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  • lookin2change--despite what the scale says, how are your pants fitting you?  what is your energy level?  A lot of people say that most of the magic happens in the LAST 4 WEEKS!!!  For me, it was literally Day 84!  if you are following the book and actually doing what it says and not substituting like crazy, then I would stick it out the entire 12 weeks yet!  I don't know the pure Protein bars nutrition info, but if the protein/carb ratio looks right or similar to EAS....  Also, any BARS have way more sugar in them than some shakes.  Keep that in mind if you're doing it for a quick meal replacemtn.  my Walmart had the ready-to-drink AdvantEdge and Myoplex for the best price.  I only saved the bars for occasional use, like if I was craving a candy bar.  Otherwise, those bars are practically candy!

  • We've dropped to page 4!

    We had a good time at the Warrior Dash yesterday.  So tired afterwards, I never went on to the computer for the rest of the night.  It was hotter than expected.  I made the mistake of not bringing water in wth me for the walk from parking lot until the start line. It was  a long walk, then registration, they misplaced Kaylyn's packet so they had to reissure her one.  All that took awhile.  We started off in the next wave after the one we were supposed to be in.  I drank lots of water before we got there, then of course had to really go to the bathroom.  despite all that, I was parched for most of the race.

    We dressed up, I will put pictures up soon.  My mouth was so dry and neither of us had conditioned ourselves for the run.  We both got side aches immediately, but she kept running and I wanted to keep up with her.  By mile 2 I was out of breath, even doing the obstacles was out of breath.  She did so good!!!  for not preparing, she blasted through each one.  She would climb so EASILY and fast, and turned around so easily at the top, then climbed down.  Me, I was cautious and wanted to make sure my footholds were good, then I always get stuck at the top trying to figure out the best way to flip to get back down.  after awhile, it was a game to her.  She would hurry up to get up and over the obstacle, then would wait for me at the bottom, and would laugh when she would see my face when I would look for her and be stunned.

    The obstacles weren't as hard as last year.  But there was a LOT of mud.  There was one that got really backed up and a big crowd of us just kept sliding all over.  It was so thick you couldn't even pick your feet up.  But also funny, because everytime someone fell, they would bump into others and it was just a good time.  Everyone trying to respect each other by not accidentally grabbing or kicking someone in their privates.

    Her friend came with us to take pictures.  unfortunately,  All the obstacles were obstructed from view besides the start and finish lines :(

    Our favorite obstacles were the tall climbing wall where you use a rope to climb a vertical surface. Another one was the floating catamaran.  Like a dock floating in a pond.  By the time we reached it, I was SO HOT and I could feel my face very red with exhaustion and despite a watter drinking stop, my mouth was still parched.  When we reached that water, it was so refreshing I didn't want to leave.  Of course you can't drink it. It's a high dock,and you try to hoist yourself up on it.  I managed.  of course Kaylyn was done in no time and had to wait for  me for awhile.  I almost lost my glasses in that one.  They said it was shallow enough to touch, but there were spots that I couldn't touch, so then I just swam.  They had guide ropes for those that couldn't swim.  There weren't a ton of people at this one and no one was freaking out or drowning.  i could have stayed at this one for an hour, just basking in the water and practicing hoisting myself up.

    Then after, we took them out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays by the mall.  What a great restaurant, so many options that use vegetables instead of flour-based products.  Mark and I split a steak, then each had the big salad bar.  He willingly turned down a great burger place we used to love.

  • run4life---boy, a 10 miler this weeeknd???  i barely managed 2 miles with this race.  It was actually 3 miles, but for the last one we were so gunked up with mud that it was impossible to run at this point.

    Hey, you said your daughter finished before you right? at the bike race?  Kaylyn would always wait for me after each obstalce.  But when it came to the finish line......  She raced through that last one (swimming under barbed wire in mud) and then crossed the line without me!!  Not like I really minded, but I could see that competitive side in her right at the end ;D

  • oh yes, and forgot to mention that my daughter and her friend announced they stopped drinking soda!!!!  well, her friend still drinks Monsters, saying they're not soda....  but it's a step!!!

    So proud!!!  for a 19-yr old to DECIDE to stop drinking soda?

  • haha, nothing like multiple posts in a row!!!  I also forgot!!!!!  We passed one of those professional photographers for Sport Photo, and he asked us, "You guys must be sisters!!!!"  

    Either I look young, or she looks old!  (singing, "oh yeh, go me, go me, go me, it's my birthday)"

    And what's cooler, someone said "oh yeh they say that to get a smile on your face for the photo."  but this was AFTER we passed him and the camera, woohoo!!!!

  • sorry, I keep thinking of more things to add.  

    instead of the normal FREEZING fire hose that you get sprayed down with at the end to rinse off.  They had another pond on the property where we just jumped in like ancient times to bathe!!  The water was room temperature and much nicer experience.  well, except that it's dirty water...  but still rinsing, nonetheless.

  • THAT IS HOW WE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • This is me at Beginning of C1 in Nov. 2010, and then recently summer 2012

  •   That fat flap on my back took FOREVER to get rid of!

  • Wow GREAT progress! 21 months and looking fit and healthy. I can see a big difference from each angle.

    You seem to find ways to make fitness fun and that is inspiring.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I have not posted in a long while.

    I am currently in Week 11 of C5 and Week 3 of marathon training. I was pretty much doing BFL by the book for the first 4 weeks. The only exception was I was doing longer steady pace runs on the weekend.

    In week 5 I decided to add in another cardio day on Wednesdays, but only 2 miles. I also wanted to get my weekend distance up to 8-9 miles so that starting my marathon training would be easier. At the end of 8 weeks I was doing 7 workouts a week in 6 days and I only missed 2 LBWO.

    In week 9 I started my marathon training program and my focused shifted to running. I planned on lifting twice a week, one LBWO on Monday and one UBWO on Friday but I have missed my last 3 Monday workouts. Part of the problem was our A/C broke and things got crazy. Luckily it is now fixed and we are working on getting back to an earlier sleeping routine (It was hard to go to bed at 9pm when it was still 85-90 degrees in the house.)

    I have not shed as much fat as I did in previous challenges but it has served it purpose of keeping me active and disciplined during the lazy summer "f*** it days." I am not as motivated with my marathon training as I was back in December/January when I first attempted it before injury cut it short. I just finished reading Hal Higdon's Ultimate Marathon Training Guide and I am going to stick with it the next 15 weeks. Cooler weather will be more inviting and I hopefully will get back to lifting weights atleast twice a week.

    Here is a link to my training plan:

    I plan on eating clean this weekend and next week and taking progress pictures Labor Day weekend. We are still going strong on the No Alcohol challenge and I just decided Monday to give up fast food until Ellen's Birthday (11/13).

    Just for fun here is a chart showing about 1 year since I started following Paleo/Primal diet.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • OPTIIIIIIiiiiiiiii!!!!

    LOOK AT YOU!!!!!!!!

    You have put in so much work, questioned everything, stuck to your guns when people questioned you, stayed strong through plenty of trials--emotional, and with your husband's surgery and diabetes news--and you have proof RIGHT THERE IN THOSE PICS thar you're the victor!!!


    Sabotage is not part of the plan.

  • ...and you ROCK that pink bikini!! :)

    Sabotage is not part of the plan.