BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Good afternoon Happy Sunday!

    SunnyBlueGirl~ You look Amazing !!! What a Great Job!!!! =)

    Debsy ~ You are such an inspiration and you are a beautiful person, You motivate us and you probably don't even realize how much you do, Just even in your * Words* help everyone who reads them.

        Just  wanted to post my official results of C3 BFL

     When I started BFL in April 4 2010 it was just after April fools. and I weighted 200.3lbs and said to myself, Wow I can't believe I got that big. I wasn't that big in my life. So here I am now almost  one year later.

    For Challenge 3#

       Starting Date  01/03/2011

    Weighted in at = 185.5




    rt thigh=22.5

    lt thigh=22.5

    7 weeks later of C3

    weight =177.6




    rt thigh=21.5

    lt thigh=21.5

    Then I got my body fat done and my BMI done.

    body fat was 43.4%

    BMI was 29.7%

    Week 12 of C3

    weight = 171.8



    abs= 38

    rt thigh=20.5

    lt thigh=20.5

    body fat now 40.5%

    BMI now 28.6

    I was hoping to reach 170, That was my goal for Challenge 3,  Next time I will hit my next goal make for Challenge 4... =)

    Boom ~ Chica ~ woot.
  • howdy folks,

    Burpee's Done.

    Ahhh they were terrible this morning, took me forever to do. Really struggled with them today. BUT, they done, in the bank, sorted.

    Aussie Debs, You got your intro all wrong, it should of said you BETTER read this if you feeling down. What an awesome post, raw emotion and brutal honesty. you said so much there thats a challenge for all of us. "for life," workouts and not being a freak, highs and low's. One of the best posts i have ever read. And what makes it all soooo much more applicable is that you are one of the CC legends, have done challenges, have the after photo, have achieved so much and it just shows that you human. We all need to read your post again, and realise we human and we will have hard times ahead, even once we are at our goal weight and have achieved our goals. Life's hard and sometimes it does get too hard..... So glad you back in the game. Love ya debs!!!!

    Yummy Debs, you did that workout AGAIN??????????? You took 1 and a half minutes off as well!!!! well done, now lets see if you can walk this week...

    Legsy definatly going to jump out a plane sometime..... oneday. It'll happen.

    Did UBWO today, changed up everything, did all new workouts. It was really hard, normally when i change up it's not as intense especially the 1st workout but today was pretty much 9's and 10's. Nice workout and i'm sure my arms won't be working happily today.

    i'm feeling it in the shoulders and biceps for now, punished my chest so i suspect that i may be doing a bit of ohhh ahhhh later in the day.

    Jenny did her workout this morning, she really pushed it today, hope she nails it all week.

    Got to run, kids school run. still need to shower.

    Cheers folks have a great day.

    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart and pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!

  • I really thank you for the kind words...  but I haven't got the hang of the burpee's yet...  just the workouts, eliptical machine for my cardio, & clean eating.  Once I get rid of another 10# I'll work on the burpee's.  


  • Hello...My name is Malena, and I have a problem.  I am a gym rat.  I am completely and totally addicted to the gym, and the way I feel when I am there.  I go twice a day almost everyday.  Since I have become a gym rat I drink so much water that my skin has become extremely well hydrated and soft, my muscles are becoming... well... muscles, I can run further, lift heavier, I am losing fat everywhere,and I have more energy than I know what to do with.  I have lost the old Malena, and to be quite honest I don't want to find her.  I am an addict.  Instead of a 12 step program, I have a 12 week program.  If you wish to become an addict with me keep posting here with this great group of people and you are well on your way.  It is contagious, and left untreated will change you in ways one can only imagine.  YOU WILL BECOME A FREAK LIKE THE REST OF US!!!  Consider yourself warned!

  • Week 8 it is .......... BOOM BABY!

    Off to hit the gym because I can. Bed felt darn good when the alarm went off, but then the voices started and I remembered my promise to me. 5 more weeks.... THEN I can sleep in a bit. :)  I am still sore from my last LBWO on Saturday so will try to hit the muscles a wee bit differently if I can on some of the machines.

    Sharon!! I know you are out there and ahead of me! YOU GO GIRL!

    Malena - loved that post. So true. I dont want to find the old me either!!


  • Legs - can you start throwing some of those voices into my head!!!

    Workouts have been awesome. granted was sick the past week and wanted to skip but after my little heart to heart with legs, killed my workout but my food is off track and I really need to get my head back into the game. I really want to completely cut sugar from my diet and maybe not all sugar like I know there is sugar in my yogurt but talking about letting unauthorized sugar in my meals, even free days. I have candy, or sweets on my free day and then spend the next couple of days craving them and sometimes they win and sometimes they dont. But I really think if I can just completely stay away from them it just won't be an issue. It is definately my trigger food sugar. I could care less even about cookies, cakes, chips, fried food any of that stuff it is sugar!!!!! It is an evil addiction and I must over come it!!!! If anyone has any suggestions on how to cut it from my diet other than just cold turkey or maybe treats that are made with sugarfree that will still give me the satisfaction without the sugar. I will take anything right now. I think this past week was extrememly bad with be sick and also that that time of the month so had alot of emotional garbage going on this week, not that is any reason to give into such tempations.

    Well at least I feel better getting it off my chest and starting fresh today of eating clean. Next 5 weeks I am going to kill it!!!!!!

    Thanks for listening!!!!!!

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Taylor,

    I had the same problem!  It's not easy to break the sugar habit.  I went through my pantry the last week of December,  and cleaned out all the sugary items!  Knowing January 1st was the start of my challenge I didn't want the temptation.  I went cold turkey...  no sugar or artificial sweeties added to anything.    It is the giant step that worked for me.  An amazing thing happened about the third  week of cutting out the crap... real  food started tasting much better!  My hubby noticed the same thing.  The first week was the hardest!  I don't crave it at all now... weeks 12, & now 13 !   I don't know how others handle sugar,  but it can have a hold on you like any other addiction... some folks can't just cut back.  I trust the myoplex bars... and have just one a day, as one of my mini meals,   also have a protein shake just after a workout. That's how I have broken the hold.  


  • Taylor - when we were in Atlanta, we thought we should start eating carbs to get ready for the half marathon. None of us really eat a whole lot of bread, bagels etc. So anyways, the one morning we did and one by one, we kept asking "why am I so hungry already!" It was Champster that knew the answer first .... it was because we were eating those fast carbs loaded with sugar. It was an ah ha moment for me for sure. I ate lots, but the wrong foods and wow my body sure responded.

    If you take some time, look around the forum and see all the posts that say, "Im back" (after years of being off BFL) I know you dont want to be THAT GIRL.

    Someone else once said "I will always be here to pat you on the back, but I wont pat the fat on your back". Stop making excuses and falling into the old traps that got you to where you hated yourself months ago. You are on a fence right now and need to jump head first into the right direction. Nobody here BUT YOU can decide which way to jump.

    Personally, I hope you stay being abnormal. :)

    That is what I thought to myself as I walked to the gym this morning in the wind and  cold and darkness. My scarf wrapped all around my face and head. (what a doll!)  "I am ABNORMAL" - "I WILL get results by doing this INSANITY and waking up at 4:10" "I WANT to be fit and firm and not jiggle" "I have summer to look forward to" ... so many things went through my head.

    It's YOU against YOU girl. Fight those voices in your head that want you to fall back and be comfortable and normal and fit in with the rest of the crowd. Start cranking up the energy that is so alive on the Crew. You deserve to keep going. Be a VICTOR and not a VICTIM.

  • Legs - Thanks for the advice about food.  The dumb thing is I *know* what I should do.  I guess this program is just so darn simple to follow (provided your husband doesn't bring a bag of M&M's home) that I try to stress about it like I have every other diet I've followed.  The reason that this is so very appealing to me is the simple fact that it is a lifestyle.  

    taylor - I'm right there with you on the sugar thing.  I really like the idea of being as close to sugar free as possible.  I realize I can't get away from naturally occuring fruit and other sugars in foods, but the refined stuff needs TA GET ON GONE! I'm working on eliminating sauces and dressings of ANY variety this week.  I figure if I can do like Legs presented and get my mouth used to eating clean foods, I won't miss it.  I'm looking forward to it!  

    Malena - I would like to sign up for your addiction program.  Oh, wait.  My legs already feel like jello this morning.  I'm THERE!

    yummymommy - that workout is insane.  I working on my Upper Body strength and coordination so that I can get into some of those bodyrock workouts.  They are just flat crazy.  I incorporated a bunch of tuck jumps into my LBWO just so I can get my jumping muscles back to snuff.  I'm also perfecting my pushup so I can rock some real burpees.  Well done!

    I know I'm missing a few people....but I really need to go and shower before my legs decide they aren't going to stand up anymore.  LBWO this morning was pretty killer.  I'm only starting to realize that, after years of running and only running for exercise, I've made my body suffer from a lack of strength.  I'm happy to be limiping about and getting stronger.  

    Happy Monday, Crew!!!

    Julia - Herder of Herding Dogs and Children

    C1 - 3/21/2011 PUPPY POWER!!!

  • Julia -" after years of running and only running for exercise, I've made my body suffer from a lack of strength." THANKS FOR SAYING THAT!! After seeing what alot of running does to a body, I would much rather be fast AND BFL strong. You rock!

  • Atta Girl Legs!  Preach it!

                           I totally agree with you...  I was a real mess before starting this challenge.

                    My body  'was' a spoiled hunk of fat!  I am now in control... losing weekly,  

                     and want  to stay that way!


  • Hello Crew!!  I had a long post that went poof because my login time had expired apparently.  I knew I should have copied it, but I was in a hurry,

    Congratulations to Sunnybluegirl, AnneB, and Mazjaz (Marian) for finishing their challenges.

    Welcome to the sunshinekid!  

    Legs "Simply the Best" just sayin...

    DebbieMo you got this test.

    Debs I will try to email you later.

    Donald love your posts.  I stopped doing the burpees.  I did them up until the 15th or 16th.  I timed them on the 11th and did them in 44 seconds.  I did regular pushups using both arms and I kept doing that until the 15th or 16th.  It was a mistake.  My arm was hurting worse.  I decided to stop and then in May or July I will at the very least start on the 16th and finish out the burpees (providing that my arm is healed).  I am sure that sometime before the end of this year I will get that accomplished.

    I have been very busy at work.  I have read all the posts just not posting myself.  I have had some of my health issues rear their ugly heads over the last few weeks.  These are health issues that you don't just modify or adjust around.  I thought I had been exercising intensely enough during my maintenance to up my intensity to the levels I did without repercussions.  I was wrong.  I will do what I can.  I will go back to doing what I did to build up to doing BFL intensely.  I will continue.  I WILL SUCCEED.  Eventually.  :o)  This is another reason I quit doing the burpees.  I will try to get back to my regular posting.

  • Well as usual Legs, you are exactly right. I do feel like I am loosing control and allowing the bad habits that got me into this unhealthy body and letting them rear their ugly heads. I know I am better than this and stronger than this. I know what I want I know I want to be healthy and strong. I know those sugars are bad and do nothing good for my body. And you are right I am the only one who can make that decision. Make the decision to not allow those old habits sneak back it. I have worked too hard for too long to let that happend. I deserve to be healthy and happy. And I will keep pushing because I am not where I want to be.

    Thank you sunnybluegirl, legs, thesunshinekid - Thank you all. This week no more sugar!!!!!  And I think you are right sunnybluegirl - cold turkey all the way!!!  I can do this just a couple of weeks ago I was rocking this eating and last couple of weeks has just went crazy.  I got it though. Going to work thru this and get this head of mine back in the game. Nothing taste as good as looking good, healthy and strong.

    So glad I put this out there so I could get all your input, thanks for always having my back CC!!!

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Taylor - You have had the ending of your post on for so long you have forgotten the truth in it.

    "If your mind can conceive, you can achieve it"

    BFL is a lot of head games. Take the dice and roll lady!

  • howdy folks,

    good to see lots of activity on here this morning, well morning for me.


    All i can say is Amen to all of legs' posts. i just love that stright forward shoot from the hip love it or leave it attitude. it's what we all need and i'm even happier to see that the advise and wisdom has been taken on board.


    O.K. so Burpees Done all 29 of them, then i did cardio. and it was a pretty intense session.

    i had the day from hell yesterday. found out my company is now involved in a law suit, we should win but if we lose thats it for the business, doors closed so it's a biggie for us. Just before that i went an bought a laptop for our new staff member that we couldn't really afford but have to have for him, only to then have our old staff member resign last night!!!! And the new guy is no where close to being able to do what the old staff member can do, so it's heaps of pressure back on Jenny again!

    Luckily i got the order on the laptop reversed luckily, cost cancellation fee's but thats ok.

    so, i was wide awake this morning 90 min before the alarm was due to go off, couldn't get back to sleep so i decided to do what i can do, control what i can control.

    Did my cardio session, then just for the hell of it i did my cardio session again. ALL of it. i heaar you ask even the burpees????? hell no, i was depressed not stupid!!! Just did the burpees once, but did the whole workout twice, my sweat towel is drenched, my shirt is so full of sweat i can wring it out, even my socks are wet with sweat!!! Skipping i did extra 1st time to make sure i did 500, second time i didn't do Tabata, i just jumped till 500 were done. took a break half way, that sounds so in control, slumped down halfway through dry heaving gasping and totally stuffed. then did 100 rested 2 min then 50, then 75 then 75 again. Damn i was soooo wasted after that. Then finished off with the stepper and equalled or beat the reps i did 1st time. Quads are like jelly.

    Ok so thats me, need to go shower and get ready for the day.

    need to sit and go through legal doc's, files of crap to draft a reply......

    what a blast...NOT!!!!

    Steph Al great to see you back again.

    Taylor T, legsy got you with your signature..... stick to it lady, times are tough but you are tougher.

    Julia- great to see you in here and posting, keep at it. I have a feeling you going to rock your challenge.

    Maleena - great post, someday i feel like i'm a gym rat too.

    meredith, where you lady?

    GaGirl - you also gone quiet lately. Whats happening.

    Michelle neb, hows the burpees going?

    Bonny- i'm thinking i must come fetch you again, missing your posts!!!!

    Cheers folks, have a great day and keep the bad stuff out your mouth.

    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart and pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!