BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Amazing Job Optigirl - way to stay true to yourself and to the family. You are really rocking it as Larry just said.

    Bryon Glad the marathon training is going well.

    Mosher, ssm, perth, Tonja, Amyismynamy, Frick…you guys still around … been pretty quiet and I am worried that you folks might be hanging around the dessert bar a little to much with bon bons in both hands and that is why you haven’t been able to check in here lately ;-)

    Just missing ya all and hope it is going great for you over the summer!!!

    For me tomorrow at hot ten mile run … OK I have been light on the running side so it will be more like a slow training run for this coming Weds day I start my long distant bike ride to Canada!

    Be the fun group!!!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • hey all.  Still living the Primal lifestyle, mostly, i've had moments of closet eating where I'll go eat a full bad meal, and of course it messes with the taste buds for the rest of that day.  i'm at that point where my coworkers don't even try to tempt me anymore because i've displayed my eating habits for awhile now.  I don't dare cheat in front of them because I don't want that image tarnished, I want to keep displaying a healthy ongoing lifestyle.  Is it weird, that's ok if they KNOW I cheat once in awhile, but I don't want them to actually SEE me take the occasional cheat?  I think also, that it comes down to not offending anyone's cooking.  They bring in meals all the time, sometimes homemade, sometimes they spent a lot to feed everyone, like during our busy times when no one has time to take a lunch.  And at first I felt bad declining their generosity.  But now that I'm really on a roll with this behavior, it would seem like a sin to cheat a little in front of them.  Then later when the opportunity comes again, say no, then someone might be offended, like "oh sure you had some of Sue's pie the other week.  But you won't have my cake?" I avoid conflict bigtime, so I guess that's why I closet eat.  Since I don't keep these bad cheats at home, then I find myself looking over my shoulder at the grocery store when I'm buying something bad, afraid someone I know will catch me!  Same with going through a drive-thru.  I worry, will someone recognize my car or plates and then think I'm a fraud?  I always felt this way on the weekly BFL free days.  If I myself saw someone eating healthy all week, then gorging themselves, I'd think they had an eating problem.  i know, I think too much.

    My husband realized today that his diabetes medication, even though he's on a very low dose, is giving him bad body odor.  What a strange side effect.  Since realizing this, we went online, and some people have it so bad that they need clinical Rx deodorant!  hopefully this will be added motivation for him to be able to get off of it.  The diet that the diabetes dietitcian has him one seems to be going ok.  But all this carb counting is starting to get to us.  At first it was kinda fun.  now it's like, "is this what we really have to do for the rest of his life??"  Thought it would get easier, but if we don't track it, we really have no idea how many carbs he ate during the day.

    I like to set my fitness goals to be in line with events.  For instance, we were supposed to go to a fun convention 12 weeks from now.  Perfect!  Set some 12 week goals, reward it with the convention.  But the tickets are all sold out already and we didn't buy them in time.  So now I have nothing to set any goals to, and it's messing with my head.  

    Anyone got any reward ideas for me?  I'm thinking, maybe a new pair of tennis shoes?  or haircut? maybe I'll need a smaller jeans size?

  • bryan--I like that chart, wow, look at those dips in just the one year!! (and the spike during the holidays!)  Wishing you luck on your fast food challenge until mid-November. And good job on the alcohol challenge so far!!

    run4life--how did your long run go?  And now you'll be taking off for a bike ride in a couple days.Are you recovered to go from last weekend's to this next one?

    Larry--how are you doing on your challenge? You had the goal of wearing a bikini on your Sept. beach trip!  How's your feet?  I've been starting to have problems that came out of nowhere with one foot, but I REALLY don't want to go to a foot doctor. I think I've changed my stride the last couple months to compensate for a diff. problem, so right now just trying to be aware of how I walk.

    Thanks for the feedback on my progress pictures.  I bought that pink bikini LAST year, the plan was take picutres in it after BFL Challenge #? but I was not getting results after so many challenges (not doing it right).  And now that blue bikini is rather loose, can't get it wet 'cause then you know what would happen!  I hope by next spring, I can reward myself with another bikini!!  I showed my husband the comparison pictures, and he couldn't beleive it.  When it happens slowly, and you see the same person day after day, you don't notice the changes.

    ok, I'm all packed to go to the gym, but procrastinating because I know it will HURT, I've been way out of the swing of gym things all summer.  Then off to a 10-hr workday.

  • Still here and started my 2nd challenge on August 13th - a week after I put my kids in school!  So far so good.......planning is key.  I am still working out at 5am and notice that my body is changing much more rapidly this time (a much better starting point than the 1st).  Run thanks for all the updates & Optigirl love your post as well.  I am going to keep chuggin' away here.  Run did you ever get the hook gloves?  I can't live without mine.  Have a good week!

  • Opti your are rockin it and and even though we all procrastinate.. .you are getting it done.

    Tonja way to rock the second challenge start!!! No hook glioves for me yet...but I have not forgotten about them...I am on a cardio diversion over the summer with lifting as well, but not as heavy as I was planning before the cardio summer started. I intend to still pick them up.

    Opti, the run was fun a little slow but overall not bad considering that I really only trained for a 5 K type run with the Warrior Dash. I am on my third day of leg DOMS sicne the ten mile run. I expected this and it does feel satisfying knowing tht I really worked my legs good.  I am hoping they feel a little better tomorrow, for Wed morning whether they feel better or not, I am riding over 70 miles.

    SOoooo time to rock some fun...a little nervious about 'can I really do this...but I believe'...yes Victoria, there really is a Santa Claus..

    Be strong group and have fun this week!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Sometimes when I ride...I really do feel like I am flying...DALMAC in 6.5 hours!


    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I'm still here!  

    @run4life-you're killin' me!  LOL!  loved your post, bon bons and all :)  

    Been quiet lately because I have been on vacation and  returned just last week only to have the craziness of school start.  So needless to say, WOs have been wayyy off schedule during the last two weeks.  Managed to sqeak in a couple walks and escaped to the gym a couple nights ago to do some UB and LB workouts/weights.  Thought I might be sore but wasn't!  yay!

    Vacation was awesome!  Had all my kidlets together for the first time in about 6 years!  With 5, one being stationed in South Korea, it is quite a feat for all of us to be under the same roof!  Rented a beachhouse and had a blast!  

    Diet is a bit to be desired, so starting tomorrow (as I am wiping my fried chicken crumbs from my chin) I will behave myself!  HA!  Back at the gym in the morning for some bodypump and ready to get back on schedule!  Hope you are all well and staying motivated!  

    Let's keep on doing it!!

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • run4life--still on your Canada bike trek?  

    i'm doing a section of a big urban bike trail today with some relatives.  Then we're gonna have a picnic lunch.  very excited!  We're doing a section that we've never been on, so I hope we don't find any surprises.  We like the trails that do not run along city streets.  And judging by the map, i think we found a more park-like setting.

    it's 9/1, a new month and I've rededicated myself to another Primal challenge and being clean all month.  i stepped on the scale and took measurements this morning.  The last time I did this was 2 months ago after my initial month-long Primal challenge.  Since then, I've been cheating here and there, becoming more desensitized to sugar and grains--not good.  

    And I was happy to see that my weight and body fat barely fluctuated at all.  Give or take 1 pound.  When I used to go off of BFL for awhile, I'd gain more back.  But being Primal 80/20, I've maintained very well.  Now to REALLY get to business and add in more exercise.  i've been saying that for months.  I've gotta start adding more muscle while maintaining my current stats.

  • Tonja - hope the second challenge is still going strong.


    Mosher hope bodypump and the diet are strong.


    Optigirl how is the rededication doing this month.


    OK I have been off the DALMAC bike ride for a few weeks it was a blast...Here are few pictures of the ride with my daughter. We raised over $2000 as we turned it into a charity ride for my daughter's school.


    Anyway, I am still riding and I am going to focus more on the weights side of life through the fall and winter...


    Keep it strong group!



    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Way to go RUN!   That is a HUGE feat!  Congrats and thanks for sharing the pics!

    I am starting week 5 and for some reason weighed myself......I am already at my goal weight, but I know that I am not at the %BF that I want to be.  2nd challenge feels more like home to me and don't know why I slacked of for a few extra weeks...  

    Mosher...are you a gym rat yet?  I am definately getting close, but I go early in the morning.

    Have a great week....I am out of town for the rest of the week for work & it will be interesting.

  • Tonja way to go on the weight goal.

    I know what you are saying about hitting the weight goal but not at the body composition place that you want to be at.

    I hit my weight goal a little bit ago and I am not where I want to be with my body composition.

    I have some other friends helping me understand this and I know I have to reset some of the things that I am doing and then re-dedicate myself again to 'pick it up a notch' over the later fall adn winter.

    So we will see. Sounds like you and others posting here, I have made good progress but I am not where I really want to be and I have to ensure I have prioritized my activity to ensure that I can achieve it. I am still doing stuff at a higher pace than I have before but I think to improve further I have to take it up another level for my body ability is comfortable performing at this level. So to improve I have to push my body harder again!

    So here we go again right.

    Keep it strong group.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • @tonja-I am close to being a gym rat,,,lol!  Haven't gone to any early morning workouts but that thought has definitely crossed my mind.  I live 2 minutes from the gym so I could go, do my thing and then get ready there and come home to get the kids ready for school..hmmm

    @run-I am impressed!  what more can I say!

    Stay strong everyone!  Let's have a great week full of motivation!  

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • I have been out of touch for WAY to long here!

    My BFL challenge ended 3 weeks ago. I took my final pics with my cell phone because I let Ellen's cousin borrow my camera and tripod for a college project.  Here are my stats:

    Week 1:

    Weight 168

    Body Fat 13.4%

    Week 12:

    Weight 170

    Body Fat 12.9%

    I gained 2 pounds and lost  just 0.6 pounds of fat. I really lost my motivation after 8 weeks but it was good maintenance challenge. No matter what I do I will always go back to BFL for motivation.

    During week 8 I took a vacation. During my week off I was on fire with my workouts and set new PRs at different distances 5 weeks in a row. In week 9 I just fell apart. I could not get myself out of bed in the mornings so I started running after work in the 99+ degree heat. I missed my Monday workouts for the rest of the challenge and started eating fast food on the weekend. I just started going thru the motions without joy or excitement. I stopped posting on my blog and only had 3 posts  in August instead of the 25-35 a month I had been doing since November 2010. I think I was just out of steam. 

    Recently I have become more motivated. I think the turning point came the week after my BFL challenge ended. I completely missed a 6.2 mile training run on September 5th and was unable to make it up. One of my biggest motivators is following a training plan and doing my best to keep from writing a big X on my calendar. I decided to call up my friend TC to run together. He is in the Army and does CrossFit 3 times a week. We had been talking about running together since he moved back from Iowa in June. I had convinced him to run my next 5k with me and told him 3 months ago my goal was 21 minutes. A week ago we met up and he is FAST. We ran the first two miles in 14:55 tying my best two mile time and I could not keep up. I had to walk twice and ended up finishing in 24:14. This re-ignited my spark and I found my motivation. The 5k was only 3 weeks away I had I gotten slower than my peak time of 23:24. 

    The next day I ran 10k after work with a renewed since of excitement. I beat my long stand PR I set 11 months ago by almost 2 minutes and finished in 52:59. This past Tuesday I beat my 4 mile PR by 43 seconds. This morning I ran with TC again and shaved another 46 seconds off of Tuesdays time while having a nice conversation during the last 2 miles. Now that I have someone to run with I am no longer just trying to compete with myself and can take it to the next level. Last week after our run TC did 5k in 21:13 by himself. Can I cut 2.5 minutes off my best 5k time by September 29th? That question is my new motivation. I have not had this big of a spike in motivation since Memorial day weekend when I set a goal of a 21 min 5k the day I hit my 1000th mile while running in a lightning storm. I was in Week 7 of my "barefoot " training and right now I am in week 7 of my Marathon training. Lucky number 7!

    Motivation plus Stubbornness = Unstoppable. 

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Hey Frick Checking in.  Just letting you know I am still on the wagon, but thanks for the bon-bon imagery, there Run.  Too funny.  Still doing the same old-same old.  UBWO, LBWO, Run, Mow.  Eating clean but still letting the simplex carbs sneak into my diet. Not good, but not bad.

    Hope you all are cranking it!



  • On September 29th I ran my first 5k race in 12 months. I finished in 23:28 (2:50 faster than the same race last year). 

    I decided the next day to take a break from Marathon training and push back my goal race from December to late February. This gives me a 4 weeks to focus of lifting weights and just running when I feel the motivation. Last week I only ran twice for a total of 7 miles bringing my 28 week streak of running 3-4 days a week to an end. I am not feeling overtrained or injured, I just need a short break or active rest before I start pushing my limits with distance running again. I think I will stil to doing HIIT style cardio and 2-3 mile runs. I plan on running another 5k on 10/21 and a 10k on 10/28. I begin my training for the Cowtown on 10/23.

    I believe I can FLY!

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”