Week of May 17th challenge starters post here

  • In the past there was an awesome thread to monitor week by week who was still in their challenge.  The list took alot of work for the person (Deb?) who compiled it.

    As a replacement and so you can keep up with your cohort of challengers for your starting week, I'll start a new thread each week for awhile to see if it has any benefit.

    So if you are starting the week of May 17th post here so you can compare notes and encourage each other.  





  • Thanks, James!  I just got released from physical therapy so I am good to go for May 17.  I told my therapist I'd be back after my challenge is over to show him my progress, and to get on the stair stepper...today I only lasted 3 minutes!  Yikes!  Can't wait to go back and blast that thing!


  • Thanks, James!  Thanks for the advice earlier.  45 lbs is a lot, but I believe I can do it.  I already have the BFL journal handy to keep track of everything for the next 12 weeks and I will be posting before pictures by the 18th.


  • I want to start on the 17th as well, but I'm not sure if i'll have my starter pack by then.  


  • You don't need a starter pack at all to get going.  Just follow the rules for 6 meals a day and you can add in the starter pack stuff when you get it.  I've never used any of that stuff and my results are fine after 8 weeks.

  • I'm here with you guys then.  I should get the starter pack this week anyway.  Starting to plan my workout and grocery list for the week.  


  • Who's ready for the journey to begin tomorrow?  I know I am.  

  • i want to start but i feel way to overwhelmed at having to plan specific meals.  the planning my own upper and lower body workouts are difficult for me b/c im not proficient in the weight room....

  • I feel so excited for all of you starting tomorrow.  The exercise will be tough if you do it right and the eating will require planning and discipline.  If you eat clean and hit honest "10s" in intensity, you will be a different person both physically and mentally be the end of your challenge.  At the end of your challenge you will be better equipped to continue improvement.

    While extraordinary results are possible, be sure to set realistic goals.  I originally set the goal of 50 lbs of weight loss in the 12 weeks.  Hehe, I have learned that was ambitious and unrealistic.  So far I'm week 9 and have lost 24 lbs from a start of 221 lbs.  I have dropped a few pants sizes and I feel great.

    So if you are starting tomorrow, snap a photo for yourself or to share here.  Trust me posting your "before" photo here will motivate you and have feeling more accountable.  I posted mine in all its blubbery goodness on my start day.

    I also suggest that you take a piece of clothing that you would like to fit into and put it on and take a photo of that as well even if you think it looks ridiculous.  I used a pair of jeans from 20 years ago when I was in college (and just out of the Army.)  When I started I could not even get the button anywhere near the hole.  Now I can button them even though it is very tight.  Progress!

    Continue to take pictures each week.  Week to week you may not see a difference, but as the weeks go by you will start to see change as you compare each week with your before photo.

    Lastly...be completely honest with yourself with regard to exercise intensity and food.  Even nibbles or bites of unauthorized food on non-free days will defeat you, maybe not physically, but mentally.  Only you are responsible for your results, your efforts will tell the story.  Weight loss is science, your results will show whether you conducted the experiment correctly.

    There are so many threads about food and exercise already on this forum.  Read them and ask questions there.  Let's use this thread to talk about progress and statistics.  If you are starting Monday, May 17th 2010, post your:

    Current Height

    Current Weight

    Current Bodyfat % if you have had it measured


    What is your goal for this 12 weeks?

    I am volunteering to be a coach for you if you desire that.  I commit to supporting and challenging each one of you who post here.  I promise to use equal measures of joy, compassion, and tough love.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you all.

  • I'll take you up on that offer to coach, James.  I really need the support of everyone here since my family (husband and 3 of our 9 kids live here, and 1 grandchild) is only mildly supportive.  

    Current height: 5'4"

    Current age: 48

    Current weight: 202 lbs.

    Current bodyfat %: 38.2

    Gender: female

    These are my goals: to lose 28 pounds, fit into a size 14 pants, to lower my A1C to 7.0 (this is a number diabetics use to measure their average blood glucose level...my last one was 10, which is extremely high, having it measured tomorrow again for a starting point), to lower my blood pressure by 10%, and to encourage my family to be healthier.

    I have my BFL journal and I am working on planning my first day.  


  • Awesome Dagney!  It sounds as though you have put some thought into your challenge already.  Having the A1C as an objective measure will help as well.  My hope for you is that the support from your family grows as you make progress.  With a houseful as you have you will have to be extra vigilant with meals.  One great thing about BFL is that you can use the same basic foods as you are using for them.  The family may get extras like sauces and dessert, but the basic components will be the same.  (lean protein/carb/veggies)  It is a great way to introduce more healthy eating if that isn't currently the case.

  • andrea34

    Please don't overwhelm yourself.  BFL meal planning is quite simple.  Definitely have your meal plan for tomorrow done tonight so you set yourself up for a great first day.  Remember 6 meals a day with lean protein/carb and add veggies to at least two of your meals.

    Don't worry about your proficiency in the weight room.  Since tomorrow should be an upper body day pick some simple exercises to start.  You can see examples on this site at bodyforlife.com/.../weight-training  

    My suggestion is to start with light weights (dumb bells are great to start with)  to get through the 12/10/8/6/12/12 sets with.  Remember you are adding weight with each set as you lower the repetitions.  If this first time wasn't challenging enough for you then definitely increase the weights for next time.  Always seek to be raising your weights as you proceed in the challenge.

    If you haven't already done so print the workout plans here:  bodyforlife.com/.../tools

    You should be hitting "10" intensity levels every workout as you go.  You will know a "10" if you couldn't lift one more time to save your life.

    More complete explanations are included in the challenge entry kit.   bodyforlife.com/.../download-kit

  • James,

    I will take you up on the offer for coaching me as a first time user of the Body for Life Challenge.  Here are my stats:

    Height:  5'7"

    Weight: 174.2 lbs

    Fat % : Don't know

    Gender: Female

    Goal: Lose 20# minimum

    Now a little about me and how I got here.  I turned 50 years old last year and really woke up to the fact that I had become all those people who say they gain weight, fall out of shape, have lost their energy, etc. once they hit that magic decade.  Not to get too personal here as no one wants to hear a sob story, yet we all know what an emotional roller coaster our physical and mental health can be.  We all have our challenges, some of us more than others, but none less important.

    In the past three years, I have done the up/down/up/down with my weight and have more or less fell into letting it all slide.  When I look in the mirror, it is not a pretty site.

    I believe my biggest challenge is when I have a "free day" and can eat what I want, that I don't continue to eat the wrong food the next day.

    I am also totally new to using a website for dieting.  I would appreciate any suggestions for staying in touch with this forum.   Don't laugh, but I assume I subscribe?  

    James, thanks for the encouragement and for motivating by sharing your success.


  • Hiya MaryK,  You have already done what you need to do by registering on this forum.  You can elect to get notifications through your regular email when someone adds to this (or any) thread to which you have commented.

    Hey you are only 6 years ahead of me in the age thing, and I totally understand how as we get older we can become what we never thought we would.  The great thing is we can reverse it and become something new as well.  

    As far as free day is concerned, try out the first one and see how it goes.  You can always decide to tighten up your free day as you continue if you think that it will trigger you.

    I think 20lbs is a reasonable goal for you at your current weight and height.  Also use how your clothing fits as a measure as well.

    I really look forward to walking through this 12 weeks with you and all the others who decide to join this week.

  • Thanks James.  I gained 25+ pounds while my wife was pregnant 2 years ago.  Time to do something about it!  I let all my habits slide from OK to BAD!! I am looking forward to reaping the benefits of sticking to the program!!

    I am 6'2, 230ish pounds.  Will take my fat measeurement tomorrow.  Size 36 and/or 38 pants.  Definitely not 34s!  I am actually looking forward to creating good habits more than I am getting a better body.  Maybe I'll stop swimming in my t-shirt this summer!!  :)