Week of May 17th challenge starters post here

  • Good morning fellow 517ers!  We should be proud of ourselves for making it this far...and we can go the distance!  We can do this!  


  • Had a GREAT lower body workout today!  Really feeling the burn!  I should be able to walk again by the end of the week (just kidding of course...but they are achey!).

    Enjoy the day!  We have beautiful weather here!


  • Way to go Heather.  I remember (pre-BFL) one time when I went to the gym and attacked the calf raise machine and LITERALLY could not walk for about 2 days afterward.  I had to hop on my tippy toes because I overdid it.

    Looks like a gorgeous day in North Carolina as well.  I've got cardio today and in the afternoon a long walk in the park.

  • Hi Dagney,

    We certainly can and WILL do this.  We are getting our brains reset to tell our bodies what to do.  

  • Heya Richard I_want_Energy,

    Great way to re-check yourself on portion sizes.  The eyes can't always be trusted in these things.  I went to the dollar store at the beginning of my challenge and picked up some containers similar to the Gladware ones.  They have survived 10 weeks of dishwashing and microwaving so far.  I think I will have to get new ones though for my next challenge.

    Meat is pretty easy to portion out for me.  I just divide the number of pounds by for to get a 4 oz serving, so after I cook it up I know how many containers to divide it into.  I really like whole wheat pasta now and that is easy as well as I know to divide the pasta by the total weight of the uncooked box to get 2 oz. portions.  Veggies?  I just fill a whole container now and nuke it up from frozen.  

  • Howdy fine2008,

    Great way to hang in there and improvise.  While the video won't probably get you an interval HIIT, it was better than doing nothing at all.  I am looking at some videos for the period I will take between this challenge and my next one.

  • Good morning and thanks for the encouragement.  I just said the same thing.  :)

  • Hi James.

    Have you checked out the P90x videos?  They are awesome!  My husband did the whole P90Xworkout plan but I just did a couple of their videos per week.  It is easy moves but very intense.  I worked up a good sweat doing them.

  • sam28, Yep I've checked those out and they are what I am going to do between challenges.  I've only got 2 weeks left on my first challenge and have already begun planning something for then.  My goal is to continue to eat clean and do something different for exercise.  Definitely more running outside.  Not HIIT, but longer slower runs.

    I'll go back to "doing it by the book" for my second 12 week challenge.  You all will be in week 5/6 when I start my second challenge on the 21st of June.

  • Hi BeckyBeach77,

    The emotional part of eating is the toughest part of the nutrition aspect of BFL.  If you are getting your 6 meals in of protein/carb and two veggie portions then you are taking care of your own nutrition.  Any other "hunger" is most likely cravings for those unhealthy favorites we have.

    Honestly I don't know what the nutrition draw from your body is as you are breastfeeding.  I suggest you call EAS support for their recomendation 1.800.297.9776

  • Yay I can't wait until week 5/6.  Hopefully I will have lost some weight by then.  You will enjoy P90X. My husband and I take those with us when we go on vacation and we do those or run.

    Thanks for coaching us through this session.


  • Hey everybody!!  I have so enjoyed reading everyone's posts.  I'm still here and going strong.  A few issues I'm having is hitting my limit on working out and my portions.  I know I'm losing because my cooking has been very clean, but I don't think I'm hitting a 10 on my workouts and cardio.  I'm going to the gym today and talk to one of the trainers and revamp my workouts.  

    As far as my portion control, I am very fortunate to be able to cook all of my meals each day.  But, I'm going over my portions on my meats.  I know its protein, so I haven't stressed the issue too much, but I do want to get some feed back.  I also get cravings at weird hours.  When I do concede to the cravings, I still make sure its a nutritional bar, yogurt or fruit.  

    JamesK - Yes it is a wonderful day in NC, and I will be enjoying it with a light jog/walk.

    May I just add, I have tried numerous recipes from the Eating For Life Book, and they are just wonderful.  So many of them give me the taste of something fatty, but without the fat.  I ahd the Protein Pancakes this morning.


  • In Iraq, on FOB Delta we have a former BFL challenger that has inspired a major portion of the base to take the challenge.  We started collectively on 17 May and I am so excited!  It is challenging but I have not missed a beat!  I have my handy dandy accountabiliyt folder and partner.  We all see each other daily and check and challenge each other, it has been super inspiring so far.  We are challenged with no kitchens or grocery stores; but you wouln't know it!  I have never made it past two weeks on any plan and I only have three days to start WEEK 3!! Of the BFL CHALLENGE!!  

    I am a 38 year old Female

    Hieght 5ft 6 inches

    Starting weight 192 lbs

    Goal:  30 lb weight loss

    and gain as much lean mass as possible!!  And learn to maintian this new life!

  • Ok here is a revised list of those who started with us and those who answered the rollcall or have posted since.  If your name is in blue you have been accounted for and are still checking in.  Please, if you are still with us and not posting, just pop in with a quick post with your name.  Some folks may have spotty access to the internet and may not check in every week, that's fine, I just want all of you to see how many people are cheering you on while working hard themselves.  If I missed somebody posting, I will edit and correct this post.  Everyone have a great day!


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  • Hey JamesK,

    I'm still here and still in the game.  I've just had some very busy days and haven't even had time to get on the computer!

    Today is the beginning of Week 2 for me and I must say that week 1 went very fast and without a hitch!

    Yesterday was my first free day and I honestly didn't know what to do.  There was nothing special I wanted so I ate the usual things.  But then I was invited out to an event for the preview of the new Sex in the City movie, so I went.  

    I had 2 cosmos and some flatbread pizza and a piece of bruscetta.   I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty and enjoyed every minute of it.  Today I'm ready to continue the program.  Only 11 weeks left!  Woohoo!