food combining

  • Hi everyone, are we allowed to combine foods like for example, 2 carbs which would be 1 yogurt and palm size of strawberries which equal 20carbs?  Lean ground beef with canadian bacon which equal 20 proteins?  I figured as long as the portions equal 20 then it would be ok to do this but I want to have the experts answer for me before I actually do this.  Due to serious nausea last week (my start date was last monday) I really didn't stay on plan so I consider yesterday my actual start day and I am feeling great.  Also if were still hungry after eating one of our meals are we allowed to have more of something like veggies or protein?  The reason I ask is after my 4th meal I still felt hungry and continued to feel hungry until 2 hours later when I ate my 5th meal.  I was just wondering if anyone eats extra something if they are still hungry.  The book doesn't say anything about "free foods" (foods that can be eaten unlimited when hungry) so calling all experts

  • Sure enough!  One of my favorites is a half portion of lean ham and half portion of chicken bre ast on a Whole Wheat sandwich thin with mustard.

    Now I don't count grams of carbs or protein, I just use the palm/fist method for everything...I have no clue how many grams of anything is in my food.  As long as I stay to the original authorized list.

    Since the guidance on veggies is at LEAST two portion a day, Adding more should be fine.  I am sticking to steamed broccoli and green beans because the calories/carb/protein are nominal for them.  They also provide lots of fiber compared to some other veggies.  I just had a double portion of broccoli tonight...I never ever thought I would say that.  It was quite filling.

  • Thanks James!