• Okay,

    So after two years, two long years I have returned.  I have returned with more strength than I had ever thought possible.  I have overcome a neck injury ( c6/c5 collapsed/bulging disc with a bone spur etc..  that's another story!!) with certainty.   I started the program today, made the changes to my diet including cleaning out the fridge and pantry too.  I finally took that step, crossing my own abyss of fear and complacency.

    The first Upper Body work out was a bit daunting, a challenge pf its own filled with fear, anxiety, as well as angst, and uncertainty.  The work-out went okay, I should have planned it better.  That's something I need to improve upon.  I worked from memory, going through each muscle group, working my way through, gutting/grunting and groaning my way to the finish.  At the last excercises, I was completely exhausted...  and a funny thing happened.  I looked up into the mirror there in front of me, and saw my own reflection.  I saw a sweaty, exhausted mess...  and then - I smiled.   

    That smile was a mile-stone of sorts.  I have accepted the challenge, and I know what lies ahead of me.  Fear, doubt, cravings, pain... all of it.  I still fully accept the challenge knowing that I have the mind-set for total victory!!  Nothing less than that will be accepted.  I felt a layer of doubt fall away, and I felt my inner warrior scream a little louder.  I felt my own power for change grow ever stronger.  I now know that victory WILL BE MINE!! 

    Always Believe,

    John T.

    Glendale, AZ



  • john,

    i have 5 discs ruptured C5,6,7 and L5,6.  i was very nervous until i read the part about everyone has their own 10.  i do not have to keep up with anyone else.  congrats on getting started.  take it slow on the upper body until some muscles rebuild to help protect the area.  what i have done in the past is go strong and then something twinges and i am off the weights and then it is a downhill spiral from there.

    let me know how it works.

    BFL friend

    jimmie b


  • Hey John T.  Congrats on your decision to get healthier.  It sounds as though you got the stuff to do it right.  The pantry clean out is a huge display of commitment.

    best wishes for health and discipline to ya.


  • Jimmy/James,

    Thanks for the kind words.  I appreciate them.  

    Jimmy, looks like we are bonded closer together as brothers in struggle.  After waking up this morning, Day 2 of Week 1, Challenge 1 - My muscles are sore, but not as bad as I had feared.  

    Off to the gym for some Cardio..  This should be interesting..

    Always Believe,