Looking for a Challenge partner...starting Monday!

  • Hello! I am starting my challenge Monday...I am a 22 yr old college student looking to lose about 25 lbs. If anyone wants a buddy to do their challenge send me a message and we can exchange info.

    Looking forward to it!



  • Good luck!!

    I don't know of anyone who will be starting on monday, but I have seen a lot of posts of people who started this week... it will be close enough?

    Stacy Lynn

  • That is def close enough just so I have someone who is near the same time in the challenge as I am

  • I'm starting on Monday too!

  • Hi Kristin! My name is mandy and I am also starting on Monday-I have a lot more weight to lose and would love to buddy up! My email address is futureskinnybitch@yahoo.com

  • Hi Kristin

    My names Sian I'm 26 and looking to loose about 20lbs so pretty similar amount. Could do with someone to be accountable to so would be great to buddy up. My email is sianmclaren@hotmail.com or i'm on facebook under my name l'm the second one on the list.

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • I am also going to start Monday and would like to lose 20lbs. I just sent you an e-mail.


  • I am right there with ya'll.  Always need encouragement or advice.  My email  - wday1015@aol.com form NC.


  • Lorie and Kristin could you send me your email address so we can keep in contact.

    Are any of you on Facebook?

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • There is a FB page under Body for Life. There is also one under Body for Life 2010. Lots of motivating, caring posters on each site. Stay future focused!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • mlrusso101@comcast.net  and yes I am on FB Lorie

  • I'm starting tomorrow, also.  My email address is tankchicagojuanita@yahoo.com.  Send me a message!  Good luck everyone!

  • Hi Kristin,

    My name is Shelli and I'm starting tomorrow with about 30 pounds to lose - and would love buddies! My work takes me on the road about 21 days each month, so any support/accountability would be soooooo cool and helpful.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I started on Wed last week but would also like to buddy up, my email address is timmay@iburst.co.za.

    Also looking at losing 20 pounds :)

    The number of people that fail is directly proportionate to the number of people that give up :)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I started this week but I was actually going to do this on my own until I found this site. I will restart Monday with everyone. Having a group will be a huge motivation for me. Please put my email on the list..


    I will be adding my picture / bio tonight. Look forward to hearing from you guys.