Breakfast Protein Ideas...Other than Eggs?

  • I officially start my very first challenge tomorrow and am very excited.  I've done my shopping, planning, before pictures, etc....but I have a question for you.  I'm sooooo not a morning person but over the past year I have gotten myself used to eating breakfast.  (This had always been a struggle).  I usually eat, and enjoy, oatmeal and a piece of fruit BUT these are both carbs (I hadn't realized this before?!) 

    From everything I've read, eggs seem to be the only "breakfast" protein.  The idea of eating oatmeal AND eggs just don't appeal to me at all and to be honest, I still need simple in the morning.  (The rest of the day doesn't freak me out and I'm just fine with longer preparation time and cooking.)  But I really need simple ideas for breakfast to make this work.  ANY IDEAS???  Thanks so very much for your help.  I appreciate it.

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  • simple solution: add protien powder to your oatmeal

    or make pancakes  there are three kinds I know of, all use oatmeal one is with egg whites, the other is with cottage cheese and third uses protien a search for the exact recipes.

    have a good breakfast!


  • THANK YOU!  I never even thought of adding protein powder to the oatmeal.  I can DO THAT!! :-))  Thanks for the easy solution for this so not a morning person. lol.  Gods blessings to you.

    "No More Excuses...No More Wasted Time!"

  • if you make the oatmeal in te microwave, do not put the protein in until after. I have to use a splash of milk, oonly because i find it easier to mix.

    for protein panckes I acutally use 1c. oatmeal, 1c. cc 6 egg whites and acoop of protein powder litte some cinnamon and vanilla.  i use 1/4c batter which usually makes 9-10 panckes, 2 panckes makes a meal. you can even eat it cold. it is an easy snack.

  • Make up huge batches of your pancakes and refrigerate or freeze them.  Grab a portion, nuke it and maybe a tablespoon of sugar free preserves.

  • Excellent!  Thank you both for the excellent ideas.  I actually tried adding the protein powder to my oatmeal this morning.  EEEeeeek!  It was horrible!  But I'm pretty darn sure that I added too much protein AND I put it in with the oatmeal before microwaving?!!  LOL.  Hey, it's all trial and error right?  I will MOST DEFINITELY try your suggestions and thank you for the added instructions.  My Dad doesn't call me "Ellie Mae" for nothing.  (I'm not exactly a natural born cook! lol.)  Have a great day. :-))))

    "No More Excuses...No More Wasted Time!"

  • This may be all wrong, but I eat this about 3x a week.  I buy thin-sliced sirloin steak and then cut the hell out of it...trim all the fat, etc, weigh it into 4 oz. portions and then freeze those.  It takes a second to fry them up in a Teflon pan -- make your oatmeal - and VOILA - steak and oatmeal.  Also, I can't take plain, plain oatmeal, so I get one box of raisin, date and walnut Quakers, use about 8 packets of that and mix it with one full carton of regular and then baggy them up in 1/3 c. servings.  It has some sugar, but not too much and you get like a little bit of fruit ... like one each serving.

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  • Blessed5 - I microwave my oatmeal that I have prepared a week in advance THEN add a scoop of vanilla EAS protein to it and a few blueberries every morning. YUMMO!

    And you are right - trial and error. :) Keep up the great work.

  • I'm starting my 3rd challenge today and couldn't make it through without supplement shakes.  They're my breakfast everyday even when I'm not actively in a challenge.  They're quick, easy, yummy, and probably some of the best nutrition out there.  I've used Myoplex Light in the past with great results.  If you get a shaker bottle with the whisk-ball thingy in it, you can mix them wherever there's water.  Absolute lifesaver.

  • Thanks Y'all.  I love the ideas and will be trying them out.  I love how everyone suggests preparing a lot of these foods in advance.  You can't get easier than that!  It's the perfect idea that I'll be using quite a bit.  Have a great day!!  :-)))

    "No More Excuses...No More Wasted Time!"

  • I know the basics of what to eat for breakfast, but everyone is talking about oatmeal.  I HATE oatmeal...  So, what would be a good replacement??  I've been fine with eating egg whites, and can handle a protein shake, however, I would like to switch it up.  I'm getting the nerve to start the challenge.  Hopefully, I will be ready in the next couple of weeks.



  • Wday:  I absolutely despise Oatmeal cereal also.  However in  the store, you can find an oatmeal grain bread and toast it up.  It's high in fibre so it's a perfect replacement.  I have two slices every morning with my eggs.

  • I eat greek yogurt it has 12g or more of protein depending on what brand you buy.