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  • Good Morning VICTORS!!

    Another Monday is HERE! Let's make it a wicked awesome week like Miriam Francis would say! One foot in front of the other...again and again and again. HA HA.

    (Donald and two amaze me. Just sayin....)

  • Morning Coffee crew.

    Week 6 of my challenge, Haven't missed one workout, now working out on sundays my free day. I do my workout and then have my free day to eat what I want. seeing the changes happening!!!!

    Donald~ Awesome you are amazing. keep up the great work.

    Opti~WELL DONE!!!!

  • hey, nice new look to the website.

    Howdy folks,

    So i fianally broke through a weight Plateau that i have had for MONTHS. i have hit 115 before, even hit 115.00 then went up. just havn'y been able to see a 114 at all. well this morning there it was 114.9. happy with that, and the last kg thats come off seems to have come off in one spot on my body 'cos i can see a difference there, just under the rib cage at the top where the abs are supposed to be.

    wish it was a bit higher on these manboobs... but Jenny says they shrinking so thast cool.

    went to Cf this morning, had my absolute worst strength exersize and then burpees, 21, 15, 9 thats 45 burpees, man they suck so mutch...

    anyways, my worst kind of workout ever. done, move on lets see what tomorrow brings.:-)

    seeing where i can now see where the weight has come off has made me think of the paper towel theory, layers comming off and you can't see it then suddenly you notice it one day. LOVELY feeling.

    anyways folks, don't all be so quiet.

    chat soon.

    Anne 6 weeks and on track, well done, Legsy, man you my hero in so many ways...

    where is run4life? i get worried when folks just go quiet...


  • The web and this web site for me was down for two days...not complaining...just could not chime in.

    Donald Gibbs great job on the weight movement...I have been on a plateau +/- 1 kilo myself for about a month. Frustrating at times...I have been at this weight about two years before...coming down from the high weight  and like this body hit a  plateau here for a while. My body must feel comfortable hang around at this weight for a while, just like an unwanted house guest! I think I was eating a little dirty over the past fortnight, but I am re-motivated to eat more cleanly till the end of C1 and beyond...hope that will help me punch through the weight hiatus.

    Well here is my BFL C1 update...10 days left till the end of this challenge. I am perfect with the workouts and since week five I have double up almost 100% of my workouts with an extra cardio every day.

    C2 will be staring me in the face starting on Apr 9th.

    Not sure how much I need to ‘actively rest’ between the two BFL cycles (about 10 days rest). I was thinking doing some light lifting on the same BFL schedule during that time (reduced weight but keeping the joints loose and then for cardio I was going to break out my endurance road bike and put some miles on the road. Bought it  last Oct, picked it up in Jan and the wrapper needs to come off now that it is hot outside 83 Degrees F and if my mental math is right 27.7 Degree C  for your northerners and overseas folks. This is crazy where I am at for this time of year.

    Anyway if you guys/gals have any advice on if/how much I should work out between C1 and C2 I would love the insight.

    I’ll give you an update on where I am at, when BFL C1 finishes. My charts and numbers won't be as respectable as BryonL's but I will at least try to make a good showing.

    Rock On Coffee Crew...I think of you guys every morning as I cruise through the local Tim Hortons drive through on my way to the freeway and an hour commute.

    All the best for now...less than ten hours of ‘official’ BFL work outs before I put C1 in the history books!

    It is amazing how fast it is flying by.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • BFL folks the new web site feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • donald--how the heck you go form 1 to 53, then 101???  And not even much recovery time betweent the 2 days?!!!  KNEW you could do it!!  I like how you thought you couldn't do 1, then did 5, then much more!  And that was funny when the ball hit your face!!  But that was a 20lb ball!!!  ouch!

    run4life--YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!!!!! For AR, I wouldn't lift anythign too heavy.  Getting out your endurance bike sounds great!

    So not only did our captain make 2nd place, but our team made 1st place out of all the other teams!! (excluding firefighters, they were seperate).  There's going to be pictures soon, hopefully the big group one.  Also found out that douche that barfed, was bragging earlier that he was the first to arrive for the carpool 2 hours early and was on the elliptical.

    I did too much on MOnday!  Went to school and I purposely parked at the very top of the ramp, 8th floor.  Right after class, I changed clothes and went steady state jogging and found some cool places to check out downtown, never realized they were this close to school.  as I was getting back i could feel my hip start to tighten.  The same hip that hurts when I go too long of a distance.  I climbed all 8 floors carrying all my bags and crap with ease.  Then decided to go to Ironman afterall 'cuz I knew everyone would be talking about the climb and I wanted to join the conversation.  We spent the first 15 mintues of class just talking the climb and Crossfit!  The trainer still gave us a really hard workout though.  Again, I couldn't do the number of reps written on the board, I also kept losing count when I get really exhausted.  Still came in last with reduced reps.  The trainer was telling the others how I do a wall climb after every class :)  That was cool, made me feel a little better about coming in last all the time.  then they were interested and asking questions.  I hope it inspires them to try one.  So I told him that I'm STILL practicing on doing a regular handstand.  He said he'd help me after class.  I was so excited that he offered his help!  So end of class comes, my hip is even tighter, the inside of my elbows are killing me from a series of TRX pullups and bicep curls.  Normally I would call it a day.  But I really wanted to accept his help.  

    He had me try going about it a couple new ways I hadn't tried yet, but I still couldn't quite get it.  Got a LITTLE bit higher.  He got up into a handstand very easily (against the wall) and then was doing handstand pushups!  I asked him how many he can do and he said he never tried to max out.  So I tried and tried, kicking up trying either leg.  He said what I really need is more power, to be more explosive when I kick up.  (sigh)  I've REALLY gotta nail this now so one day I can go to his class and tell him I did it!  (And you guys too!)  i left the gym limping.

    Today I'm so sore....  hope it's gone for boot camp tomorrow.  I say that every time!  How do you guys do your crossfit on consecutive days???  

  • Hey with a nice new look to the website. Cool

    Got a great UBWO and ab workout in this morning and ready to start my day.  I can't believe I just keep marking off these days.  It looked so intimidating seeing 84 days on the sheet at first, but the x's are quickly filling up the page!!!!! liking how the days go down and down, and then I'll be at the end of my challenge, and see the results.... =)

  • Well it's a new morning and my hip feels better but still got some major DOMS in at least 5 muscles.  I don't know if I should still try to go to boot camp and or just do a cardio HIIT.  Common sense is telling me NOT bootcamp...  but I love it so.  The weather is also incredibly beautiful and my fitness ventures and completely messy house are pulling me in opposite directions.  I'm also on call for jury duty, so that could change everything too.

    Made kabobs on the grill last night.  I hope to grill more today so I can sit outside in the great sunshine in shorts and tank top...  or maybe bikini top?  we'll see.It's like summer here right now even though it's march.

  • Donald - Talk about perceived limits vs actual! Way to push yourself and go to a new level. I am glad you broke past your platuea.

    OptiGirl - Rest those muscles. I think gaining strength and building muscle is the reason for the classes in the first place, right?

    AnneB - You seem way more motivated and dedicated this challenge. I am proud of you keep up the good work.

    Sunday I got to run with a friend from high school and his girlfriend. I recently found out that he is training for the Big D Half marathon. He suggested we should run together and I just so happened to have plans to visit my parents on his long run day. We decided to meet up at 8:30am to get out before it got too hot and be done before brunch at 11am. This was my first long run since the Cowtown Half 3 week ago. We kept it at a steady 11 min/mi for most of the way and I functioned as the pace leader because I have a GPS watch and usually train at a 10 min/mi. I planned out a route on google earth that was about 9.25 miles and it ended up being 9.5mi. Andrea and I stopped at 9 miles and Eric passed us and we shouted to him but he had his headphones on and ended up doing the full 9.5mi, his longest run so far. I think we are going to meet up next Sunday for 11 miles.

    Monday I overslept and had to do my Chest, Back, and Shoulders workout in the evening for the first time in 5 weeks. A huge storm was coming and I left work early to get our new chicken coop under our car port. We have not painted it yet and I didn't want to thee to ge wet. After that I got to the gym and pushed thru my workout. Nothing to write home about but I hit my 9s and some 10s. We ended up with about 7 inches of rain.

    Yesterday I set and new BFL HIIT and 5K treadmill PR today. Ellen went with me to the gym for the second time since she broke her wrist in late January. I was super excited by Ellen being there and from being able to do a long run without much pain 2 days ago. We got to the gym a little later than I planned and I wanted to do a BFL style HIIT workout since I had not done one since July. I got on the treadmill and started my 2 minute warmup at 5.0mph and bumped it up to 6.0 after a minute. In my first set of intervals I did 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0. On my second setI started at 6.0 and worked up to 9.5. I started the third set at 6.5 and worked up to 9.5 again. The final set I started at 6.0 and worked up to 11.0 for my peak minute. I did my last minute of the HIIT session at 5.0 and reached 2.6mi in 20 minutes. Ellen was on the elliptical behind me so I decided to keep going to 3.1mi. I slowly increased my speed and finished in 23:48. I was the sweatiest I have ever been on a treadmill and shaved 55 seconds off my best treadmill 5k time and went 0.11mi past my best HIIT workout back in April 2011 when I held on so hard the paint from the treadmill stuck to my hand.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Run4Life - I have only lost 9-11 pounds in a BFL challenge. I am sure your stats are better than mine. I think this post from Mike Harris, RIP, will help you with your 10 days of AR.

    Getting the Most out of Your Time Between Transformation Challenges

    by: Michael Harris 3/18/2007

    Are you planning another challenge after finishing the one you’re in now? If so, the material that follows should be of some interest and some help to you. It seems like roughly one-half of those who start and complete a 12 week transformation challenge are planning on going into another one in order to get into the shape that they want.

    The first thing I want to ask you–actually I’m begging you–is to NOT GO IMMEDIATELY from one challenge right into the next one without a break. Here’s why. Whether you really feel like it or not, a transformation challenge takes a toll on you. The early rising, strenuous exercising and relatively strict dieting are good for you–but over 12 weeks time they can also wear you out. You deserve AND NEED a week or more of rest before you get back into the gym. Think about this: If you go right from one challenge to another, what you’re really doing is taking a 24 week challenge. That’s nearly 6 months, and it’s longer than most should be doing. Most second and subsequent challenges that occur without a break between tend to be very unproductive and unhappy experiences. They also tend to be more often plagued by injuries, illnesses and overtraining effects.

    My favorite fitness author, Albuquerque attorney Clarence Bass, coined the phrase "active rest." That’s what you need to do between challenges. What you need to do, for at least one week and preferably two, is to stay clear out of the gym and away from the weight lifting routine entirely. And don’t worry about losing muscle mass, you won’t. The phenomenon called muscle memory will put you right back into the groove very quickly once you are rested. In fact, you might actually pick up some muscle mass due to the well-deserved rest. Your joints will thank you for it too.

    Instead of lifting weights, do one or two of your favorite non-resistance training types of exercises. I do lots of calisthenics such as pushups, pullups, and squat jumps. I also do some bike riding or stair climbing. I take very long walks with my dog. Others enjoy things like swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, or even chopping wood and heavy gardening activity. This gets you out of the old groove, works different areas of your body, and still gives you plenty of fat-burning and fitness forming activity.

    As for the diet, stick with the six meals a day. But, add in a bit of red meat if you are inclined, and experiment with some non-typical foods. This might be a good time to try a little of that natural peanut butter you’ve been craving. I eat a fair amount of non-tropical fruits and berries as carb portions during my rest periods. And I eat some lean red meat which has lots of creatine in it. Don’t make your two weeks off a two week free day or you’ll regret it.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I decided to just do the 20 min HIIT and NOT the bootcamp.  Even my HIIT was not stellar, but at least I did that.  Stretched loong time after that was done.  Yes, rest for my muscles is what I needed.  My next chance for a boot camp is early morning tomorrow.  We'll see.  Or maybe a BFL weight workout using the muscles that aren't sore, like abs, shoulder, quads, chest machine.  everything else hurts, even calves, and that's a weird one for me.

    No jury duty, made more kabobs and a couple chic breasts.  Too windy for a bikini so I wore my sweaty workout clothes to air them out while I grilled and read Clean Eating magazine ;)  Then got lots of stuff inside the house once the sun went down.

    Pretty good day :)

  • Optigirl...Donald Gibbs and group...

    You guys/gals really are inspiration...even when you are mega sore it is not like you say..."Oh darn it hurts...can’t work out...Oh well what's on TV..." Nope it is more like OK small road block what muscles can I work to detour the pain and move on down the road to fitness!”


    Just wanted to shout back to you and BrynL and say thanks for the ‘Betweener tips’ (C1-C2).

    After reading the info and suggestions I think I will definitely hit the bike hard and then perhaps some resistance workouts without weights. It is lonely 9 days 'off' between cycles.

    7 more workouts left in C1…Toot … Toot!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • howdy folks,

    Run 4 life, i always found that taking 2 weeks AR worked well. 1 week wasn't enough, and by taking 2 weeks i ended on a sunday and restarted on a Monday, and always had my free day on Sundays. it just helped me keep on track, not to much thinking, sundays free days, start on a monday so mon, wed, fr were always weight days, either UBWO or LBWO, Tue, Thurs Sat were always cardio. that was just what helped me keep ontrack.


     the last workout of the Crossfit games open was released yesterday. now the past 3 weeks have all been somethingi couldn't do, and each week by the close of the workout i had managed to do something i previously couldn't. i got cocky....

    this weeks workout is 45kg thrusters, so you lift the bar off the floor and go into a full squat (problem for me) then stand up and push the bar overhead fully locking out arms, shoulder etc, then you have to do a Chest To Bar pull up. so like a pull up but like the name suggests your chest MUST touch the bar, MUCH harder than a pull up.


    One of my goals on the wall at the gym is to do a pull up without an assistor band. and even with the bands i cant get my chest to touch the bar. IT SUCKS>>>


    so last night i went and did the workout. did the 3 thrusters so thats cool, did them propper for the 1st time, then the chest to bar... well i did my 1st ever pull up with no band, then i did my 2nd ever pull up no band. but no way in hell could i do the chest to bar. i wasnt even happy about the pull ups i was just super peed off that i couldnt get the C2B... man i wasnt even close, tried different grips, mixed grips i was still nowhere close.


    so guess what i'm practicing for the next few days...


    then while i'm in a world of misery trying to get up to the bar my trainer takes a pic...



    not the most flattering, and now i want one with my chest touching the bar!!!!


    chat soon folks, oh yeah scale is down again:-) will let you know what the weeks total is on sunday.




  • Donald Gibb - to me those weights look impressive.

    I hope in C2 I can get rid of my tinker toy weights and move up a little...inspiring for sure.

    I think you are right with my start of C2 on Apr 9...It will probably be on the 8th, Sunday to keep it easier to do...this will only be one week off from the end of C1 so perhaps my first week will be an ‘ease into it’ week perhaps even still weight free as it will be only 1 week off from the finish of C1. Might be too soon to really crack it up! I guess I am hung up on start close to the 9th for it is symbolic to me as a bunch of us started C1 and a ‘ Jan 9’ blog. So we 9-ers want to keep that date on the month as one with special meaning...felt compelled to keep the tradition going...

    Any way great advice Don and nice lifts and glad the body weight is trending down again for you!''

    Optigirl hope the muscles are all recovered now and kababs you mentioned in your last post sounds like a great idea...maybe tomorrow for me!

    all the rest here at the crew enjoy the weekend.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Donald - Nice action shot! Something Legs said a while back that Champster Michelle told her really helped me with pull ups. Focus on using your back muscle instead of your arms. Really feel the muscle work and move. I started doing wide grip pull ups 3 weeks ago as part of my obstacle course training. I could only do 1 on my first attempt. This morning I was able to 8 with maybe 2-3 of them chest to bar. You've got this! I know you have one or more chest to bars in you!

    run4life - I like seeing someone finishing C1 with the right mindset. Enjoy the AR because the Honeymoon phase is over in C2 and it will take alot of mental strength to do it. I started my current challenge on January 9th as well and have shed 6.5 pound of fat and 7 pounds of scale weight. I am not following BFL so my results are slow and I dont plan on taking a break until I take my week vacation to Colorado in June or July. My biggest peice of advice for you is to still follow the BFL nutriontion plan during AR. I say this because for me I end up repeating old habits or eating everything in sight. I gained back 3.5 pounds of fat after losing 12 at the end of my last challenge back in November. It took me 4 months to get back to where I left off. At the end of my first challenge I gained 5 pounds of fat in 2-3 weeks. Be careful to avoid having 9 free days in a row.

    Thursday morning I woke up before 5am. I laid in bed while Ellen got ready. I felt tired and too lazy to get out from under the covers. After laying for another 15-20 minutes I turned off the ceiling fan. A cold front came thru the night before and it was chilly inside. I ate half a banana and got dressed for the workout. We got to the gym at 5:35 so I decided to just to a 20 min HIIT workout. Ellen got on the Elliptical behind me. I did 2.6mi, same as tuesday, then went downstairs to stretch. I am working on stretching more to avoid another injury.

    I am LOVING doing intense short cardio right now. Before my training ended due to my knee my shortest runs were 5 miles. I have been focused only on endurance running since August. I have not ran an a 5k race since September. I started thinking maybe it would be better for me to run the Big D 5k instead of the Big D Half on April 15th so I can see how I have improved instead of shooting to run 13.1mi under 1:58 and risk another injury.

    This morning I slept in longer than I would have liked. I am only working 7 hours today and I can come and go to work when I please because we are closed on Fridays. One of our new chickens has been sneezing all week and now her eye is swollen shut and she is having trouble breathing. I decided to go to the feed store right next to my gym after my workout. I got some antibiotic mix to put in their water.

    I had a good workout. I picked up a NO Xplode from the gas station because the price with from $3.50 to $1.99 and each shot bottle lasts 2 workouts. I worked out my biceps and triceps and finished with the AB routine Legs told me about.

    Starting the week after the Big D I will be switching to running my new Vibram Fivefingers  Speeds and staring over from scratch working from 0.25mi to 8mi over 10 weeks. Ellen and I will also be doing a 4 week Primal Challenge and we bought the book from

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”