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  • Hey guys, I am over here too!  Out of town for work this week, but plan to at least do some cardio and get back to Y on Monday!

    Run - I missed the bike picture!?

    Frick - glad to see you here too.

    Mosher - you are my inspiration & need to take advantage of classes at the Y

    Pert - did I see you too?

    Have a great evening,


  • I think everyone is out enjoying their summer!  @run4life-I too need to work a little harder on the diet.  I have been craving chocolate something fierce lately and nowhere does it list chocolate chip cookies as a nutritious food item on the BFL menus. bummer!!  ;)

    Anyway, so I went ahead and had my cookie and boy was it good, right out of the oven too!...YES!   Now I am off to the gym to work it off.  As I mentioned in the "other" thread, I kind of over did it on the dead lifts where I increased my weights.  My hamstrings have been so darn sore that I have been taking Ibuprofin and sitting on a heating pad!  Last night I went to the gym and did nothing but stand in the hot tub stretching out my legs which helped tons.  So as luck would have it *sighs* in my workout rotation, tonight is LBWO so I will rework that muscle group but with lighter weights.  

    Drink lots of water and stay cool everyone!  :)

    PS @tonja-we must have been posting at the same time.  Good to see you here!  Hope you are enjoying your summer :)


    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • Hi all. It's good to see everyone from the 9'ers group migrating over.

    @tonja: yep, I'm here. I'm into my first week and I wake up every morning with a commitment to stay on track.

    @mosher: I think we've all made that mistake. I know I have. Glutamine is a supplement that is recommended by many and it really helps the body during recovery. You take a teaspoon (5ml) before and after your workout. Mine is a powder and it has no taste. I even mix it with a little water to get it down or a smoothie post workout, if that's what I'm having. When taken properly, it really does keep the sore muscles in check and speeds up recovery. I have NOT been taking mine lately. I keep forgetting and I can honestly say my muscle soreness lasts longer and DOMS is more severe without it.. I've just purchased the iPhone app called habit tracker and plan to put "take glutamine" as a daily goal.

    Keep up the great work everyone. I'll be checking in. I'm determined to get to my owl this time. No more excuses!,,,

  • *goal.  I'm determined to get to my goal.  I dont think they have owls here in Australia.  I'll have to google that and see.

  • Tonja - glad you made it here I will post up a bike pic or two I promise. Hope you are doing well while out of town. That will be me coming up for the weekend then again this coming week. Taking my bike for cardio and some free weights to keep the arms and legs honest!

    Mosher hope the hammies are feeling better...I think I am on the other side. My C2 I think I babied myself too much and did not lift hard enough consistently. So I too am ramping up a little. I think it is hard to find that perfect set point...not too hard and not too light! Hope you LBWO goes well.

    Perth hope you are striving toward your goals!!! Not sure about owls down under! I lived on the other side for a year, many years ago...Brisbane...don’t remember seeing any there either! Keep going strong.

    Frick I know you are out there. Feet up probably ... sipping a cool one by the pool least I hope you are doing a little bit of that!!

    be strong group.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Riding on the PALM (Pedal Across Lower Michigan 2012) ~280 miles




    Me daughter!



    Oldest Guy riding the PALM (last seat on the tandem), 93 (Yep I typed 93) Incredible!


    My daughter picked up her (5 minute miler) boyfriend for a 1 day 50 mile leg. Sam and I lead for the first 8 miles of this leg, then on our first steep hill I asked Sam how he thought my daughter was doing as she had dropepd back a little a few minutes ago and it was 95 degrees out. He said tough to tell. Just then my daughter powered past us on the hill. Looked over. Smiled and said, "Come on boys, let's not doddle!" She lead the rest of the way as if to tell her cross country running boyfriend, this is my sport your playing now. Come get some!


    SomE obstacles you just couldn't go around!



    Cruising Speed Scotty!!!



    20 miles from the finish (Lake Saint Clair) I snapped my road bike rear derailleur clean off the bike and was DOA. I had to finish the ride on my 20 year old mountain bike that I rode during last year's PALM.


    OK enough of my boring 'what I did on my summer vacation' photos.

    Have a great up coming weekend group!


    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • @Perth-Thanks for the info on the product.  I will have to look into that.  Nothing more miserable than sore muscles and for me those hamstrings!  ugh!  Obviously, this is a "problem area"!  

    @run4life-Love the photos!!  looks like you all had a great ride. I am definitely trying to amp it up this go round and have increased weights in all workouts, hense the hamstrings dilemma! lol!  Much better now though. :)

    I did LBWO a couple nights ago with lighter weights and then hit the hot tub and stretched out again.  Felt SO good and when my feet hit the floor the next morning, I could actually stand up straight on my way to the shower.

    Did 25 minutes of cardio last night, not a killer pace but moderate and easy.  I had a very busy work week with added mental stresssssss so it was kind of hard to stay focused and energetic at the gym but I did manage to "git-r-done" :)  I am going to take today as my free day and go do UBWO tomorrow.  Off to water my thirsty flowers who endured 90+ degree heat today and maybe even my!!    

    Keep at it!!  


    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • Hi everybody!  WOW I see lots of new names that have migrated over!  welcome!!!  Just when it seemed the thread was dying again, more people find their way over!

    Bryan---how's the renewed Primal eating going?

    Donald--how did the Crossfit games go last weekend?  And Laura's burpees??

    Laura and Jeff--how is your renewed BFL challenge going?  From what i see, you guys are keeping up on exercise, even when out of town.

    Orrin---where are you?

    I miss Legs.

    I'm back from a family camping trip!  I stayed PRIMAL the whole time for the exception of a couple mini candy bars.  (For those new here, I started the Primal lifestyle, which is eat meat, veg, fat, fruit, seeds, nuts.  Exercise by lifting heavy things sometimes, sprint once inawhile, play, and do more low-impact movement.  Live like our ancestors did before the agricultural revolution.)

    Anyway, the meals included venison hot dogs, venison ring bologna, venision steak and eggs, make your own pizzas on tortillas (I used a metal pie plate in leiu of tortilla), and kabobs.  I brought tons of veggies and grab and go fruit, and lots of trail mix.  Surprisingly, no one ate the fruit but us.  But the veggies were a hit and we even had to drive to town to buy more.  

    some positive things that rubbed off on our family was that you can dip veggies into anything you would dip a chip into.  And you can put other things on a roasting stick besides marshmallows: like a banana and even tried caulifower and mushrooms!  Just drizzled a little olive oil on them.  My husband had to deal with some frustration when he saw everyone but me go back for 2nd's, especially with the pizzas.  Sometimes he looked depressed.  One time he decided to go for a walk by himself for an hour.  He came back all out of breath, because he started running, and even sprinted at the end!!!!  i was so proud of him for challenging himself and doing intervals and turning his frustration to something positive.  Other family members didn't share my enthusiasm, as they don't understand those principals which we BFL folk are accustomed to.

    This is the first time we've come back 'regular'.  I was able to wear my bikini every day and go swimming.  An 11-yr old that was with us did handstands in the water with me.  I taught him to try handstand pushups underwater.  He was impressed at my balance and how long I could hold the pose.

    no one asked me WHY I no longer eat bread, but they all know it now and seemed to respect it.  They asked a few questions like "Doesn't eating all those veggies make you gassy?" I hope I answered all questions to make sense and with an open mind.

    I have not been doing wall climbs AT ALL!  Not been to the gym in weeks.  My husband goes back to work in a week, I hope to be more on a normal schedule then.

    Once we got home we decided to splurge and go to the movies and picked out our favorite eats.  Husband took his blood sugar reading at the peak time after eating that stuff, and it was surprisingly in healthy range.... It shouldn't have been after all the stuff we ate.  I indulged for 2 straight nights, and learned that sometimes the consequences don't show up until the next day...  Seems odd that we ate so well in front of people, then came home to indulge just the 2 of us.  But I enjoyed every bite, and made sure I wasn't eating out of emotion.  

    So I'm onto my next Primal time challenge.  I survived June. Then had a free day or 2.  Then survived the camping trip.  Ended with 2 free days. Now I'm doing another 4 weeks of Primal, ending in the Renaissance Fair one day where I might want to try some goodies, we'll see.  I've learned that I CANNOT go through the consequences in public!  It would be so embarrassing!!!!!  i think you guys know what I mean!

    Sigh, vacation ends today, I go back to work tomorrow.  You guys remember my 'hidden hallway coworker'? Where I showed him what a wall climb looks like and then he showed me how to climb a set of parallel walls in a hallway, one foot on each wall?  And we had so much fun getting paid at the same time??  Well he got a promotion and gets to manage his own lab at another location.  I'm happy for him, he was one of my students and now it's like he's all 'grown up.'  I will miss our nutrition/exercise talks and telling him all about you guys.  Now I have to find a replacement and do more training.

  • Optigirl - It sounds like you are still staying true to your eating plan. I got a mudder in a was thinking of ya. Glad you are going strong.

    Mosher you too sounds like the workouts are good.

    I have been traveling a little so I have been off line but working out. Laura is doing a challenge with me et al and we are in week 2. So far so good. Need to pick it up.

    Hope ssm and Perth and Frick are all still going strong.

    It has been quiet on this thread missing some of the regulars as well Optigirl. Mosher,ssm, Perth and Frick all came over from the 9er too was have less and less activity. Thought we would join up and at least keep one thread alive (hopefully).

    Have a great day tomorrow group!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • so how's everyone doing??

    my husband goes back to work TODAY after having the last month off from surgery.  We saw the dietician earlier this week.  he wanted to see how my husband's been eating the last few weeks since he found out he was diabetic.  I've been giving him a more low-carb approach, not as severe as mine, but we never knew exactly how many carbs per day.  I just used my judgment. I'm guessing I maybe fed him about 150ish carb grams a day, but more fat and meat to help him feel full.  

    We thought that was going pretty good, although he did binge a couple times to experiment with his blood sugar levels and to remember what it was like to have sugar high's and crash's, kinda like how you have a free day with BFL.

    But when we showed the dietician, he said he hasn't been eating ENOUGH carbs!  He wants him in the range of 45-60 for the 3 main meals, with up to 3 possible snacks, those being 15-20 grams carbs..... That's a range of 180-240 carb grams daily.....  I was afraid of this.  Any of you PRIMAL OR PALEO people reading this, are probably shaking your heads and tsking.  Also, to try to regiment meal times as much as possible to regulate blood sugar.  Binging or 'free days' are not good for diabetics because it throws off your system.  This way, you can still enjoy your favorite foods, it's just all about portioning.

    I suppose if he were doing BFL, these numbers would be right (weighs about 210) but that would also be with the same number of protein daily, and very low fat, and then LOTS of exercise.  

    So now he's on the new food plan by the dietician which I voiced that I was concerned that's a lot of carbs.  Husband now kinda enjoys counting his carbs and tracking them on a spreadsheet.  But it means he's eating a lot more bread, milk, and occasional treats than what I've been giving him the last month.  He's also been eating a lot LESS veggies.  I've also witnessed the crabiness that accompanies unplanned delayed meal times.  I don't miss that about BFL.  It's like now we have to arrange our whole day on his eating every few hours.  I went Primal to avoid that.  Now I have to watch him go through it.

    I don't know.  This past month before seeing the dietician, his energy levels seemed to even out, with only a few dizzy patches while camping.  And now it seems he has a license to eat crap again, as long as the carbs come out to the right number???  i guess on the sortof Primal diet I was giving him for the month, it may backfire in the long run and lead to more binges.  

    Dietician didn't go into protein or fat counting, but gave him a list of what to eat and what to avoid.  He says stay low-fat.  Well, yeh, I guess looking at 180-240 carbs per day, you better limit your fat!  Now it's back to being complicated to cook for us again. I made bacon yesterday, and there was no way husband could stay 'low fat'!  I'll have to make seperate meals again.  Lots of fat, butter, full eggs for me, and Pam spray and more egg white for him...

    If I were still doing BFL, this would be perfect!!  i could still make my oatmeal, BFL waffles, casseroles, rice and stuff, but just give him  a larger portion.  And our frequent meal times would coincide.  It's like our respective nutrtion journeys are crossing and not aligning at the same time. sigh

    In the future, husband would like to count his fat and protein macronutrients too, but right now just getting used to little things at a time.  Both of us have to learn to constantly  look up foods for every single one of his meals, to calculate the carbs.  I know this will get easier, and in a way, it's kinda fun to budget.  I can't just randomly grab food items anymore and throw them into his lunch.

    OH!  He has officially made the  switch from his processed bread, to my old favorite sprouted natural local bread!  It's low carb.  I'm also used to it being in the house now and don't even think about eating it.  Feels like a nice hurdle I've crossed.

    i've also finally set up a free account with to log my daily meals to figure my macros.  I will take more time this weekend to figure out how it works.  I wrote down my first few weeks of going Primal, and want to see how close the macros come.  I've slacked again, still eating Primal, but indulging in evening snacks eating right out of the bag.  I feel my urgence to exercise is waning.  not good.  The longer I go putting it off, the less it bothers me.

    We had an emergency family matter to drive to last night.  Had to miss supper, but hubby was proactive about it and grabbed road food with the right carb counts.  It still messed up our systems, being super stressed and all, very little sleep, and now his first day back at work.  I actually stayed Primal through it all!  I grabbed a Myoplex RTD, the first one I've had in months.  So glad I kept those around for emergencies like this.  My step-daughter got into an altercation with her Jerry Springer Show trashy other parents, which turned physical, and they had her arrested.  Mug shots, fingerprints, everything.  Bail was very low, so she's back at her apartment and her job is not in jeopardy, phew.  There will be a hearing at some point.  I pray and pray that she will not turn into them.  She doesn't have the courage or confidence to walk out of their lives completely, since she has younger siblings still in their care, and she thinks she can 'fix' them.  Meanwhile, it's sucking the life out of her and their trashy behavior rubs off on her, pushing her buttons, bringing out the worst in her.

    anyway, I love you all and I have to trudge on, remain that role model so when the times come where we lovingly give advice to our kids, we can 100% confidentally speak and show the positive ways to live: to surround yourself with other likeminded people that HELP you grow, are NOT jealous of your accomplishments, and are mature enough to give and take advice and not downtalk.  to triumph in the face of adversity!!!  I think of all the positiveness that flows from this forum and you people, and it really really helps me when I'm in the presence of those negative ones that all they want to do is to suck your life and bring you to their misery so they're not alone.

    onward and upward!!!

  • Sunday is my first day off and I have the house to myself since husband is back to work!!! I will use that day to formulate new goals and strategy.  Gotta get ready for the Warrior Dash in about 4 weeks.  i would be so mad at myself if I let life get in the way of my training.  just another chance at displaying positive role model-ness.

  • Doing a drive by posting!  Still doing pretty good!  Bodypump Monday, cardio (nice long evening walk) Tueday, complete WO Wednesday, too pooped to do anything on Thursday and just got back from walk today.  Going fishing/boating tomorrow but if we come to town for awhile I will sneak off to the gym.  Kinda of an off week with the routine but hopefully get back to normal next week.  That's about it!   Gotta run!  :)

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • bryan--I don't understand the units on the chart., or maybe I'm only seeing part of it.

    Where is everyone?

    Jeff and Laura--how are your simultaneous challenges going?  Still Primal, Laura?

    i managed to get to the gym for 15 minutes yesterday.  Did the elliptical for 10 minutes, felt very hard! need to get my cardio back up.  Then hung on the rings in the basement and did a wal climb for the first time in a month.  Glad to see I still could do one!  Handstand kickup practice was the same where I left off.

    I did not tackle tracking like I had hoped to yet.  I got an account set up and played around with how it figures your calorie budget.  

    I also took 'after' pictures and will post them soon with my 'b4' pics from Nov. 2010.  Since I havne' been lifting or much of anything besides some monkey bar action, I kinda just decreased my whole body with nutrition, but still the same shape.  

    I cheated a little on food last night.  There was a homemade thing from a local bakery that screamed almost every aspect of my favorite things all combined into this one dessert.  I decided to give in with a sliver, thinking of what I've read, and the 80/20 rule.  If you're going to indulge, don't do it to treat some emotional problem, and savor eveyr bite.  Which I did.  I didn't scarf, I don't think it triggered anything for the rest of the night...  Although I think I may want some more in a month...  We'll see. Right now I"m thinking of it as a fond memory and probably the best tasting treat I've had in a few years.

  • oh, I forgot!  husband went to see his regular dr. today, and she was so impressed with his Excel program he wrote to track his progress, and how pro active he's been.  He's had steady blood sugars for a couple weeks now.  he just started going back to work and his blood sugar has had a low dip right after his shift.

    So she decided to decrease his meds!  They're doing their job, almost too well, now that's he back to work and more active, and diet is under control.  Awesome!  He was so excited, he called his family to tell them! :)

    Steps.  I've learned that sometimes I push too much.  We just have to take this one step at a time, monitor things closely.  I've gotta have a more open mind on strategies, 'cause I've been going almost radical lately, needing to control things MY way, when it's not even MY body to control.  I have to let others decide for themselves, and still keep my knowledge in the background in case a complication comes up.