my health. Until now that my son is encouging me. I started at 285 and went down to 275 in two weeks( I feel it my knee lol lol). I am considering entering the challenge next 6/30/10. I downloaded so I am waiting for that day to enter, or can I enter now?

    Thank so much for this site,


  • Marlene,

    You are doing an awesome job just by signing on and looking for encouragement!! This is the hardest part of the whole challenge!! (well, besides taking the before photos).

    As I understand it, you can turn in your packet as soon as you fill it out!

    Be sure to read the book and understand the food and work out guidelines, and remember you can always stop by the forum to ask advice or to encourage others.

    You can do this!

    It will seem hard, but read the success stories- many people with dilemmas similar to yours have not only succeeded but won!! If they can do it...... well then you have no excuse, right?

    We're here for you!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips

    I love this quote!  It's so true.  You can do this and you will succeed!  Don't listen to your negative voice inside that tells you you can't.  You can make this lifestyle change!  This is just for you!  It's the best gift you could ever give yourself.  You are worth it and you deserve to be healthy and happy! Have patients and be kind to yourself.  Treat yourself well and you will see and feel the results.  

    You go girl!  


  • Hi Stacey and Rachel!!! I am committed this time to REALLY love myself and make a change in my life. I read all the information given in the entry kit and guess what? My son have the original and the second book of Body for Life. No wonder he new so much about exercise and nutrition. In about two week I'll start my transformation package. I am currently starting to change my eating habits, I did a good groceries shopping and began watching my portions. I am also walking and doing the exercise bike.

    Why I am waiting for two weeks? well I really want to be 100% concentrating in this. My mother (77 year old) is having a major operation, I took a week of vacation and she will be my main focus. Nevertheless, I surely will watch what I eat and do my bike, I'll belive it will help any stress lever I may encounter.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement!!!!!!!


  • Marlene, I wish you every success in your new adventure!

    There is a fine line between being patient and being a slacker, but it sounds to me like you have a good plan in place and a sincere desire to change your life. Just be careful to set really concrete goals, not just vague ideas such as "good health" but goals of specific pounds loss, inches loss, getting out of your diabetic condition, things like that. And, also be careful that you start a journal, plan all your meals, and that you have a specific date in mind to start. Learning the exercises early is fine, but make sure that you actually start the program itself on time.

    Doing all I have mentioned will make it unnecessary for you to have to start over at any point. Starting and finishing your challenge is the most important part of all this--because by finishing you will keep a promise to yourself, and it sounds like it's been a while since you really felt good about your life.  All the best!

  • Hi Mike

    Thank you so much. It seems that I am doing something good. I weighted myself today and went down to 270 lbs.  and it is just walking, biking and watching what I am eating. I need to learn how to cook so many food that had never been in my daily life. Being a Latina I am use to white rice, bread and potatoes. I have change to whole wheat bread bur not the rice yet. I'll tried it and did not like it. But it will take time for the taste change. I cooking more vegetable and eating more fruits.