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  • Good morning, all!

    Way to go, Legsy!!!!  A new set of numbers to savor!!!

    Run4Life--Burpees are the devil.  I did both burpee challenges with Donald.  Gotta say I survived them both.  Hated them a little less after the 50 burpees for 50 days.  They are a GREAT overall body exercise.  I still incorporate them from time to time.

    Donald--Rest up.  Take care of that injury.  I love to hear your success on the RNG.

    Bryan--Good luck with the half.  I'm sorry you won't be doing the full.  Let me know how the Tough Mudder is.  I'm a little anxious about that.  Your excess skin is looking much better!  I think your pics are great.  Way to keep pushing yourself!

    Happy Birthday to Mo a day late.

    Since starting contest prep, I have lost 6.5lbs in 5 weeks.  I'm hoping to see another pound this week.  All my clothes are getting pretty darn loose.  My posing shoes came in yesterday, and I love them!  So does my daughter!!!  Now to find that perfect bikini...

    Keep fighting for what you want.  We've got this.


  • Is this still the official morning crew site?  That is, those working out in the early morning?

  • howdy folks,

    achilles is feeling MUCH better. no i wont start running or skipping yet, i DO NOT want to try nurse that sort of injury. and the worst is that i had entered the "round the bays" run on Sunday. 8.6km with about 70 000 people entered. apparently a big festive fancy dress social get together, now i can't even walk it.:-(

    workout today...


    Weighted Push ups.

    so you get into push up position, they put weight plates on your back and you do push ups, i did 45kg weights. need to get more than that, thats been my PB for a while.

    So after doing those push ups we then do this...

    6x Power Cleans

    6 x deadlift

    6 x burpees

    6 x push ups

    8 min as many rounds as possible...

    Who the hell thinks of doing weighted push ups, then burpees followed by push ups.

    and then every time i get to the push ups the trainer is standing there telling me exactly how to do the push ups. so he insists that on the down cycle my hips must be the last part of the body to touch the ground and on the up part the hips must be the 1st to leave the ground. OMG, i nearly died. WTF???? that makes it SO MUCH harder. chest out head up look in front of you hips up, but not too high, keep back straight. i swear the push ups were worse that the burpees, and if you know me you kno whoe BIG that statement is. ok maybe not worse but bloody close.

    and i STRETCHED a lot after the workout, not falling for that again.

    good to see everyone in here, chatting and keeping active. love teh vibe in here.

    RNG down again today so cant wait for sunday weigh in...

    Cheers folks.

  • Legs - That last pic of you on your profile is seriously ripped!  My word.  Best wishes in your competition

    Donald - Sorry to hear about that achilles.....take care of that's going to happen right?  (-:

    So I said I wouldn't be such a stranger....not doing so good on that promise.  Anyway, here's a few rambling the watermelon and spit out the seeds!  (-:

    I was thinking about so many posts I've read since I've been on the site in the last 2 years about those needing to keep motivated and my own struggle with it as well.  I wonder if 'wanting to get motivated' is really all about being amused.  Are we really saying, "I want to be entertained."  Someone please entertain me so I can get off my rear and make some changes.  We'll work out as long as we are entertained.  As long as it's fun.  As long as it doesn't become uncomfortable or pull me out of my comfort zone.  Why are we such a society of entertainment addicts?  I can't even walk through Wal-mart without at least 10 videos screens entertain me (well, actually we all know it's so that we buy more stuff, but I digress).  I understand that we all need 'warm fuzzies' but if that is all my workout program is founded on, then the moment it is no longer amusing I'll find my 'warm fuzzy' in some cotton candy.  I know there's more to it than that, but I can't help think this when I hear people say, "I just need some motivation."

    After an American history lesson with my daughter not that long ago, I was thinking about the concept of self-government.  Any successful society must have a society based on self-government.  If I won't govern myself, then an outside source has to do it for me.  How many times has my (or your) workout program lacked this trait?  If I can put the burden of getting out of bed in the morning on my hubby or make a friend the food police, etc, etc., then I am not governing myself....controling myself....and therefore my program is doomed to fail.  Donald and I started in a group of I can't really remember....20?....only to finish our 12 weeks with just the two of us..

    Like so many I can go in the cycle of 3 to 6 months of being entertained only to fall into the abyss of "it's not fun anymore".  Now, being pregnant, believe me....I'M NOT ENTERTAINED!  (This nausea can't last forever!)  He he.  I still need to get up, do some kind of workout, eat right and govern myself.  Otherwise in 7 more months I'll have lost all the foundation that BFL has given me.  And I certainly don't want to face the wrath on the
    Donald way!  So far, so good.  I know the biggest challenge will be after the baby is born.  But I'll cross that hurdle when I come to it.  Right now, just do what I need to do for THIS day. 

    Take care everyone!



  • Good Morning and Happy Friday freaks!

    MikeC - where ya been dude?! :) Still us here...still rolling along. WeeEEEeeee!

    Donald - reading about the real way to do a push-up has me wondering how exactly I do them. A person just does, some days without thinking of form. I'm going to try one like you do this morning for kicks.

    Bonwitty - great to see you here too! Glad all is well. We miss you around this house! Take care of you!

    Gotta run - BIG date with some iron down the street!


  • Michelle-NE - TM will be all about just getting thru it and enjoying the moment I think. I have a shockproof/waterproof camera and I might take pictures along the way. Congrats on the weight loss. Are posing shoes transparents high heels?

    MikeC - This is a forum for everything and everyone.

    Legs - I have plan to have a healthy active weekend. I went to a new place in town last night a had some amber/brown carbs. On the third one I decided "no thanks" and just left it. This morning I felt like crap and felt a little cotton mouthed. I decided no beer until Easter (maybe longer). It does not mix well with my lifestyle and it is a roadblock to my long time goals.

    Bonwitty - Motivation: I think there are two different types of motivation (maybe even more). One type is the minimize pain and maximize pleasure side of motivation. The other is the desire type, reaching for the goal/ideal/state of being. Most people combine the two for the initial motivation. Setting a goal makes you accountable and achieving the goal provides confidence/self-worth. The means to reaching the goal can be something that is a low-pain high pleasure way (weight watchers anyone?) but in the long run it is slowing you down.

    Intrinsic Motivation: The incentive to undertake an activity based on the expected enjoyment of the activity itself, rather than external benefits that might result.

    Extrinsic motivation: The performance of an activity in order to attain an outcome.

    The two question are:

    What motivated you? (Reasons)

    What are your goals? (Results)

    In the case of the motivation we need for BFL I believe Extrinsic Motivation is more helpful. You can learn to enjoy the activity and enjoy the "pain".

    I made a post-it note that sits in my cubicle in 2008. It says, "Willpower is the spearhead of self-discipline." The I just put down a list of words:








    No Excuses

    Peace, Love, and Respect (Think about these as they apply to your our body and negative thoughts and emotions)

    When you learn to live outside of your comfort zone it can become almost addicting. You begin to wonder/think, "alright I did it, what can I do next?"

    Me personally, I could have stopped and felt content in September of 2009 when I had my last training session and reached my goal my trainer set of 190lbs. I had just bought a house, I had been dating my girlfriend for 3-4 months, I was about to win $100 in my families biggest loser challenge. I was "comfortable" but I was not satisfied. For 18 months I had been focused on the scale and lost 55-60 pounds but I was not at the shape I had imaged I would be at my goal. I began to search online for a new training plan. I found the workout plan Brad Pit did to get in shape for fight club. I joined bodyspace, the social profile part of I lost another 5 pounds the next month. I bought a body fat monitor and realized I had lost 10 pounds of lean body mass during my weight loss. I searched article upon article about how to gain muscle mass until I came across a article called "How I won the 2003 Body-For-Life challenge." I joined the BFL site and posted in October 2009 in the guestbook (pre-forum days) that I was thinking about starting a challenge and someone told me on the . "Make sure to get the book!". Man that book was motivating. It was as if Bill was speaking to me. I decided to start a challenge between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I think I went on a ramble within a ramble there but my point is to challenge yourself to set realistic measurable goals and think/live outside your comfort zone.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Bonnie and Bryon thanks for posting.

    Your post really got me thinking…

    I often wonder why I picked the BFL book/program up again after seeing it and failing 5-7 years ago. Actually not sure exactly how long ago it was. Funny how your mind won’t let you remember failure (non-success)…I think that is a good thing right!

    I think the reason I failed at BFL the first time was that I did not have good self-control – going one to push me…too weak to push myself! I had a goal in mind that I wanted to achieve, after all who wouldn’t want those end product bodies; but back then I was not willing to pay the price.

    I am not really sure what my end product body will be now but I know it will not be defined by the end of C1…onward and upward.

    For me Bryon I think you are right…a lot of my motivation lately comes from a feeling of “been there, done that…now what is next.”

    I actually do see this as a challenge…can I beat this thing…to the best of my ability by actually finishing it as pure as possible this time. Come to think of it my other physical goals have all been challenges similar to that. Can I really run that far at this age? Can I really bike that far? Can I really do that? My teenage daughter is starting to push me in those categories! I just think it is cool that she wants to hang out with her ‘old man!’

    I think that keeps me motivated…perhaps that is entertaining as well…I know I have gone from running to biking to weight lifting (relatively new to me), to a combination and back. I guess variety is the spice of life!

    I guess in the end the BFL cycle this time for me has given me an unsettled feeling in my gut. I do not mean that in a bad way. It has got me to realize that when I thought I was pushing myself before (with the event goals I had set for myself in the past) that I might not have been…at least not to the fullest…perhaps it is like weight lifting…I should be interested in seeing how far I can push myself, almost to the point of failure…

    Sometimes when you mountain climb, you just cannot make it to the summit. It doesn’t take away from the experience; it just means you might have to come back another day to crest the peak!

    I thought I had that before, but not like I am feeling now…perhaps that is that confidence thing that Bryon alluded to in his post.

    Anyway thanks for helping me reflect on why I am here!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • "Maybe the quest is what matters most, not the outcome."

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Wow. That was deep run4life. I like it.

    A big part of the people who succeed and remain a success with BFL is due to the fact, they never settle. They accept that a challenge will always be around the corner. They are ready. Prepared, or at least willing to prepare. Plan.  There is no end to is life altering and a continuous whirl of better and better - physical, but more importantly mental.

    Your wheels are spinning as you contemplate. With all that happening, your body will be changing right along with it.

    That is power.


  • Memories are made along the way. If we were to instantly get all we wish for...what would a person remember. What stories would there be to tell.

    Our goals turn into past accomplishments, as we make new goals - only to achieve and surpass them, turning them into hurdles behind us on our personal track. You see them ahead, run to them, then clear them and leave them in your dust.

    The journey, the quest as Bryan says...THAT matters the most. On so many levels.

  • ...and the friends you meet along the way!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • WOOP!

    Cheers to friends! :)

    Looks like the site is getting an upgrade over the weekend.

    Hope ya'all have a great weekend. Keep it clean and come back with no regrets Monday morning!

    I personally have a UBER great arm workout tomorrow then a leg day Sunday.

    I really wanted to break out the blades as the weather is fabulous here now - +8 tomorrow. Yes that is Celcius. Probably still cold for you foreigners. ;) But a big fat NO from my trainer. Tip to anyone wanting to tone/build their quads...GO BLADING! lol. I need to remain the same and not get mine any bigger the next 20 days. Boo. Not that they are big, it's just the rest of my leg needs to catch up. I think that is why anyways.  But after that -'ll see me whizzing down the streets with a bag of apples around my neck. All flavors too! HA HA.

    OK - time to hit the treadmill for some extra funtime.


  • aw man, donald, is that the race you signed up for like 8 months ago?  I'm so sorry you can't walk it either.  With all these races I've started up lately, I figure there will be a time where I will have to miss one I already paid for.  Also, those pushups you did sound BRUTAL!!!

    i had to do about 50 pushups last bootcamp in various forms (pushup then walk sideways on all 4's, then pushup with inchworm, then later burpee w/pushup AND box jump) and I thought THAT was bad!  I had DOMS for a few days after that.

    Bryan and (was it michelle or malena)--you guys doing a tough mudder soon:  I belong to their facebook page and love looking at the pictures!!!!  I'm very curious how that 'shock treatment' goes!!!  Everyone says it's not as bad as it looks but I don't know what to even compare the feeling too.  Or how they get through it if it knocks you to the ground.  Also that cold freezing water--I want to hear all about it!!! :)   Someday I think I may sign up for that, but only if I had a group to go with.  I don't think it's something I'd do all by myself.  I know strangers would help me over that big wall, but still, it wouldn't be the same at the finish line (if I made it that far) without comrades.

    i'm about to get ready for my stair climb which is this forenoon.  I raised a total of $125, which is cool since my minimum was 100.  I don't know about getting pictures, 'cuz I'm not going to bring my camera up with me and all the other people on my team are just aquaintances, I don't know them that well.  I'm hoping they take some kind of group picture and put it on the gym's facebook.  That would be sweet 'cuz then I could share and save it from there.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • where is everyone this weekend?

    stair climb went great!!  much easier than I thought.  I went slow and steady and before I knew it, I was at the top.  One of the guys on our team was puking about 2 floors from the top.  He's a fit guy, but took it too much too soon.  he eventually made it to the top but had a bad time record.  (You could hear him retching as the sound reverberated throughout the stairwell).  I felt bad for him but then he said, "It's ok, I know I'm in better shape than all the rest of you.  So my time doesn't matter."  I thought he was joking, but someone else on our team said, "Nah, he's just a douche."

    The captain of our team, who is also a personal trainer and teaches some of the boot camps, got 2nd place out of EVERYONE!! almost 1600 people did the climb.  I came in at #842 I think.  13 minutes and 46 seconds.  I found the webpage this morning with the times and now can't find it anywhere.  I wonder if they had to correct it...

    i hope to go for a steady state jog tomorrow after school downtown near the riverwalk.  Then I'm doing a regular boot camp class in place of Ironman that evening.  It's at a different time and Ironman will still be there next week.

    My whole last week of workout schedule and eating was off in anticipation of the climb.  Now I can get back to more of my routine again.  After the climb yesterday I ate lots of unauthorized frozen dairy product...and it wasn't my free day :(  Have to get past that, this week is a new week!  Week 5 for me!

  • Howdy folks,

    BONNIIEEEE!!! sp glad you still lurking:-) hows the morning sickness etc going? getting any uncontrollable cravings yet, like banana's and Peanut butter? (actually that sounds pretty nom nomish.)

    I think people want t be entertained working out, thats why you get these treadmills with T.V's in them, and big flat P.C's in gyms all over the place.

    Loved your post and Bryans answers, some really good stuff right there.

    Opti, WELL DONE!!!! you did it. and if i may i'd like to 2nd what someone said, that dude is a douche. he ended up in a pool of puke, doesn't make me think he is fitter than you, even if he is. sheesh just be happy for everyone else and learn from the experience...

    Jenny did teh run yesterday on her own, I'm SO proud of her. 8.6km, she did it in 1 hour 20 min, with no training at all. how cool is that.:-)

    our games workout this week was 150 Wall balls, 9 double unders then Muscle ups.

    Now i have done wall balls before, but scaled, for the games there is NO scaled option, the movement starts with a full squat. hips below the knees, then stand up and throw a 20 pound medicine ball to hit a line on the wall 10 feet high. catch ball repeat.

    so i was pretty pee'd off about this, i dont have 1 legal squat to my name in 8 months of CF, so i went in on saturday hoping for one. thats all i wanted was one.

    1st 2 minutes i was going i had a medicine ball under my backside(not allowed as it may assist) but my butt wasn't touching it and none of thoses reps were being counted anyway. so after about 2 min i feel a joyous sensation, better than a massage, better than any other body sensation(yeah even THAT) i feel my butt touch the medicine ball. YEEHA!!! so i do it again, and it touches again. kick the ball to the side, try again i hear the dude counting for me say yep, i throw the ball, its over the line, he says ONE!!!

    HAHAHAHAHA i have just done my 1st legal squat at Cf and i have hit my goal, i get to post a score for the workout, even just a 1, its better than nothing. then he says lets do 5. i get to the 5th one as i throw the ball Sue(that 62Y.O dynamo) walks past and says you can do 50. i almost burst out laughing, the ball hit me in the head cos i looked at her instead of the ball. :-) so i get 10, my counter says lets do 50.

    I ended up with 53. its a PATHETIC score, really weak, but so much more than i was expecting. i thought, ok, i'm sure i can do better, then i thought nah, goal set, achieved, move on. Then my sister sent me a message saying she did 60. &^%$& now i MUST do it again!!!!

    Went and did it this morning and ended up with 101 :-)

    now you must realise that most folks are doing ALL the wall balls and then also doing the 90 Double unders, so they post a score of 240, my 101 is really low, but it's a HUGE victory for me, 4th week in a row that i have done a personal best in the workout!!!

    I enetered these games for a laugh, to learn a bit, and they have pushed me every single week, made me do better every singl eweek, do things i have never done before.

    Also made me realise i CAN push harder, do more.

    oh yeah.

    I also lost 1.8kg last week.

    must have something to do with that medicine ball hitting me at speed repeatedly, think it hit the *** out of me. :-)

    Now, can someone go fetch me a coffee please, legs are so stuffed i can't walk properly...