How can BFL food work for both men and women?

  • Can someone explain to me how the food in BFL work.  Both men and women are to consume the same amount of food.  But if you have a male who weighs 200lbs and a female that weighs 140lbs. Their caloric intake will differ. So how does this work? Either the woman will intake too much and won't see the results as her intake is too high and the male who is 200lbs will not intake enough?  I'm confused.

  • No two people consume the same amounts. Use your hand and palm sizes, and body weight to determine portion sizes


  • So if I want to follow the BFL recipes, for example the scrambled eggs. It serves two. So I split it between my husband and I? we are intaking the same amount of calories.

  • What about protein shakes and bars? Should I just do half a portion? Should I calculate my calorie intake instead of following the BFL meal plan?

  • Are you thinking about the Eating for Life cookbook?  Read page 73, where it explains that the amounts shown are the average between a woman's and man's portion.  Your portion is what's right for you.  Palm/Fist works.  Personally, I do 1 gram of carb and 1 of protein per pound of body weight.  That would be individual to the person.  Best!

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  • Your husband would get a larger portion and you a smaller portion.  

    The bars aren't the greatest option so best to avoid.  EAS makes Myoplex Lite for women and Myoplex for men.  Notice there is a big difference in nutritional values.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Argh, this is so frustrating. I thought I could just follow the the BFL meal plan, but I guess I have to look at all the labels and figure out the calories like I used to.  It's just so time consuming with everything else you need to do and organize.

  • You don't have to calorie count at all.  What meal plan are you talking about?  Do you just mean eating the BFL way?  Your palm and fist are smaller than those of your husband.  His portions are larger and yours are smaller.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • ghardingft:

    I know its hard to understand, at first. trust the book, he really knows what he is talking about. the portion size are as follows; Protein the size of your palm(not including your fingers) ie chicken the carbs with be the size of your fist(I found this to be harder to get), but you will. Now for items like cottage cheese and eggs. I always follow the rule (for women) 20gproten 20g of carbs. so for me in the mornings I usually do 2/3 c liquid egg white which is about 15g protein, then I par it with either a thin sandwich bread which has 21gcarbs, 5gprotein, or I do a fist size of oatmeal in this case my protein would be a little lower still pretty equal to the carbs.  or another exampel I eat fiber one cottage cheese, whcih has 8g carbs and 10g protien I pair it with a 40oz greeek yogurt which also has 10g protein and 12g carbs giving me 20gprotein 20g carbs. I hope this helps. test out the palm and fist rule tonight between your husband and yourself. you will see his portions will be larger. keep coming for answers.

  • ghardingft,

    Congrats on making the decision to be healthier.  This is not frustrating or difficult unless you convince yourself that it is.  If you do that then you have already failed.  No one here wants that for you.

    Use the palm/fist method for proteins and carbs respectively.

    I don't count calories or grams of anything on BFL and never have.  If you use authorized lean proteins and carbs, just go with palm/fist.  The only thing I don't measure is my veggies...I just eat as much brocolli or green beans as I care to.  Yah I limit myself to these two because of their nutritional value and fiber.  The authorized list of veggies is much longer.

    Besides veggies a typical meal for me is baked chicken bre ast on a whole wheat sandwich thin, whole wheat tortilla or two peices of whole wheat bread with a bit of mustard.

    or I will grab on of the meals I cooked up and packed on my cooking day. 1 portion of grilled lean beef, whole wheat pasta and low sugar/no fat tomato sauce.  Here is a picture of what I do on cooking day

    Please for your own sake don't make this harder than it is.  It does take planning, but that planning will save you time over the course of the week and make it easier to make the right choice for your food.

    Best wishes for health and discipline to you.