What's Going On?

  • I am computer illiterate but need to stay connected with you guys. Can someone help me?

  • We are all trying to stay connected. The GB crew is on the thread Renee started. Coffee crew thread started by DebbiMO. I feel the same. We will get through it PaulF. :)

  • You did good getteg here Paul!  Most of the regular GB'ers have posted under the thread that says Guestbook Faithful post here.  It's a thread that was started this morning as we all began navigating the site.  It's relatively easy and will be set up as "topic specific" so that if you have specific questions you can get answers with out having to look through multiple posts to do it.  Play around a bit and you'll get it.

    To change your pic on your avatar, you just click on your name in a thread that you've posted and it will take you to your profile, then you click on home and you will see where it says change avatar. You can update everything you want to there also.  

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  • We should have 1 running thread and then ones for specific "off topic" topics.  

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