BFL Coffee Crew!

  • run4life - You are almost there. The best part of the challenge is Day 84 being a free day. I guess it is really just a 83 day challenge. I was so excited about the end of my first challenge I took my after pictures on Week 12 Days 5 and skipped my cardio the next day (the only workout I missed).

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Thanks BrynL - awesome on the weight reduction...I hope some day to be able to say the same that I am at a low weight...I have a little bit more to go but the trend line is tilted in the right direction.

    Sounds like your runs are really crankin'

    Other blogs I visit have also been fairly quiet lately. Not sure if it is the new website or if in fact folks are mega busy right now getting fit.

    Anyway...all the best in the mud this weekend.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Donald... its being a long time i know, i have written the last year off!!! After the Earthquakes i lost my close Aunt in May, a day later my mother had a very bad stroke.  So then i was up and down to the north island for her.  We had the big June shake, my mother was discharged from hospital 11 weeks later, the following day after her discharge her husband (my stepfather) in July died from a long battle with cancer, and since then ive been taking each day by day helping my mum get by.

    2011 was a horrific year for me and i let alot of my emotions run my eating habits...... i weighed in the other day at 181lbs (not doing kgs and im not comparing myself to where i was).  

    Today is my first day back on the BFL, and im feeling confident, i have full support from my hubby and family.

    How have you being doing?  I would love to find out what your up to and where your at with your fitness, thankyou so much for your support you gave me last year.

    I would love to keep in contact.

    Talk soon??


  • Hi all!  Hope everyone is doing well. Well I definitely need more structure on my off days. Tony and i have decided to start a new challenge tomorrow. We have to take, as Legs would say, our "troll" pics. I don't ever want to do these again. Legs-did you feel something different last time you took them?  Did you know they were going to be your last?

    Got to get a lot done today and prepaid for our challenge :-)  Good day all!!!!

    Stay Strong!


  • Hey Coffee Crew!  It's been about 3 1/2 months since I chimed in around here.  Lots of crap in my life right now.  Foreclosure, bankruptcy, not able to feed my family.  Stress, stress, stress.  Beginning of January was the topper - I fell and ended up with a torn rotator cuff and separated ac joint.  Can we say OUCH?!?  That was really what put me over the top.  Immediately my two main stress relievers (exercise and crocheting) were taken away from me.

    So, I've spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, which doesn't help anything.  This morning it dawned on me how much the BFL community was a positive energy in my life, and that regardless of the fact I can't really follow the BFL exercise plan, I can still be here.  I have (for the most part) continued my BFL eating plan (with some binges here and there, I'll be honest).  I know I can keep that up and maybe even lose some more weight.  But really, I just need the positive energy you all give!  So here I am!  Hope you'll take me back.  :)  My life is still very full with 6 amazing kids that are home with me, so for obvious reasons I can't be online a whole lot, but I will check in more - I need you guys! and I hope that I can be an encouragement to others as well.


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Howdy Folks,


    good grief woman it has been a long time, everytime there is another quake or aftershock in christchurch i think of you. have had no way to make contact but i have thought of you often... i am still going strong. Loving Crossfit, getting fitter, have had a few MAJOR plateaus on the scale, but getting fitter and more importantly keeping the momentum going. So far i still havn't missed a single Crossfit workout that i was supposed to do, other than sickness, and even on that count i have been lucky, was sick about 6 weeks ago and kinda missed a week, but other thna that been rocking and rolling along. Sorry to hear that you have had such a crap 2011.....

    Did you see Bonnies great news? she is preggie. yep knocked up. woohoo so happy for her.

    hey crew, Kiwi is the only person that stuck with Bonny and myself when we did our challenge together, kiwi did about 75-80% of the challenge off and on, mostly on.

    I am SO happy that you back on BFL, do your challenge here, in the crew, lots of cool folks, good info and motivation.

    i am really happy to see your name back on line. nail the 12 weeks, we here, make a party out of it:-)

    Lins, man i stress a lot about cash flows, have a fear of going through what you are going through right now, my thought are with you. cant even say dont stress about it because it becomes your whole day day in and day out:-( And you sitting with an injury, and a crap one at that.... but you right, there is a good vibe in here, a positive vibe. and it IS a good place to be... i know you busy and stressed but if you forced yourself to spend 10 min a day in here you won't be able to NOT have a different mindset.

    all you can do now is try keep your self as positive as possible, not easy to do, but it is also all that you can do.

    Anyone else feeling that whatever excuse they had it really just isn't valid???


    Congrats on finishing C1. you have done what many don't you  finisher, a champion!!!! now make sure that you take ENOUGH time off, (i would say at least 2 weeks) keep active then hit it hard again, a word of caution, the 2nd challenge is normally the hardest one.... lots of head games etc, thats why i say make sure that you get enough rest between challenges.

    we had a fancy dress party on Saturday to celebrate the end of the CF games "open" portion...

    will see if i can load a pic tomorrow.

    the theme was "C" for crossfit.

    oh yeah, Bryan, well done on the tough mudder...

    where are all the lurkers...


  • Crew...It is finished.

    C1 for me ended Saturday on a free day.

    I ate kinda clean on that day and I actually ran a light 5k as a victory lap. Today is the first day of my active rest. I chose to do some mountain bike riding on some rough winter torn up dirt roads. I did a 16 k bike ride on a training route with some elevation that I rode when training for my first cross Michigan bike with my daughter.

     I think BFL is putting me in good shape for the summer endurance wise for I rode the training ride today in one of my fastest times yet.

    It felt great and the only thing complaining was my backside.

    It was mentally telling my mind, “What is this...first over the past 12 weeks you forced me to get rid of some of that extra padding and now you put me on this thin wedge of a seat and ride over as many craters as you can find.” Oh...was my backside sore when I finished.

    Not sure if that ride was really active rest, but it was using  a definite different set of secondary muscles. It felt great!

    Lins – I too hope that things are looking up. I am with a company that went through a bankruptcy a few years ago and there was a huge affect on everybody. I survived, but just when we thought things were stable they took almost 2000 employees out of the group I am in. We could not understand why this employment action too place as the bankruptcy was a ways behind us. Then last fall they wanted another 20 -50 percent cut with my group and the company made record profits.

    So, now I plan as best I can, try not to worry about what I cannot control (easier said than done – right) and try to just live each day to the fullest. Exercise is a great stress breaker.

     I do not completely understand what you went through mentally, nor do I claim to even begin to comprehend…but I just hope and pray it is behind you and that you are seeing more positive things in life moving forward.

    Kiwi – my same heart felt feelings for you and the emotional year 2011 must have been for you. I pray 2012 is starting out kinder for you.

    Donald Gibbs - I think you and BryonL (who also said the same thing) that the C2 BFL requires a lot of mental prep and perseverance.

    I have been thinking a lot about this lately as the excitement of finishing something for the first time will not be with me. I have run three marathons in my life …the first one was the easiest to train for. The second one was the hardest to complete the training and the third one again was somewhere in-between.

    I hope to use those training lessons to help me through C2.

    Also, for C2 I am doing it with my wife who wanted to do C1 with me but had an ankle injury and could not do it. So I hope, not wanting to let her down will help me stay motivated.

    Finally, I have a couple of other things that I think will help get me through:

    1 I did not hit all my BFL goals or actually I extend them (set higher goals) so I hope that will give me the encouragement to have a great challenge ahead.

    2 I have a busy summer coming up and BFL will help me with that as far as hitting my activity goals (posted below).

    I know in one of my posts in the past I said:

    “Sometimes when you mountain climb, you just cannot make it to the summit. It doesn’t take away from the experience; it just means you might have to come back another day to crest the peak!”

    I still think that this is true…but I gotta be honest..I hate it when I cannot plant the flag on the peak.

    That said, posted below are my summer’s ‘mountain ranges’ that I intend to complete and BFL C2 will be my ‘base camp’ as a training foundation for completing them.

    So I think that too should help me complete the second cycle…of course I will be leaning on you guys when I need help keeping me on the road to completion.

    Have a great week Crew

    The Mountain Range:

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Kiwi-Welcome back!

    Lins-Thinking of you and hope things turn around real soon

    Run-Congrats on finishing!!!

    Bryan-Congrats on the tough mudder!!!  Wow!  I'm doing thing on my phone and thankfully I caught it before I changed mudder to murder lol

    Donald-I am so proud of are like the energizer bunny, you keep going and going and going....

    Thinking of Legs this week. This must be so exciting for her. I wish I could be there to cheer her on.  

    Day 1 for me. Healthy breakfast and all my healthy meals packed in my lunchbox and buckled up next to me in the passenger seat :-)  I'm done being a troll!  Changes are ahead...  UBWO in my beautiful new gym when i get home. Life is good :-)

    Stay Strong!


  • run4life---YAAAYYY YOU FINISHED THE CHALLENGE!!!  (i picture horns blaring in background)  Sounds like you are already off to a good start with your AR and your mapping.  i remember my first AR and I had my activities all planned out.  But I went downhill skiing the night before to reward myself, and then got really sick during the entire AR, I was so disappointed.  

    bryan--YAAAAAYYY you're back from the Tough Mudder!!!!  I see you've posted in your blog about it, I have to read it yet.

    Legs---thinking about you everyday here as this weekend approaches!!!

    linsforlife--welcome back!  i'm so proud of you for still trying to stick to better eating, with everything going on and the lack of money to even GET healthy food!  With all those kids, I don't know how you do it!!  

    kiwigirl--- I remember seeing your name around these parts!!  I started my C1 about a week different from your guys' one.  glad to see you back here and taking back control of YOU.

  • I've been very busy the last few days catsitting for a friend who lives on the other side of town and driving people to the airport.  But I've been taking time to pack my food.

    I did a classic UBWO this morning.  Finished with more handstand kickup practice, hip hurt right away, but I did finish with a spectacular headstand, no wall needed.  Later in the day I didn't feel sore at all, thinking maybe  I should still go to afternoon boot camp.  Decided it best not to, and this morning I've got DOMS :)

    Last night the hubby wanted comfort food 'cuz his back was in a lot of pain.  He really wanted fast food so I got it for him.  I had such a mental struggle if I should get some for me too since I was already there.  I almost won, until right at the end of the order, I got a small shake.  As I was driving home, I was sipping it, the entire time thinking this tastes OK but not worth the crap it's doing to me.  B4 I even got home I stopped at a dumpster and threw it out.  Geesh, in the end I WON after drinking 1/5th of it, but that was a long battle and I just felt so wishy-washy about the decision.  Then once at home, I made a big salad pretty quickly and was full.

  • Donald, Darcy and Opti - thanks for the welcome back and encouragement.  

    Opti - it has been TOUGH to try to continue to feed myself and family *healthy*.  It makes me sick that you can get a nasty meal at McGrossald's for WAY cheaper than you can feed your family a healthy meal.  But I'm doing what I can.  I'm really frustrated this summer because we are moving (whenever we get evicted or find a place, whichever comes first) so I can't plant a garden.  That really helps supplement the grocery budget, plus gardening is good for the soul. ;)

    Anyway, it's good to check in here and see how you all are doing.  Opti - good for you, dumping that shake!  It's such a mental battle sometimes!

    What's going on with Legs this weekend?  I haven't had time to catch up on posts.  Computer work is pretty aggravating to the shoulder, so I have to do it in short bursts.

    Well, have a great one Coffee Crew!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Howdy folks,

    Opti, way to go with that shake, horrible when we have to fight the voices in our head... they can be so convincing. I think we all get that, the sudden impulse buy that leaves us feeling like crap afterwards, well done on tossing it. Me, i bought it i finish it. thats why i do my best to not buy it.

    LIns, you so right, crap unhealthy food is so much cheaper. but its because its sold in bulk, and has huge volume turnover. more folks buying crappy food than healthy food so healthy options cost more. a while ago we had a tomatoe shortage here in NZ, i could of bought 2 big macs with fries a drink and a sundae for the same price as 4 tomatoes...

    really sucks. and all you wantto do is feed your family as best you can. keep looking for the healthy options, there are some cool websites that do have reasonably priced healthy options to try make, you just got to search.

    Legsy is competeing in a body building competition this week. She has 2 trainers, and they have been working her really hard, so she is looking amazing. expecting really good things from her, and the most important is that she set a goal, and has smashed it, reaching for a dream. Man i just love seeing folks reaching for a dream and then getting it. motivating in a big way.

    our workouts this week have been crazy. In Crossfit there are the general run of the mill workouts, then there are those that have names, mostly girls names, they bltches to do, really hard. and my trainer has decided that since we havn't done one for a while we doing one a day every day this week. a whole week of the girls... my abs are so aore i hurt when i fart. and yesterday i was hurting so bad i realized i fart a lot :-) today abs still sore, arms wasted and after doing squats today my legs are also sore. all over body doms, must admit it feels kinda cool.

    willchat soon.

    where is KIWI?

    anyways folks, c ya later.

  • Im right here Donald.... been doing alot of reading but not much typing!  Had a great 4 days, food is on and so is training.  Im hungry most of the time at the moment, the metabolim must be on fire!

    Good luck Legsy, has she competed before Donald? when i did my first comp, i was so high as i felt and looked great....but what i wasn't prepared for was the down stage when the body gains the weight back.  I didn't have a game plan after and because i lost 22kg of fat the body had been starved for about 6 months it sucked all the calories and fat up that i ate afterwards, gained 17kgs back!!!

    We have new releases at our gym this week so more work for me!

    When we have takeaway meals at home, over the years i have got my kids to try different foods, they now choose sushi and subway over mcdonalds, not all the time but 9/10.  Its more expensive but its alot better for them and i get to eat it with them.

    Im trying to decide what to do with my weight training, as i do bodypump 2 x a week and rpm 3 x a week, i already have the cardio and the weights.  Im thinking of going to the gym extra and doing the weights programs only, just means more time in the gym and less recovering time........what do you guys reckon?

    Anyway im off to chill, family had narchos tonight and i stuck with corned beef and vege stirfry. yum!!

    See ya!

  • bryan--read your blog on TM.  very interesting!!!!  you went into great detail!  It sounds like you didn't really get a chance to get a big shock from the electricity.  I was wincing when I read about your attempts at mt. Everest.  I wondered how many times people try b4 giving up.  I'm afraid an arm or leg would pull out of its socket when the people are helping me up!  How is your knee doing from the running and bruising?  And toe nails?  When you said your father-in-law was 'going to go look for a fence', I was like "what?" And then he was gone for 1/2 hour?  Funny, then you find him having a drink with cowboys!!  That's nice that they had bananas during the race.  

    With parking being that bad, I'm considering just riding my bike to the local LoziLu in June, I'd just have to find a place to lock it to.

    kiwi--in regards to your question about mixing your routine and how it fits in BFL:  I try to go to boot camp 2x a week but never know what muscle groups we're going to focus on.  after class, I try to finish up with sets of 9's and 10's for whatever muscle groups I felt were left over that didn't get hit on at class.  But the extra time spent at the gym does get frustrating since I've got other things to do.  And sometimes at boot camp it was a major cardio too, then I skip a BFL cardio.

    I'm not sure how this is working for me as far as results.  In theory it sounds good.  I guess you just have to ask yourself if you REALLY pushed it at the end for that '10'.

    Are you in charge of the routine for the body pump classes?  I suppose you can't do UBWO one day, then 2 days later a LBWO.  That would be sweet!  That's what I like about BFL way, you get 4-5 days of rest b4 hitting those muscles again.  Whereas in boot camp, we seem to hit everything, then 2 days later we do it all again, even if still sore.