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  • I have been pretty much missing in action compared to my usual posting activity. Work activity increases are the reason, not that I have dropped out of the fitness game at all. When I came back to the forums and looked at the usual issues and questions, I was struck by something that I had not noticed for a while.

     It has to do with a general tenor or tone of some of the posts--and it is basically people talking like they were not able to control their own behavior, that somehow they were a victim of circumstances they do not understand. Some of the phrases I picked up on were things like, "I have no idea why" and "I can't believe that I didn't get a workout in today" and " "I know I shouldn't have, but I..." Well, you get the idea.

    So, at the risk of offending some of our newer and more sensitive members, I would like to use a bit of tough love here. YOU WILL NOT SEE CONSISTENT AND GOOD RESULTS UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU ACT LIKE AN ADULT AND KEEP THE PROMISES YOU MADE TO YOURSELF! It may make you feel better briefly to pretend to yourself and others that you were just innocently sabotaged away from your diet or a workout, but the truth is that you just made a decision to do something else that seemed more important to you at the time. The usual list of those things that were more important than a workout can be anything from  sleeping in for a few minutes, to going out on a date with someone who might never ask you again. So, not all responses have to be the same, but if you will exercise some maturity and really analyze what you're doing, you'll see that you are basically selling your right to a better leaner body and a happier and freer life for a couple of minutes of pleasure that you were unwilling to put off until free day.

    People who consistently break their self promises are always unsuccessful. Always! You might have a few weeks of good results by half-assing your way through this, but in the end you will be unsuccessful at your challenge and what else follows in your life unless you keep the intentions and promises you made at the beginning.  Bill Phillips fully understood this principle, and it's one of the BIG reasons he told people to take before pictures and to keep journals.

    Well, I feel better. How about you? Oh, if you're wondering HOW you keep promises to yourself, and how you learn to be more mature in managing your life, it all comes from taking the right actions. See, you're trying to think your way into better action, when what you really need to do is to just take the right actions, and your better attitude will follow. You don't have to want to work out or eat right, you just have to DO IT! But if you do it long enough, the reward will be the maturity and discipline that make it easier as you go along.

  • Wow Mike.  I'm glad I read that.  In truth, I nearly didn't because of the whole "adults only" thing.  I wasn't sure if in maturity or height I qualified, but glad to see you are back and telling us the truth.  I'm still my on again off again game and guess I have some growing up to do!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Thanks, Mike, powerful words!

    Yes, in my case, 5th week, it is getting easier.

    But, more then that, I see the affect on myself mentally and physically, and developing an appreciation that is getting stronger day by day.

    My resolve getting stronger day by day.

    Also, something else unique is intertwining and growing - I enjoy the sense of purpose and direction.

    I am looking forward to the tasty dishes I make, as I have discovered that I enjoy the culinary creations, and challenges created by staying with in the authorized Challenge food list. Even to the point now that I, PH balance (alkaline/acidic) each dish for at least 2 or 3 meals of the day.

    I am looking forward to, and planning my work out from the notes I took from the previous work outs.

    I am finding myself becoming more organized as a person.

    I discovered that I was semi mentally lazy. And, it showed in different aspects of my life.

    I now cook 3 to 4 times a day. I clean the kitchen everyday (wife likes that).

    It gets easier for me, because I enjoy my new lifestyle.

    Instead of plopping down on the couch for endless hours in front of a TV, it's - hey, honey, let go to the gym, or, hey, honey, lets go for a walk, or, lets go do something.

    For me, it is more then - just do it, it has become - how can I not do it!

    I know we all come from different backgrounds, reasons, and motivations for why we are apart of this forum.

    I started out with the reason of obtaining a healthier body, it has changed to becoming a better person, enjoying a high quality of LIFE, and, I can see that my wife respects me even a little bit more.

    So, I started out making myself do it, now 5 weeks later, I want to do it, and, enjoy doing it.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Mike--

    Thanks so much.  I always need the tough love approach to get my butt in gear.

    As a newbie myself, I actually quit reading earlier this week because of finding other people's excuses that might apply to me.  Yikes!  

    In addition, one day this week a workout buddy said she would join me and then called at 6:45am as I was heading out the door to cancel.  I told my husband later how I was discouraged and mad for a moment, but then realized, "If I can't push past a tiny little road block like that, then how the heck will I succeed at all in this challenge?"  

    Finished strong on my Week 1.  Felt fantastic!  Dropped .4 lbs. and lost 2.25 inches, mostly from my waist.  I can even see a slight difference in my pictures already!!  Even spent 5 hours shoveling, gardening, etc. on Saturday after my cardio.  That hasn't happened since... Who am I kidding?  That hasn't EVER happened.  Built a whole firepit and filled two flower beds with dirt from the pit in one afternoon.  Yeehaw!

    My husband came up with something that's working really well for me when I don't feel like hitting a 10, especially on my cardio.  I say this outloud as many times as necessary in the middle of the empty gym:  "I CHOOSE LIFE!"  If I don't get my body back in shape, I'm choosing early death.  "I CHOOSE LIFE!!"


  • Thanks Mike, I am a tough lover as well.  I read many posts and my inner skeptic signals a BS alert.  Not that anyone would intentionally mislead, I think sometimes that food cheats are rationalized away or forgotten or that exercise intensity is overestimated.  

    Seriously I wish success for all who are trying to change their health and fitness for the better.  The greatest tool that you can use is honesty with yourself.

    Document every morsel that enters your mouth.

    Document every exercise that you do including weights or machine settings.  Just get into the habit of it and it goes fast.

    I just read a post on a different BFL site where the person said they ate 100% clean and always hit their 10s and they gained weight with no visible fat reduction in 12 weeks.  Really?

    If you are hitting your 10s and eating clean with appropriate portion sizes then you have to have a calorie deficit and weight loss.  Einstein can't be wrong with regard to conservation of energy and relativity.

    Again, I will wish the best of success for us all, don't do this half-assed if you expect superior results.


  • Thanks Mike, I haven't needed to use excuses yet, still going strong, but I'm only 2 weeks in. But I know that I always end up falling to excuses which is what has put me in this predicament in the first place. So that being said, I have copy and pasted your post and placed in a document saved to my desktop, which I have emailed to a different account so I can copy and paste it to my notes app on my iphone and will put it on my desktop at work as well.  S once I do start to feel like not doing it I can read that and be motivated enough to stay on track. Thanks again Mike.

  • Great post Mike. I've missed reading your comments and insights. I am currently on day 70 of this challenge and I'm glad I have stuck with it. I will finish strong over these final 2 weeks.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • YES just what I needed to read this morning. Week 2 starts today and I am glad I started it off by reading your post!