Help with measurements

  • Hi everyone

    Was wondering if anyone could help. I live in Oz and so cannot get hold of the BFL book so only have the information on the website to go on. I'm unsure on measurments of carbs and fats. Potatoes, bread, wraps etc i get but am i right in thinking that 1/2 a cup is good measure for all other carbs such as rice, pasta, oatmeal etc. And how do i go about measuring fats that dont come in tablespoons such as avocado and nuts should i just put them onto a tablespoon as well for measurement.

    Ahhhhh I'm confused. Please help someone, just finished first week of BFL and desperatly want to be unrecognisable when i arrived home in England in 11 weeks after a year away 



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  • Yes, you are right in your 1/2 cup measurement for rice, pasta, oatmeal, etc.  My understanding is that those measurements are uncooked.  Measuring fats is harder, that's where you're aiming more for a ratio than a tablespoon measurement.  Without having my book on hand, I want to say that ratio is 40/40/20.......40% protein, 40% carbs, 20%fat.  So if you have a meal that's 20g of protein and 20g of carbs, you want less than 10g of healthy fat.  Basically, keep your healthy fats to a minimum and you'll be good to go.  With this kind of attention to detail, you're going to do great!!!