BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Howdy folks,

    wow so many REALLY good posts lately. i just love reading the honest insightful questions and answers and observations in here. i would rather listen to you folks in here than 99% of the so called "proffessionals" out ther, simply because you folks are walking the walk, you been in my shoes, you understand the mind games, the body issues the compulsive eating, the whole 9 yards...

    so the last workout for the games had Toes To Bar in them, i have done ONE before, so i was not looking forward to this. the 1st time i did the workout i did the 1st round, so 15 box jumps, 12 shoulder press and 9 T2B, the T2B took me 9 minutes to get 9, how pathetic is that, then i did the 2nd round and ended with 6 T2B.

    so after much thought, research, extra stretching, warming up etc i tried again on sunday, this time i di 2 full rounds plus i got in 2 T2b in the 3rd round, so i went from 69 reps to 101, real happy with that. not where i should be but a real good improvement so i was happy with that, now we all pretty sure that one of the next 2 workouts will have double unders in it, a double under is a move wher you skipping and the rope must pass under your feet twice for every jump you make.

    my best is 12 in a row, then 10. havnt come close to that for ages.

    we had them in the workout today, 6 rounds of deadlifts x 12 with 180 pounds, 8 ring dips and 20 DU.

    the 4th round I GOT 20 IN A ROW, WOOHOO!!!! 5th round i got 18. YES YES YES YES!!!!

    6th round i never got more than 3 in a row. HAHAHAHA just how it rolls with them.

    So, 2 weeks ago i did a PB with Snatch, and did that weight 22 times in a row in a workout, last week i finally got Toes to bar and did them in a workout and this week i finally got 20 DU in a row. not world leading stuff but personal best's. i'll take that....

    on a side note i went to judge yesterday mid day, Sue, the 62 Y.O did that workout with the T2B again.

    This is a 62 Y.O grandmother, she SMASHED it, she did over 9 rounds, i did 101 reps and was happy, she did 321 reps in the same time, #1 in the world so far. she came 2nd in the 1st workout, and has come 1st in the next 2 by a long way. then when all the scores were in and she saw she came 1st, she was like a 3 year old in a candy store, she was so excited, happy, jumping around smiling so big if she never had ears her head would of split in 2.

    She is my idol, i want to be that active at that age, i want to have a passion that gets me THAT excited, THAT happy. man i love seeing her workout, i went in just to see her do the workout. took an hour off work, and it's the best hour of the month so far.

    she has found her passion and she is following it. THAT is so cool. GO SUE!!!!

    Cheers folks.


    That's a 62 YO woman doing Toes To Bar. that was her last set so by now she has done over 17 minutes of a grueling workout, and yet she made those look easy.  

    when i did them they looked a LOT less gracefull. HAHAHA hell they didnt even look like the same exercise. :-)


  • Man you guys and gals are amazing. You are so far beyond me that I am not really sure at this point what I can contribute to the posts...

    I just want to say that you folks continue to inspire me…love the inspiration posts…sayings and humor!~

    I am 1/2 way through week ten on my first BFL and I would not be here without you and several other blogs...tried it bout 5~7 years ago and stopped at week three…back then it was so much easier to just eat hot dogs and drink beer!

    ...not celebrating prematurely...just saying eating could have been a little purer over these 12 weeks (net calorie intake I did fine but the quality at times could have been better), but I have not missed a work out yet and in fact from weeks 5 on I have doubled up on cardio workouts to enhance my calorie burn.

    Not sure how Crossfit fits into all this BFL stuff that you folks have been blogging about but I have hit the website and it does look intriguing.

    For me for now ...finishing BFL C1 will be a pleasant goal completed...then start C2 Apr 9 (after about 9 days of lower intensity break between C1 & C2)...then on to the summer for four fun running and cycling events that my teenage soccer playing daughter feels she can kick my hinee all over the track...actually today she punched me in the gut and said “I think I felt something hard under that reduced belly of yours.”  I noticed a nervous twitch in her eye when she said it...I think she knows there is a new sports competition in the household.

    Anyway thanks for continuing to inspire....15 more work outs till the  end of C1 where does the time go.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • run4life...

    YOU are thye one that's inspirational. To be in week 10!!! you know how many quit before that point?  you do the next 2 weeks and you in the top 15% of BFL starters, propably even higher than that. you got 15 more workouts left, thats nothing, EASY to do, make each one count.:-)

    well done... LOVE a finisher, thats so cool...

    Cross fit doesnt really fit in here at all. it's just something i started doing after doing a few BFL challenges. and i would NEVER EVER have started doing anything like CF if it wasnt for what BFL did for me.

    i still think that BFL is the only reason why i am not in the deep deep hole i was in. BFL and the amazing folks in the crew...

    this is a good place to be, post here more often, you will learn a lot, and the folks in here keep you going... well they did for me.

    Congrats. real proud of you for getting this far. now punish the last 2 weeks. :-)


  • Donald Gibbs - Thanks....I know what you mean.

    I have dropped weight before and have been in good shape several times through long distance running training. Did a several marathons and after all that training and the race I felt great and each time I swore I would never go back to my old life style only to return. That happened several times...I think BFL could be the thing to break the cycle...I do see it as a life style change. Like Crossfit, this summer I have some running and biking tha twill force me to modify my cardio. I think it will fit in nicely.

    Last year I did a long bike ride with my daughter and met one of the 'Biggest Loser champions on the ride. A very humble guy who was great and very willing to share his life lessons....just like here.

    Made me feel like family.

    Anyway, I am definitely here for the long haul.

    I hope to bring my wife along for C2...I think Legs Optigirl and others will help me inspire my wife to join the party.

    Hey, I think for the break in between C1 and C2 I might even try some Burpees...

    fun thing...I was watching a Reebok TV commercial lately and was watching folks doing exercises in the commercial when I realized halfway through the commercial they were doing Crossfit exercises...

    small world.

    Anyway thanks Don and I know I will finish C1 strong...planning to make it a perfect workout misses!

    All the best for now!~

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Good MoooOOorning!

    Donald - amazing. You nailed that WOD again! I am so proud of you! Toes to bar is HARD DUDE! I need to try that again. I can't even come close and it is NOT pretty to watch. ha ha.

    I too enjoy your humor. I love the part about not having ears, and a smile so big her head would be in half.

    Smiles are awesome. They start on the inside, and break out at the mouth. :D

    Run4Life - I couldn't have said it better than Don. YOU are an inspiration. Finishing one challenge is HUGE. Not many do it....not many have it in them. All sucked back into the vortex of comfortableville.  I am proud of you. BFL is by far the best program and is one that can be life changing. Ongoing. It is a great foundation. You keep it up, and you will soar to heights you never fathomed. Some of the Crew met close to 3 years ago, and man, we are all doing some funky things - we have confidence now, energy, we don't care what others think if we look goofy as we workout, we talk to ourselves at the gym, we hear voices, we order clean at restaurants, we wake up and wonder what our workout will be, we fall asleep thinking about our good health, we notice good food and crap, we are on FB as yet another family....there are SO many benefits.

    I think today might be the day you try 5 burpees. Just sayin.... ;) Let me know if you like how it feels. Once we have you doing 5, we will start bugging you about eating sardines, doing planks, and getting your first handstand photo on here. THAT"S RIGHT! We have a short initiation list - no deadline really, just alot of fun. We know you can, that's the thing....we want YOU to test yourself and be proud of you too.

    Keep posting, stay in the loop here. LET US SEE YOU TRANSFORM of your head and your body. :) We all love dressing up and playing cheerleaders!

  • I had an unexpected 4 day weekend. I am excited to see I have multiple pages to catch up on in the forum.

    Donald - That 62 year old CrossFitter is inspiring. Half of the CF lingo is foreign to mee but seeing that picture really helps. 3

    Michelle-NE - I am glad you posted. It is nice to have a group with the same origins doing different paths to fitness. You are doing a competition and Tough Mudder, that is pretty amazing,

    OptiGirl - That is pretty cool they are having a class for obstacle courses at your gym. I am hoping my minimal training with be enough. I have trouble maintaining but I am good at changing. You have an advantage. The key is to get to a place you want to maintain. I feel like I am either moving forward or backwards. That is why I am always training for a new race/event or doing a challenge. The past 7 months have been a journey towards continuous success and not just 3 steps forward over 12 week and 2 step back the next 3-4 weeks. There is a reason I have my workouts planned out until the End of July.

    run4life - You are on the right path. So many people get excited about other things and move away from BFL by the book. It is nice to have 1 or 2 challenge completed before you move on to other challenges. Keep up the good work.

    I had a great weekend! Our house had slowly turned into a horrible mess since Ellen broke her wrist. I spent my Friday off cleaning and doing dishes. Ellen and I cleaned Saturday morning/early afternoon until her parents got there. We we out to dinner with both our sets of parents Saturday night. Sunday I worked all day on building a chicken coop with my father-in-law. We did not finish so I took off yesterday to get more done. It was a long 4 day weekend and being at work I feel like I can relax and finally sit down. I did not get to run with her dad due to rain so now it is 15 days off from running.

    I took progress pics on Friday. I could see a difference even though I drank a margarita the night before. I decided to take my "loose skin test" poses pictures too. Unknowingly the last time I did it was 3-6-11 so It was a year update. I go back and forth thinking one day my skin will tighten up or thinking it is just a scar I will never get rid of from being obese for 10+ years.

    I am currently in an endless challenge. It started on January 9th and I am taking progress pic the 9th of each month.

    3-6-11 173lbs 17.3% body fat
    3-9-12 169.4lbs 14.8% body fat

    Here is my original post from a year ago.

    Posted by on 5 Mar 2011 10:53 AM

    "I do my best to hide it and I started my first challenge only focused of getting rid of it. I am now going to show something I have been keeping to myself. I went from 246 to 172 in 21 months. I focused on losing weight about a pound a week because I heard losing more than 2 pounds a week is unhealthy and will lead to excess skin. I am on my third challenge and feel it is time to open up about something I have tucked away for too long.

    Any advice from personal experience would be greatly appreciated..."

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • aaahhhhh you guys are great!  great pics, I wish I could have seen Sue's face when she lit up!!  Bryan, those last 2 pics took me awhile to figure out what angle the shot was taken.  Now I get it.  In all your other pics, I never noticed extra skin, not until now when you pulled it out.

    so I looked in the mirror yesterday, asking myself what do I want to change more than I want it to stay the same?  Well I don't like how my belly sticks out farther than my boobs.  So that's a big motivator.  I' m skinny now, but still a protruding belly.

    Went to Ironman last night and wondered why I'm here again.  We had a circuit of 50 walking lunges, 50 jump rope, 50 V-ups, 50 purpees, then 25 of 8 more exercises.  Get done, then repeat from the start until time is up.  

    I'm horrible horribly with V-ups.  They are an ab exercise where you lay onthe floor, arms above your head.  Then raise your upper half and lower half so you make a V.  I modified and basically did a crunch with my legs kinda bent.  I looked like a crooked U.  Even with my modifications, I couldn't get to 50 in a timely manner so I skipped ahead to the next thing which was burpees.  It seemed everyone else did all 50 with barely any breaks!!!  I got to round 2 and did maybe 20 sucky V-ups, then 35 burpees.  There wasn't really an ending time on the clock, so I just stopped when the person b4 me finished.  Felt defeated.  

    So I need to work on V-ups.  Abs in general.  Toes to bar is mainly an ab move right?  I'm really afraid to try them now.

    Got DOMS all over again.  Had them for most of last week.  I felt my hamstring pull during warmup, but today it's fine.  Maybe I should try that foam roller business.  Our boot camp trainers are warning us to take it easy b4 this Saturday when the stair climb is.  

    Tomorrow is the obstacle course boot camp and hope my DOMS are gone then.  I even heard them talking about possibly installing monkey bars from the rafters in the near future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):) yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh to those CrossFit Fitness Gods and Godesses on Coffee Crew Mt. Olympus.

    Legs – I love the way you warmed me up to trying on some of the CrossFit exercises. “I think today might be the day you try 5 burpees. Just sayin.... ;) Let me know if you like how it feels. Once we have you doing 5, we will start bugging you about eating sardines, doing planks, and getting your first handstand photo on here.”

    …just a gentle nudge…that is what I need sometimes...especially to venture out of my comfort zone!

    So I did my UPWO…felt a little weaker this week (yesterday)…but I had great lifts (for me anyway) last week so I figure maybe my body is saying hey a little time out here today. After my UPWO, I decided that Legs is right I should try some Burpees (sounds like candy right and I am sure I would like it!). After all I saw the exercise videos on Crossfit and how hard can it be…I think it is one of the basic exercises on Crossfit.

    Well OK so I thought BFL was getting me fit. Working the legs, the arms, the core and the Burpee seems like it does all three in one. Long story short…for me it was much more physically intense than I thought it would be and I am glad Legs did not nudge me into trying ten right away.

    I am sure if I videoed my Burpee technique and compared it the the Crossfit video…folks would be scratching their head and saying …’I don’t think so…not sure if you are doing that right.” Anyway…I am keeping it in my routine and will work on perfecting it ….got to start somewhere.

    It was humbling and I am now realizing how physically strong you Crossfit-ers really are – a humbling experience.

    I think BryonL is right. I will complete BFL C1 then C2…still dropping body weight. I am please where I am heading but have more work to do. I did not wreck this body overnight and I will take a little more time in the body shop before I can get it back out on the race track of life. I cannot wait for the day when people will say…”Wow look at that paint job!” Legs with your upcoming completion…you gotta be getting’ those kind of comments.

    I will interject Crossfit a little bit at a time during this activity. I hope by June to be around my target weight. Not hung up on a specific number but more on a % BF and feeling strong. Then in the summer I have endurance activity events. I developed a motivational 'bulletin board' (page in my case) like Optigirl and  if I ever frigure out how to post photos on this site I will post it up so you guys can keep me true to the activities.

    Thanks for keeping me motivated group and I hope is goin well for you guys.

    All the best this week!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • A huge hello and huge congrats to all my friends still commited to doing your best! knock my socks off!!

    L I f t.  H e a v y

    Happy pants..

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

  • Howdy Folks,

    Run4life... Dude the folks you see in the You Tube Video's are propably the top10% of athletes doing CF. Believe me my burpees look nothing like anything you ever seen on youtube. i suck at the things, i HATE the things, it must be my #1 worst exersize ever. first time i did them was in my 2nd challenge in here, Mo, the hero who started this link, had a challenge with the young kids she coaches at school. it was to start at the 1st of the month and do 1 burpee, then on the 2nd do 2 burpees, then 3 on the 3rd, 4 on the 4th etc. 1st half of the month was ok, then they starte dto SUCK.  A LOT!!!. an ddoing them after an UBWO is also a bit mental :-) but well done for doing them, do 5 a day for a week, :-) then try do them better/fatser/then add more HAHAHAHA. pure evil right there.

    ok so after my celebrations 2 days ago at getting 20 DU in a row my achillies started getting a bit sore, ended up barely able to walk yesterday, been told NO jumpy, runny thingies at all. ho wmuch does that suck???? so had an ice pack on them all day yesterday, (got from my trainer so had one on and one in the freezer) and today its feeling MUCH better.

    WOOHOO. yeah yeah i know i will take it easy, i do NOT want to blow an achillies, that would put me out for months...

    but feeling better... then MO asked me the question i have been avoiding..... did you stretch AFTER your workout? nope i did before then left... my bad, learn from my stupidity, stretch out before AND AFTER your workouts, avoid injury.:-)

    Jeff, still think you got the nest name ever!!!! no music video? think you should pop one on for Legsy :-)

    gotta run, chat soon...

    Legsy, THANK YOU!!!!

    oh yeah scale going down slowly :-) feeling good about that.:-)

  • Donald Gibbs - that is a good Idea - 1 burpee per day, repeat and add one for the next day.

    I think I wil try that for the start of my C2...hold me too it OK...I might regret it by ...oh...say day five.

    Take care of that achilles. I run with a neighbor who got me into running and a couple years ago he tore his. The doctor told him to totally stop running for at least 6 months. I really forget how long we was down...but even now, several years later, when he runs he doe not push to the max for fear of causing himself even more damage.

    Sounds like you have a plan to get it on the mend.

    Just finished my 45 minute cardio elliptical...12:25 am...

    ...any of you guys on the Coffee Crew need a wake up call.

    All the best for tonight crew and thanks!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hello freaks!


    Run4Life doing his first burpees. I KNOW! The bastards are HARD! That is why we need to do them. Not every day IMHO, but often. A few. Get the heart pumping. I'm real proud of you for even trying them. It says heaps about who you are, and your mindset. Keep that up and you will get some fantastic results dude.

    Donald - take care over there. Strettccccchhhhh! but not too deep on the calves. :)

    Jeff - wow. I feel like Royalty popped in today. So glad to see you 'here'. ;) You are a LEGEND!!

  • Bryan my friend - you are doing, have done AMAZING the last couple years. YOU are persistant and a constant source of motivation for me, and many. Charts and all. ;)

    I admire you on so many levels. Keep up the great work.


    Optigirl - Apparently losing 80+ pounds over 21 months (0.8-1 pound a week) will still leave you with loose hanging skin. It is slowly getting tighter. I think the main reason for it taking so long is because I was obese for 10+ years not just a short time like a 9 month pregnancy. Progress not perfection. The RNG has been VERY good to me for the past 6 weeks.

    run4life - You have the right mindset. Enjoy the weight loss part because it gets harder once the weight is gone. I can see you going into freak mode to maintain your body and keeping an active lifestyle.

    Donald - Make sure you nurse that injury. It really sucks to scale back for a while but it is better than being out of commission in recovery for a long time.

    Legs - You are a superstar! Following your progress the past 6 months has helped me reset my thinking beyond the 12 weeks. Seeing new numbers on the RNG is priceless. YES YOU CAN!

    The 15 days of not running is over. Anybody remember when I was denying I love running like 6 months ago? Well I will admit it now. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Running is fun because no matter your age you can always improve. I viewed my time off as "Recovery" and what happened was my first successful "Active Rest". In that past AR just meant more Rest and active and pigging out for 2 weeks. Since this challenge has no end I just keep my diet 80% clean.

    I will not be able to run the Marathon I was training for but I found a friend that is training for the Half Marathon at the same event and I am going to run 10 miles with him this weekend. If I can do it with no pain I will sign up for the Half with him.

    Starting the week after the Half I am going "Barefoot" and getting minimalist toe shoes. I plan to spend 10 weeks slowly adding distance starting at 0.25mi and working up to 8 miles adding 0.25mi each workout running 3 days a week.

    Just for good measure here is my chart this week. I am down to 13.9% body fat (14.8% last Thursday and only 0.9 pounds of fat from my leanest 2 years ago.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”