Say It: "I Choose Life"

  • My husband came up with this idea.  Everytime I feel like reaching for food that isn't healthy or don't feel like working out, I have two choices:  early death or LIFE!  His idea:  Simply say outloud (or in your head if others are around): "I CHOOSE LIFE!!"  When you look at it that way, a can of pop, a donut at work, or a thick slice of pizza just don't have the same appeal they used to.  Or when I don't feel like pushing for a 10 on my last minutes of my cardio, I yell out (when the gym is empty, which is everyday): "I CHOOSE LIFE!!" as many times as it takes to get me to finish the final push.


    C1 W1 D7 - Week 1 Results: -.4 lbs. & -2.25 inches

  • You are choosing life, but your also choosing:

    - A better life.

    - a positive affect on yourself and those around you.

    - Self respect.

    - Energy to have fun.

    - Stamina for increased endurance.

    - An increased measure of health and stronger immune system.

    - Feel free to add on to this list ...

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry