Am I working the heart enough?

  • Hi to all!

    I am on week 5. I don't see big results, but trust the system. I feel good, I am afraid thought that I am doing something wrong...I don't know, just maybe not pushing my self, perhaps?

    I have a question for anyone who wishes to answer: My cardio.

    Consider I am 200 lbs....I do it on the treadmill. I start out at 5.5 miles per hour, and hit my 10's at 7.5...theoretically I am running only when i hit 7 and 7.5 miles per hour. By the end of the workout I an dying. Literally...the first few times I was about to blank out. The last minute (level10) I am thinking to my self that I have to run to save my children...and I manage, but it is mighty hard...but it's also mighty little...7.5 that's a stroll for most people. Should I be running more/ I not realising my potential?

    Please help...also, form what I have read in order to drop weight faster many people do cardio on weight training days as that right?

    Thanks a million!

  • Jaja, I am glad you posted this, because I was wondering if I was pushing myself enough. Everybody's treadmill may be different as far as what the speed actually means. A stroll for me on my treadmill is about 3.5. I hit my highpoint at 7.1. So, basically my 4 levels are 4.2, 5.1, 5.6 and 6.1. Then I go up to 7.1 for the last minute. I am jogging at 5.1. At the end of each 6.1 interval, I have basically had it. I am 145 pounds and 5'8". I don't know if height and weight play into what a jog looks like on the treadmill. Melissa

  • You can't really go by what speeds other reach.  I've seen people say they hit 9.0 on the treadmill.  I've never hit more than 7.5 myself.  I'm short and I don't think my stride could reach that fast.  What I do know is in the beginning I couldn't run the entire time.  I'd walk and then run the last minute or each cycle.  Then it got to where I could walk then jog and run for 2 minutes.  Now I can jog/run/sprint the entire time.    

    My treadmill doesn't incline (cheap old treadmill) so I've been doing HIIT on my elliptical for a few weeks now.  I like it better.  I start at level one with a moderate stride for warm up.  Then I increase the resistance and speed with each minute.   That last minute of each cycle I think I'll throw up.  And when I hit level 10 I'm praying for death!   I LOVE IT!

  • First, realize that you aren't most people - you  Most people in the gym, when doing their weights, do three sets of 3 different exercises - BFLers don't.  This program isn't geared towards what the average person can run at or what they can lift, it's based upon each individual accomplishing something that is great for them.  The fact that you have to think about saving your kids to get through your level 10 tells me, you are nailing it.  Continue with what you are doing until you aren't 'saving your kids' anymore, then look at adjustments.

    As for the speeds you have posted, I am guessing your treadmill is measured in KM/h because there isn't anyone in the world who is having a nice casual stroll at 7.5 MPH.

  • As for extra cardio it is not recommended.  However, I do a 10 minute warm up (jog) on the treadmill before I lift weights to loosen my muscles.  Then after I lift I may take the dog for a few laps around the neighborhood or walk on the treadmill at a casual pace while I watch TV.  Better to be active than sit on your butt.  But you don't want to do any cardio that will really elevate your heart rate like extra HIIT sessions on off days.