BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Optigirl – sounds like the hubby continues to make great progress. I would expect no difference for he has a great coach and supporter in the background. Keep him moving forward. Hey good luck with your Warrior Dash in 4 weeks. I got a Dash this Sunday with my daughter. I feel I am ready with the cardio but some of the upper body strength things might be a little bit of a challenge for me. Either way it should be fun. I am going to run with an old digital camera. We will see if it survives. If it does…look for ‘film at 11’ Like you too I could have trained better…hey it is all about work- life … training-life balance. You’ll do great!

    Mosher – looks like you are staying true with the training. Hope the fishing/boating was fun!!!

    Frick – you still around and working out or have the pool Sirens kept you off your feet with a drink in hand ;)

    Perth, ssm and others hope you are cranking it good.

    Bryan, I am with Opti…not sure what your chart is saying…but It does look like an impressive trend line. Help us slow folk understand…talking about me here not Optigirl.

    Laura and I are working another challenge and she is also trying to teach an old junk yard dogs new eating tricks (Paleo/Primal). She has got me going on some success but others are harder to give up. But making progress.

    Be good and strong group!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I am still here just being quiet!  July has been a difficult month, week of vacation, week visit at corporate (hour difference killed me), then my husband was out of town for work for  week too!  So, I did UBWO on Monday, light cardio yesterday & LBWO this morning!  I am sore from Monday and need to get back to my TRX class - I am missing it!  Frick, again thanks for telling me about the hook gloves too.

    Run, glad to see you still going!

    OptiGirl, sounds like your doing great and so is your hubby - keep the updates coming!

    Mosher, still going to the new gym!

    Perth, Frick?

    Need to work on the nutrion side is so easy to fall of the wagon when time is flying!

  • The chart is showing the popularity of the term "body for life" on google search since 2004. The values are the number of searched as a percent of the peak popularity in 2004. I just thought it was neat how it jumps up every January and it slowly losing popularity over the past 8 years. Right now less than 10% the number of searches for it.

    I am in week 7 of C5 right now and I am doing a LBWO tonight. Ellen is finally having her second surgery tomorrow. They are removing the plate and screws from her wrist. The Insurance company gave us the runaround and delayed the procedure for 3 months. We are taking off work next week and if she is up for it we will go on a road trip.

    I am still working on getting my 5k time down to 21 minutes. I did 2.71 miles in my 20 min BFL cardio last night. The treadmill only goes up to 10.0mph so I am going to have to make my intervals speeds closer together.

    The last few weeks eating have been good. I don't plan on free days anymore but I did hit up the drive-thru once the past two weekends. Week 9 will also be week 1 of my marathon training and I am excited/nervous about that.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • yeah...Bryan I see it now...that makes your C5 even more impressive...keep going strong!!! and the running is looking really impressive! Good luck with the marathon training!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • run4life--been thinking of you everyday as your Warrior Dash is approaching!!!  mine is 3 weeks away and even though I keep saying I gotta get back to exercising, I'm still not actually making time for it.  

    I think we're getting the jist here of counting carbs for my husband's meals, it's getting easier and easier.  i've started setting a fruit bowl on the table and spend lots of time in the kitchen.    Think i'm finally adapting to the routine changes that have to be done around here.

    Bryan--glad Ellen can finally get that next surgery.  Hope she is recovering well!

    We got our bill(s) from the carpal/elbow surgery and I had no clue what a surgery costs these days.  I naively thought once we reached the deductible, that that was it.  so our out-of-pocket is higher than I anticipated, but looking at it compared to someone with NO insurance? wow.  Small amount compared to what we COULD be looking at for such a routine common surgery.

  • Well, here it is Friday!  yay!  Was hoping to be more on track this week but wasn't.  

    Monday-Bodypump.  I walked every night this week plus went to PIYO class yesterday. Not much with weights though other than Bodypump.  I just found that I didn't have much energy.  Does anyone else go through this too??  I will go for long stretches and feel good, strong and then I have a few days where my energy level is low.  

    Tonja-glad to see you post!  I expect next month to be sporadic for me as far as WOs so I can relate to your "July" :)  My son comes home on military leave for 30 days so we are heading to the coast for a little R&R :)  We are all very excited he is coming home for a few weeks!   Plus, I have some out-of-state training in early August for work and then, of course, school starts the end of the month.  It's going to be busy so I will have to plan WO times more carefully.  

    run4life-Good luck this Sunday!  Hopefully you will get some great pics to share.

    Bryan-Interesting stuff!  Sounds like you are doing really well with the challenge(s).   I hope the surgery went well and her recovery is speedy.

    Bodypump in the morning!  Keep up the great work everyone!

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • Carrier and Mosher - thanks for the well wishes - the Dash was a Blast as you can see below... by the way I am wearing the shirt and tie to work tomorrow!!! be strong this week group!



    Next fun event - the 10 mile Crim in August. This will be my 17th consecutive run for this race. Love supporting the home town event!


    Be strong group and have a great week!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • run4life--LOL you said you had a blast, as you can see.  And in the next picture is the blast from the fire at the start line!

    Great costume idea!!!!  I keep thinking about dressing up for ours, but want to spend as little as possible.  not sure if Kaylyn will want to dress up, she's at this funny stage where being around me kinda embarrasses her and she always says I'm being silly.  I can tell it's more of a defense mechanism.  like when you see someone enjoying themselves, and you make fun of them (in a joking way) when secretly YOU want to be like them but don't have the guts to act as silly.  

    Nice pic of jumping over fire!  They were all great pics!!

    Did you really wear that same shirt and tie to work the next day??

     Got this is an email from an old trainer today.  Looks like a great WOD if you're not donig BFL-format.

  • run4life-awesome photos!  looks llke you all had a great time :)  

    keeping at it here.  Bodypump tonight was great as usual and as soon as I got home made myself a oatmeal/strawberry protein drink.  I need to be better about those following weight WOs.  Anyhow, not much else to report.  Have a great week everyone!

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • Donald!

    Hey, thought I'd drop in.  I drove by a crossfit sign in my area and I thought of you.  It looks like your still at it.  Woop!  And I'm still pregnant...yeah!  28 weeks and doing good.  Haven't gained too much weight so I'm keeping things in control.  It'll be nice to get past the first three months after baby is born and get working out again.  I'm too tired to do much else but walk occasionally.  My blood pressure is up a bit and am dealing with some swelling.  I've got to keep both of those in check seeing I had pre eclampsia with my last.....not fun.  As long as I eat enough salad and berries, I am hanging in there.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop in, say howdie, and see if you where still 'keepin' on'.  Sooooo glad you are.

    'See you' sometime February 'ish'. 


  • Hi Coffee Crew - newbie here!  I lived the BFL lifestyle for 10+ years and then just fell off the wagon for 2 years and gained a good amount of weight.  I'm back into the swing of things and need to find a forum to join and hope to become a regular contributor to this one because, as a longtime BFL follower, I just don't feel like I fit in anywhere else.  I just completed my 1st challenge (after my 2 year hiatus) about 2 weeks ago and, although I didn't reach all of my goals, I'm pretty happy overall.  So far, I've lost 17 pounds and 6% bf.  My body is JUST NOW getting into the groove and I'm really starting to lose weight and get my shape back.  I guess now that I'm nearing 50, my body is no longer a 'week 8' body - more like a 'week 14' body!  I took after pictures but I'm just not that thrilled with the results.  I want to wait a few more weeks and will take pictures then.  I have a strange metabolism.  It seems to take FOREVER to get my engine started, but then once you give it a good tune-up, it turns into a fat-burning machine.  I will continue working out and eating in moderation.  I will have to really keep an eye on my eating and not get too strict or I will get too thin.  My daughter has already told me that I looked good and didn't need to lose anymore.  I want to focus on being healthy and having the energy to enjoy life and my grandson!  So my goals going forward will be to continue this LIFESTYLE.  I am not an olympic or professional athlete; P90X-style workouts will only lead me to burnout and, more than likely, injury.  BFL is something that I can maintain and always rely on if I ever slip up.  Hangin' tough! Stay motivated, folks and have a BFL day!

  • bonwitty--great to see you pop in here.  donald is around, not much activity going on around here lately though.

    amynamey--I remember seeing your name pop around the forums.  welcome!!  sorry, nobody's been talking much, I don't know if it's just busy summer stuff.  Most of us here are in the middle of their several challenges, and some have started Paleo/Primal eating and Crossfit.

    Update on what i've been doing the last couple weeks:  I'm just not making the time for exercise like I want.  For instance, I just got done eating a big Primal breakfast that I know will last me hours until I have the chance to eat agin.  but too full to exercise.  I've picked up more hours at work, I've been blessed that there ARE hours at work since our company paid out way too much on payroll the last year becuase they  predicted much higher sales that never happened.  And I know from past experience what happens if I choose exercise over nutrition.  I get super hungry and buy fast food to eat quickly, thereby negating all the exercise I just did.  

    I DID get to the gym for 15 min. the other day and did excellent headstand practice and managed to tap the wall several times again trying to kick up into the handstand.  Wall climbs were still good.  Ever since I've been Primal, I feel lighter.  Easier to fight gravity.  also did some UBWO.  but still only managing about once a week for exercise.

    I need sleep, and yesterday I started eating junk, which led to junky junk all day long.  Wow, haven't had a day like that in awhile.  Fast food, grains, sugar.  My digestive system didn't retaliate yet.  Think it might take a day or 2 this time to register.

    We are going to the Renaissance fair in a week and I looked at their food options.  mmm, they've got mediterranean pork chops, steak on a stake, a whole gluten-free tent, steamed artichokes.

  • oh, and i know I promised pictures soon.  Just have to find time to load them up!

  • Optigirl - love the workout routine you posted up with the photo...I might have to try that some day. Optigirl, glad you are pushing the headstand push up. I always smile when I see your profile photo with you inverted!Is the hubby still going great with the diet. I hope so. Keep coaching him!

    Hey on the Warrior Dash - if you can you gotta dress the part ... it was half the fun!

    Either way you will rock it great. ...what 2 weeks - ish away, right?

    bonwitty - I too know Donald is around...If I cross his path and see he has not responded, I will tell him to get his hiney over here and say hello!

    Amynamey - I too recognize your name from some other blog threads. I love your statement, "my body is no longer a 'week 8' body - more like a 'week 14' body!' That is me to a T. I am on the progress side but not as fast as when I was younger or as I had hoped....but slowly gettting there -  like a farmer tractor on the BFL freeway! Love the fact that you are getting great daughter support. Awesome!

    Mosher - keep bodypumping it ... I think between you and the CF group you gotta be mega fit on the cardio side. Amazing.

    OK for me a little sloppy this past week. Pure has gotta be back on the forefront. Laura (Larry) has me working a Primal diet. I have not been as pure as I was thinking I would have been, but my carb intake is really down compared to the challenge that Laura threw to me. That would not be the case if it were not for her and for that I thank her.

    One big hurdle is my coffee. For the last 35 years, I always drank it with cream and sugar – ALWAYS! The last three weeks the sugar is gone - and the stuff, I think, tastes even better. I don't miss it. This was one BFL sin that I thought I would have carried all through the rest of my life. No interest in giving that up. Didn't think it was possible.

    Well all for now Crew. I will chat up with you all later - lift often and lift heavy ;)

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • howdy folks,

    BONNIIIEEEEEE.... i did see your message, and everyone else's i just spent all day yesterday in a conference:-( not great fun, and now have the P.C. at work so getting on here is very much a work hours gig.

    yeah i'm still going strong and loving it. i work out EVERYDAY except sunday do Cross fit and Pilates on saturday so in effect 7 classes a week. i am really loving it. i have started working out at night because ther is a dude there who is at my level so we push each other like crazy. so having fun while doing some insanely hard shlt.

    so if you drove past a CF sign then that means that there is a CF box in your area.... so when you have popped and welcomed the new addittion you can go give Cf a go :-)

    the past month my nutrition has been really good as well, scale not showing much, well i have dropped about 4 or 5 kg in that time(weight i had lost then put back through careless eating) so still not at my lowest yet, BUT CLOSE!!! but i have had a lot of folks comment that i'm looking thinner, so i'll take that, must be all the muscles im building replacing the fat thats got the scale confused :-) well thats what i'm sticking to. just cos it suits me HAHAHAHA

    to everyone else, goos to see some new folks in here, time to get this thread humming again like it used to.

    on a side note, today is EXACTLY 10 years sober for me. really proud of that. and nope not gonna go celebrate with adrink:-)

    cheers everyone have a great day, and workout HARD!!!!