Dumping the Pregnant Look

  • I've spoken with my physician and since my stomach is truly stretched out (baby was the size of a Mini Cooper) he said I should use 1 or 2 restraining belts (girdles if you will) around my middle so that my body is retrained to remember what it was before I was pregnant. If not then I'm just going to tone my abs in the current state they are used to...which is pregnant. (3 babies in the last 6 years.)


    I'm in the middle of my 6th week. Shouldn't I be able to run like the wind now? I can't. I can barely run/jog/walk a mile. And what types of ab exercises should I do If i'm REALLY new. I have like the roman char sans weights. Are all ab exercises the same? Should I target a specific set? I can feel the muscles working but am I going to end up a muscular round person? I'm worried that is the case since I can see no discernible change in body shape.


    Well off to the gym to try something new. Please help guys. I'm truly concerned I'm not going to lose my preggy belly.

  • Remember Angie, you were pregnant for a total of 54 months and if the last baby was the size of a Mini Cooper :) then you have to realize that you realistically will not be back to pre-babies size in just 12 weeks.

    Trust the program...do you have the original BFL book? If not, get it, it has all the exercises in there or you can also go to muscleandstrength.com for ideas.

    Keep on Keeping On!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hi Angie,

    I too had a mini cooper in 2005 and just about 8 months ago I had the "mini" version!  However, my stomach was very stretched once my daughter was born in September and after 6 weeks and I got the ok from my doctor (had a c-section), I started the whole exercise and eating well thing and I've noticed huge changes in my stomach area.  However, I've hit that plateau and just recently heard about BFL and am now pushing to have the toned stomach look!

    I'm into week two and haven't lost weight but already a 1/2" around my hips, which makes me Oh so Happy!!!!

    Good luck and keep at it.