Workout - AM/PM, food/no food, how does everyone else do and what works best?

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    So my second question relates to when everyone does their workout. After working out late at tnigh for a long time in the last 6 months I have moved to working in the morning before work which I have found to be much better for me sleep wise and definately wakes me up for the day ahead.

    I believe BFL suggests doing your workout before eating in the morning but  I found when i tried this that i had no energy and became light headed and felt sick during vigorous excercise. However, I also found that I cant I eat carbs before my workout as it also makes me feel sick and heavy (if you know what i mean). So after trial and error I now have an egg white and ham omlette in the morning before my work out followed by a shake straight after for meal number 2 which seems to work. 

    Was just wondering what everyone else does and whether I'm missing out on fat burning by not working out on an empty stomach first thing?


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  • You probably are going to miss out on some fat burning....but....if the only way you can get a work out in is my eating a bit prior than that is better than not working out at all.

    On weight training days I have half a shake before my workout and a full one afterwards.  On cardio days I don't eat prior.  I do get lightheaded from the exertion and the breathing and my heart pumping.  

    If you don't feel sick and exhausted after your cardio, you probably held back...just my opinion.

    Make sure that you keep sipping your water throughout your cardio.

  • It took me a while to be able to do my workouts on an empty stomach. For the first week, I had to have at least a little something or I got too lightheaded to finish my HIIT. Gradually I tapered off of what I was eating and now am able to do it without eating first. You may try cutting back on the amount you are taking in before and maybe after a while you can go without. If not, I really don't think it is that big of a deal. As long as you are getting your workouts in, that is what counts. Good luck!!

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  • Also understand that if you are not eating your 6th meal right before bed, you're going to struggle to workout in the morning.  That's part of why the 6th meal is so important.