Negative feedback

  • I just posted about this not too long ago.  It's non-stop with my mother and now it's the girls in the office.  It drives me nuts.   Just yesterday I was making my lunch (salad with grilled chicken) and I was out of my dressing and didn't realize it.  One of the girls says "I have ranch".  I said "thanks but I can't have ranch".  She gave me a lecture on how you "NEED fat in my diet and it's okay to have ranch've got an eating distorter if you think you can't eat these foods"...blah, blah, blah.   This coming from a diabetic who can't control her own diet to save her life and just ate a giant piece of cake for lunch.  I just smiled and walk away.   It's not worth even trying to explain anymore.  

  • Heather, isn't it funny how unhealthy, out-of-shape people seem to know SOOOO much about how and what you should eat? Gimme a flipping break. And just today, 2 of my co-workers that give me a hard time were doing it once again. I'm in my last 2 weeks of the challenge so I've cut my carbs down for these last 2 weeks. I'm not eating any yogurt, fruit, or dairy AT ALL. I've only been doing this for 4 days and one of them asked me this morning, "How's that workin for ya?" ggggrrrrrr. Wanted to say, "Well, one thing you dimwit, it's only been 4 days so I've still got 10 days left to do this!" LOL! But I didn't. I just said I don't know, I'll let you know in 2 weeks and we all laughed. But it is frustrating. And the constant mocking gets old for sure. But o well...whatcha gonna do? ;)


  • Mike,

    What do you do for a living, that you are surrounded by so many insensitive fools?  Just curious!!



  • I think it's funny how people are okay with unhealthy lifestyles and become critics of you when you change your ways.

    None of my family members had a problem when I smoked cigarettes, drank beer and gained 30 lbs.  That was no problem for them.  When I quit and started getting healthy, I made personal goals and decided to enter this challenge only to get critisism from them.  Instead of saying "that is great!  you are changing your lifestyle and getting healthy."  All I heard was "don't get your expectations up,  don't count on winning, life is too short to be so restrictive."  

    Really people?  It's amazing how being unhealthy is acceptable and being healthy and fit is an intimidation and not welcome with a lot of people.  

    I think it brings out peoples own insecurities and they are affraid of change and of failure.  People like to be around people whoi are like them.  

    When people would say to me "why are you doing that you don't need to"  I would respond with "thank you but I need to do this for myself I have set a goal and I'm going to achieve it."  

    Some of the "negative Nancy's"  I like to call them that, will always try to sabatoge your efforts becuase of fear of change in themselves.  

    I am an inspiration to others and to myself now becuase of BFL and my dedication to being healthy and fit.  If people cannot accept that then I feel sorry for them but I will not let there negativity drag me down.

    Bottom life is beign healthy and fit make me happy and life is too short to not be happy.


  • Here's the funny part. One of these guys that harasses me, at the beginning of this challenge would argue up and down (not necessarily w me, but just rant about it), that short HIIT cardio couldn't be a more effective method of burning fat (which has been his goal for about the last 6 months).  He'd say he KNOWS he's burning more fat by running steady-state on the treadmill for an hour straight rather than doing intervals for 20-30 mins. Well guess what? He still looks the same as he did 6 months ago, and recently, I overheard him telling someone that short HIIT cardio is the best for losing fat. LOL!!  Come to find out, he's changed his routine a bit and does spins classes now, which is a good thing to do. But he's still not dropping fat. I think it's because of what he eats. But who am I to advise him? haha!

    So you can sort of see where the jealousy comes from because in 10 weeks, I've been able to lose 14 lbs and shed 11% body fat. I'm currently sitting at 12%. WAHOO! His fat % is still in the mid to lower 20's%, and has been for 6 months. So who's plan is working?  Looks like what they're doing isn't working and BFL is.

    I would help these guys in a heartbeat. All they have to do is ask, but there's too much pride there I guess. Maybe they'll eventually come around.  But I just laugh it all off now.  I think dropping from 24% to 12% body fat in 3 months proves that BFL is the clear winner. hehe