Week of May 17th challenge starters post here

  • Does the heat affect anyone?

    I live in upstate NY, it was in the 90's yesterday, we don't have our air conditioners in... yet, and our workout room was almost 80 degrees this morning. I found it very hard to do cardio! But I did the best I could!

    Does anyone take their pulse after cardio? (A habit I picked up from years of The Firm videos) I take my pulse for 10 sec and I'm usually between 22-24 beats. Just wondering if anyone else does that and what their #'s are.

    Also, my husband has been having a hard time on exercises that he's up to a heavier weight (50lbs + dumbbells), it's been bothering his wrists. Any advise?

    Thank you!


    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • YEAH for Mike on The Biggest Loser!!! I didn't care who won, I loved them all! Such an inspirational show!!!

    Thought I'd share this:

    Q: What is the best way to get rid of the belly bulge?

    Jillian Michaels A: Contrary to what you might think, getting rid of the belly bulge is all about diet and cardio, rather than strength-training exercises that target the abdominals. This is because belly bulge results from excess body fat, not lack of muscle. The best way to reduce the bulge is therefore to reduce your body fat, and we all know what that requires — diet and exercise, baby!

    It is possible to carry extra water weight in your tummy. To get rid of this: try cutting your sodium intake to 1,500 mg a day and increasing your water intake. This will help you reduce water retention and reduce the spongy appearance of belly fat just a bit!

    But really, it comes down to healthy eating and consistent cardio workouts. Stick with it, kid — it’ll come off. Just keep at it and be patient with yourself.

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Wow, looked in the mirrow and thought how in the world will I change in basically 10 more weeks.  I hope so, don't see it now. Have the belly hanging, cottage cheese thighs and extra love handles.  

    Oh well,...... I will just keep going  

  • Hi fine2008!

    Check out:


    It was very helpful & inspiring to me!

    More will happen from DOING  the 12 weeks than not doing the 12 weeks!

    We are all on our way to find out what!!!

    Have Fun & be Proud of yourself!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Hey there fine2008,

    I take Estroven (all natural) for the hot flashes and night sweats.  It really works!  You can get it at any health food or drug store, or sometimes vitamin section at the grocery.  I always have them on hand.


  • Wow Deirdre!

    Thanks for the mikeharris.org suggestion.  I checked it out and there's some great inspiration there.  I read a lot of posts about how so many women don't see much of a change till closer to the end, and one thing I read over and over was how many of them actually did not drop huge amounts of weight, but that they're sizes dropped significantly and that the inches disappeared.  This is so helpful to me because I tend to let the numbers on the scale play tricks with my head and early on I'd decided that for that reason I would not weigh more than once a month.  I now think that it may be a good idea for me personally to not even weigh myself until day 84!  My clothes are already loosening up so what difference does it make what the numbers say, as long as I look great??  I now realize that if I'm replacing fat with muscle there will be some weight exchange there.  Such a good thing to keep in mind for those who don't think the weight is coming off, especially if you're "Daily Weighers."


  • Hey everyone, my name is Madison Giammaria. I had completed the challenge in 07 (a before and after picture is on my profile) and felt amazing throughout the 12 weeks. I met my girlfriend during the last week of the challenge in 2007, and couldn't have been happier. Over the past few years though, I got "comfortable" and slowly let my old habits creep back in. My mind became weak and my body looked... well worse than when I started the 07 challenge.

    I actually started the 2010 challenge last week on the 17th like you all but didn't know about the forum until today. This time that same girlfriend (who already looks amazing) started with me and thus far we've been eating 6 clean meals a day, hitting the gym at 5:30am every day (We're pretty busy haha) besides our free day last Sunday, and already we are feeling amazing and noticing the difference.

    I'm excited about this forum and hearing all of your accomplishments over these 12 weeks.

    Since I didn't fill it out before, here's my starting info (as of 5/17/2010):

    • Current Height: 5'10"
    • Current Weight: 213lb. (already down to 205!)
    • Current Bodyfat %: 20%
    • Gender: Male
    • My five goals I wrote down on the 17th:
      • I will reduce my body fat to 9% by 8/8/2010.
      • I will lose 25lbs. of fat by 8/8/2010.
      • I will have a well-defined six-pack by 8/8/2010
      • I will be very confident in my body and mind by 8/8/2010.
      • I will do whatever I can to make sure Cassidy (my girlfriend) achieves her goals as well.

    Good luck everyone, and WHATEVER HAPPENS, DON'T GIVE UP.

    ps- I'll try to get my girlfriend to join the thread.

  • fine2008, look at my starting picture in the Media gallery.  I just took my end of week 10 picture this morning and both smiled and teared up a bit at how different my body looks.  In 2 weeks I will share my end of challenge pictures.  My first couple of weekly pictures showed no change at all to my eyes.  Sometimes there was a big difference week to week and sometimes there was no difference at all.  This first few weeks is an adjustment for your body.  You didn't gain all your weight in 1 1/2 weeks and you certainly won't lose it that fast either.  Stick with the hard work and keep checking in here.

    The women's success document that Dee posted is a great motivation tool.  Whatever your results, you will definitely be healthier by the end of week 12 if you eat absolutely clean and hit your workouts to your honest highest ability.

  • Hello and welcome Madison, This thread has over 30 people who started the same week as you.  I'm in my 10th week and just helping to walk people through the process.  Your past experience will be valuable here.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you and Cassidy.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for missing roll call but I was out of town.  But I am still here on this journey with everyone.  



  • Week 2 tip....On my computer desktop I have created a folder to store all the articles, pictures, ideas, recipes etc. related to my BFL challenge.  I have my before front/back pictures along with the pictures that I take at the end of each week to monitor my progress.  I also have a spreadsheet with my weekly weigh in numbers and body measurements.

    If you want to do the same, right click on your desktop, select "new" then "folder" then name it what you want.  

    As I am browsing the internet and find something interesting I copy and paste it into that folder.

  • JamesK and/or Madison:

    I'm a little confused by the different Myoplex shakes and protein bars that are offered and not sure which ones I should be using.  Sometimes I find "Carb Control" bars, sometimes "Strength" bars, then there's Myoplex original and Myoplex Deluxe in the shake versions.  Yikes! What is the difference?  I read about each product but not much explanation is provided so still confused. Maybe one of you who've  tried some of them could recommend one that worked best for you.  I mostly use them as meal replacements when I'm on the go.  My wife is using the Myoplex Lite shakes and bars, yet another version, but she says she read somewhere that those are probably the best options for women who especially want to lose body fat.

  • Hey JoeD,

    I am not using Myoplex with this challenge.  I think general consensus for BFL is that men use the Original and women use the Lite.  I went out to the EAS site and gathered some data all using the powder form and the same flavor (Chocolate Cream.)  You are right these things are vastly different from each other.  My guesses based on the data is that Deluxe is for folks who wanted to gain mass while weight lifting, Original is a general meal replacement, Lite is for smaller men or women and Carb Control is for those folks who want to limit carbs or maybe just get their carbs from another food source.

    Here is a side by side comparison.


    Anyone else have thoughts on the differences?

    A call to EAS would get you the best answer.


  • Hey JamesK,

    Thanks for going to the trouble to look that up.  This helps. Looks like the Original would be the best way for me to go.   But as for not using Myoplex, I thought that the use of at least one product was required to enter the official challenge?  Maybe you are using another EAS or Abbott product, which I believe also counts.  

  • Hi Susan.  I did the same thing..did BFL 10 years ago..lost 30lbs and now I need to lose it!! I am determined to do it..although today I am sooo tired.. bout to hit the treadmil though..Good Luck!