BFL Coffee Crew!

  • OK I'm a little slow....I kept seeing the same post over and over and thought I was jammed. Banned. BUSTED! LOL.

    Will talk more tomorrow. You all inspire me to no end!

    Let's show the weekend how WEAK IT is and own every decision, every choice, every workout, every bite. BOOM BABY!

  • Ok...I am having problems with this new format.  It won't let me post with my phone, yada, yada, yada.  Anyways, been doing ok lately.  I do so much better on days I work because there is much more structure in my day.  On my off days I have been working on the house, there is so much to do.  I guess I get a little OCD and won't stop working to eat, then I get starved and bad things happen.  I need to find a way to calm the hell down and realize I don't have to get everything done all at once and take care of myself better.  Ok, now that I've got that off my chest...

    I had a great workout last night in the new gym aka Fuel Fitness.  It was the first "real" workout I've had in there.  I'm already sore today.  Gonna get in another good one after work.  Have a great day everyone!!!

    Stay Strong!


  • darcy--I do exactly the same thing on my days off at home.  I get on a role, just want to keep going, don't eat, then hours later I'm devouring a box of cereal 'cuz it's instant fullness.  Glad you got to workout in your new gym!

    donald--I like that pic!  You should crop it and make it your new icon!

    I'm finall recovered from all my DoMS :)  Went to a boot camp this morning with a bigger variety of people than the afternoon classes I normally go to: broader age group, more men, all different fitness levels.  They were talking about another women's only mud run right here in town, only 10 minutes from where I live!!  There's a group started from the gym but I don't really know those people and they created a password for their team's registration.  So I don't know if I want to approach them and ask to join their group, or if I could get at least 1 of my other friends to go with me and we'd make our own team name, or I just go myself, or I could volunteer in the morning and then do the run in the afternoon at 1/2 price.  mmm, options, options.  This run is right up my alley, 5k, 10-12 obstacles, and local!  It's at a tiny ski hill and they're making it into a slip and slide!

    Well, cardio tomorrow.  Making a beef asian stir-fry thingie tonight

  • Heading out to do cardio now.  You know you get those days where you just feel fat?  and you look at your stomach and it DOES look fatter?  (sigh) hate those times, but I know it won't last and then I'll have a few good workouts where I'll feel like a super model again.  My last free day kinda extended....   I ate so wonderfully all day yesterday, and then my usual 10pm stomach turned on and I got out the nuts, amongst other foods....  When we know what we're supposed to do, why can't I just DO what I'm supposed to do and not do?  I said I would only have cheese and nuts on free day and I've slipped on that where I'm having it about 2 days/week.  

    start of Week 6.  That means 7 weeks left of good eating, only 7 free days.  Not 14.  HAVE TO FILL UP ON GOOD FOOD DURING THE DAY!!  Don't skimp.  Need to feel full at end of the day!!!!  arrghghgh  I really want to see what results I get by limiting those 2 foods.

    Since I've been doing at least 2-3 boot camps per week again and haven't done classic-style BFL lifting, I wonder if that would affect my hunger.  i'm getting more cardio in during class and not lifting quite as heavy.

  • legs--I like the link you put up about emotional eating the other day.  I didn't get to read it yet, but I saved it into my Favorites for future reading.

  • hehe, so I did my HIIT on an elliptical, there was a woman doing slow steady state reading a magazine next to me.  I'm approaching minute 16 and psyching myself up for the best (worst) part of the workout.  In my mind, I made up this imaginary duel with her. I wanted to 'show her how this is really done'.  No pansy magazines, no cautious pedaling... just all out braethng heavy and I'll be done soon while she's still there plugging away.  

    So I'm pumping my arms, using only my legs, going so fast I threw off my momentum and accidentally SMACKED my hand against the machine.  little embarrassing, hope no one saw that.  I usually worry that I stick out 'cuz my facial expression and sound of breathing, probably make the person next to me wonder if I'm dying.  Then I go and do THAT. Lol!

  • everyone must be busy.  

    Went to boot camp tonight, the regular one, not Ironman.  There were only 2 of us that attended, the other person being this really super quiet girl who's not very fit.  The trainer and I got to talking about mud runs, nutrition, etc during the warm up, and after awhile I began to feel bad for the other girl 'cuz she wasn't saying a peep.  So anyway, the trainer (same guy who teaches the Ironman, Crossfit, competed in those Crossfit games in the beginning) I finally know his last name now and he endorses Advocare.  He's not Paleo 'cuz he think it's too restricting.  He was telling me more about how milk isn't as good for you as people think, and that Myoplex (among others) did not come out very well when tested for harmful substances or something.  So much information, I never know who's right.  I could have talked to him forever but we had to get on with class.  He gave me his card and I signed up to read his blog.  

    We did a Crossfit style workout, I forgot to ask him if this was a specific one with a name.

    We did Box jumps

    kb swings

    push ups


    Do 3 of each, sprint 2x, then 6 of each, sprint, 9, sprint, 12, sprint, 15, sprint, 18, sprint

    I actually found the pushups to get EASIER towards the end.  I was starting to get a little vocal and almost swearing trying to push out the last reps, but I didn't want to offend the quiet girl 'cuz she just seemed like the reserved conservative type.

    i knew the other girl was about a round behind me, so I could lift heavier with nice slow controlled form, rather than try to race through the whole thing like I would have done in Ironman.  It was a super great workout, the trainer thought I'd have to scale down near the end, but I kept the same weights throughout! yay!

    The trainer helped me a little bit more with handstand kickups.  I got one foot to tap the wall!!!!!  That's improvement.  He also suggested doing more pike push ups and balancing kinda like I do with my tripods, but don't have your head on the floor.  I was very surprised that I was able to hold that pose for a few seconds.  I just assumed I couldn't without even trying.

    I forgot to ask him what he thought of cottage cheese and yogurt.  

  • Howdy Folks,

    HELLO OPTI!!!!!

    man i feel so bad, i have been meaning to post on here for ages, and i actually thought i did.... now i'm realising that it been a while. Since moving into offices i dont really have a PC at home so posting over the weekend is difficult, and we just swamped with end of financial year stuff and a big site going live at the start of next month... to much stuff to do not enough hours and empty bank account.... i must be doing something wrong :-)

    anyways. The crossfit games are finally over. the workouts have given me a HUGE indicator on where i am at(towards the back(, what i need to work on(a hell of a lot), how i have been working out(hard butwithout a laser focus on improvement). and thats all PERFECT. i entered these games to learn out of it and learn is exactly what i have done.

    spoke to my trainer the other day, i want to start working on specific things. so i am going to target certain moves every day before the class, just work on things in bits and pieces.

    The workout yesterday was KB swings with a 70 pound KB and burpees, 30 of each then 20 then 10.... what a way to start the week... bucking furpees.and that was after doing weighted push ups for strength, i got to 88 pounds plates on my back doing pushups, this time with really good form so i was happy about that.

    Strength today was back squats, so i went light, but focused on form, making sure the squat was legal.

    felt kind stupid doing squats with 110 pounds when 2 ladies in the class were both doing more and the one dude there went up to about 300 pounds. But thats part of my training plan now, work the form, get the basics right, the rest will come.

    Opti, saw your post about the eliptical you know that woman went home thinking WOW!!!! thats chick was going so fast her hands flew off the handles... Awesome job!!! Well done, I Love that.

    doing the handstands, this is what my trainer made me do...

    in the begining i struggled to get my legs up, so my trainer made me go down on my hands by the wall, get my left leg tucked close to me almost like a sprinters start, right leg was a bit further away from the wall, then to kick up towards the wall as hard as possible and to get my right leg to hit the wall as hard as i could, then kick straight back down again, so my right leg went up and curled over almost like a scorpio tail, and all i had to do was get my right leg to hit the wall. just hit it and kick off immediately, so i wasnt trying to do a handstand just kick up really hard, hit the wall with 1 foot and drop back down again. it took me a while to get that right, but once i could hit the wall like that with the 1 foot, all i had to then do was instead of kick away from the wall was stay there and teh other foot followed. such a weird sensation initially, upside down just felt so wrong, now its pretty cool. hope that makes sense... easy to explain but also hard to explain, i wantt o use my hands to show you :-)

    anyways gotta run.

    Chat soon


    oh yeah RNG went down, dont know if i told you??? but 3.1kg down over 2 weeks :-)


  • donald--yaaaay on the RNG drop-again!!

    Yes, I was also told to get that one foot close to me like a sprinter.  It felt awkward, maybe 'cuz I'm not that flexible.  Just didn't feel like I could push off at all with it being so close.  When my foot touched the wall today, I hadn't even realized my leg was curled like a scorpion.  So I guess I'm on the right path.  I should include that sprinter's stance in my daily stretches, to help with that awkward feeling.

    My brain feels fried with information overload.  Ever since that trainer talked about testing that was done on various companies, I looked at EAS website and according to that, they are 100% certified on banned substance testing.  They didn't list what each substance was, but it said something about steroid-type stuff and also other harmful things found in the environment.  So I don't know what to think about anything, but I guess I will keep doing what i'm doing and buy from a variety of companies.

  • Hi All! Hope all is well with everyone.  

    Just got my HIIT in.  I have realized here lately that my hamstrings are really I need to make sure I am doing more stretching.  I read that tight hams can lead to knee pain too, I have enough of that already.  Well time to shower then head to bed early so I can get up at 4am!!  WooHoo!

    Stay Strong!


  • I just realized the Search option has changed with the new site...  It's no longer in the forums, only on the main site :(

    I used that search constantly and it would bring up all threads that contained that word.  For instance, "deadlift." and then I could read what everyone has said about deadlifting.  now it just brings up a few articles related to it on the site.


  • I unfderstand Advocare is good - my guess is he is selling it.  It's a multi-level marketing thing. I have a girlfriend who is selling it and loves it!

    Have a great weekend - Stay strong.


  • hey all!!

    Bryan--your tough mudder this weekend, right??  I think I already knew this, but LEGS' competition is this same weekend too right?

    I like your obstacle course workout you did with the mile run, pullups chinups, sprinting 400 at the end.  Went to mudd camp today and I was the only person to show up, so the trainer and I jogged to a park, did 20 pushups, 20 dips, then squats and hip work, then pushups and dips again, then jogged back.  Then I flipped a big tire for about 5 minutes, then abs, then sprinted 440m.  kinda similar to yours but without the back work!  

    There was another boot camp immediately following, and I got to know some more regulars.

    Then we talked about mud runs coming up and she invited me to join the gym's team for LoziLu.  At first I wasn't sure, but if I keep going to these mud camps, I know i'll get to know these ladies more and feel more comfortable being on their team.

    Also, our region's Tough Mudder is in Septembe and there's a gym team formed for that too.  So.... it's nice to know I have this option since I wouldn't want to do this one solo.  But I don't know about my hips.  

    If I did this Tough Mudder, would it ruin my enthusiasm for the smaller mud runs?  It's like the crest of all mud runs!!  Kinda like that saying, 'once you go black you never go back."  poor poor analogy, but I couldn't think of another one!

    How about "Once you go Tough, you can never get Enough!"  hey, that should be a team name!

    I've just gone to boot camps these past 3 days in a row.  I didn't push for any 10's really 'cuz I didn't want to have a week like last week where I'd have DOMS forever and then have to miss class.  However, I don't think I'll do this again.  3 ina row is too much.  I feel a little overuse in some areas but then didn't push hard enough in others.

    tomorrow is traditional HIIT cardio.  Can't wait to do another classic BFL workout!

  • Short and sweet Coffee Crew!

    Bryn and Legs all the best this weekend and good luck!

    Optigirl …man you re cranking…the workouts.

    For me two workout left in week 12 …

    I am continuing to celebrate by adding in extra cardio all week long since week five.

    This week since I am still tweaking my weight…I am hitting a 800 to 900 calorie burn with my combine work outs. I am tired of feeling my mid section weight bouncing off my knees (-:

    I will still be working on that for C2 but I hope in the back half I can add in more calories and work better on nutrition and my protein intake. For now just want to be that toned individual I read about in the magazines ;-)

    Man have I enjoyed this ride so far!!! It is good to be on the same bus with all you guys!!!

    Two more official work outs left…Feels like I am sending my baby BFL C1 off to college….

    …hey there is always grad school   C2 (-:



    Have a great remaining rest of the week and weekend

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Darcy - Fuel Fitness, I like that name.

    Opti - Legs competition is on Easter weekend so she still has another week. I am pumping myself up mentally for the TM. Monkey bars are VERY hard for me and maybe wearing gloves will help. I enjoyed that 5K obstacle workout last night but I felt like a crazy sweaty bearded person when I ran around all the kids/parents at the playground. I am doing the pullups so build up my climbing strength.

    Donald - Is CrossFit really You vs. You kinda like running is?

    I can't believe it has been 6 days since my last post. Time is flying by right now. I have finally surpassed my end of C1 (march 2010) level of leanness. A co-worker told me today that I look "cut".  I am going thru waves of excitement and nervousness today about the Tough Mudder. I got texts from Ellen earlier that said, "I'm no nervous I don't want to lose you." and "Don't let anyone try to convince you! (to do anything stupid) If my dad trys remind him of the grandchildren he wants someday." It is calming me down reassuring her I won't do anything too risky.

    Right now I am debating if I should skip my usual bicep/tricep workout to save my strength and keep from being sore Saturday. I am considering doing the 5:45am Spin class instead.

    Here is my quick summary since my last post:

    Sunday - Ran 10 miles with my friend and his girlfriend.

    Monday - I overslept and had to do my chest/back and shoulder workout in the evening. I cut down my rests and shaved 11 minutes of my workout. I had DOMS yesterday.

    Tuesday - I took our dog for a 2 mile run in 17:39 and he was panting for over an hour.

    Wednesday - I did a 3.17mi obstacle course workout at the park. Did two 400 ft sprints

    This morning. - Another 2 miles with the dog. Took it slowe this time finishing in 19:01 and then did 2 400ft sprints.

    For my weekly Thursday weight in I was at 170.0 and 13.5% body fat making today the leanest I have ever been. No 12 week challenge means no stopping any time soon. The crew is pretty sparse right now so I hope it is because everyone is out being active and enjoying the nice spring weather (in some places). It was 78 degree during my run last night and in the low 60s this morning. I doubt I will post again before Monday. I have tons to do to get ready for my in-laws coming into town tomorrow evening.

    Keep up the freaky!

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”