BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Hey Donald~ its a good thing I went on the laptop this time the battery didn't die. LOL  Man it was a long one again. still love you posting ...You Crack my up everytime I get your post on my blackberry. But I got you this time. When I seen your name I went to my laptop ...Hehehe  =)

    Thank you Legs for the checkered flag...=) Thank you all for seeing me through this Challenge. I will be posting my stats Monday for all to see. and if I can get some pics up on my profile. It's not looking that good for me I really don't know why it won't work for me.. I have tryed ~ Grrrrrr damn computers some times. I can't even get my colors working either...WTFFF is up with that. LOL
  • Thanks for all of the heartfelt welcome!  It's great to be a part a crew who knows what they are doing in the long run.  I'm feeling pretty good at the end of week one.  Even after some really hateful sprints this morning!  

    I feel like I'm totally obsessing over my food - someone tell me it gets easier and more robotic (hahahaHA! - loved the "mouth moving over toothbrush" analogy.  Good thing I have an electric!) as time goes on.  My husband thinks I'm nuts.  The workouts, so far, are prooving to be the thing I don't obsess over.  I plan them the night before and do them as soon as my oldest leaves for school.  Food - I fret and fuss over.  I feel like if I don't have a DEATH GRIP on it, the food will control me again.  Argh....

    I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone and learn from all of you.  I'm here for the long haul, crazies and all!  I admire all of the chutzpah that seems to radiate around here.  I plan on bathing in it like muscle rub.  I'll probably smell better, too!  I can't believe some of the insane workouts that go on around here.  I hope it's contagious!  

    Thanks again!!

    Julia - Herder of Herding Dogs and Children

    C1 - 3/21/2011 PUPPY POWER!!!

  • Good Evening Crew!


    Where does the time go? This last week seemed to fly.

    You all have encouraged me so much!  I don't have my BMI or BF numbers yet...

    but will be measured at the gym Monday.

    Before: Jan. 1, 2011


    After: Mar. 26, 2011

    12 weeks

    I will take a few days off the intense workouts... but will stay with the food choices.  Will for sure do a C2!





  • SunnyBlueGirl--WOWO!!!  Way to go!  You did great!!!  Love your pics.  What a transformation!

    Donald--I'm hanging with the burpees...although I despise them.  Keep posting.  I often LOL when I read them!

    People give me weird looks at work.  

    Julia--Welcome to the Crew!!  So glad you joined us.  This community ROCKS!!!!  BTW, Julia and I have been friends for several years.  She is awesome!  She used to live 5 minutes from me.  Now it's like 15 hours.  I miss her terribly and am so glad she's on board with us.  Hugs!!!!  

    Legs--Love your honesty!!!  I didn't much feel like HIIT today but reading the crew helped me just do it.  The encouragement here is amazing!

    I'm back on track with food.  Thinking I might not have a free day tomorrow since 3 -4 evenings last week were free.  Ugh.  I am NOT doing that again.  Vegas in 9 weeks!!!!  I don't have time for free days that arent on free day.


  • Hi folks,

    Legs, thank you, all i can say is wow. really? sheez you too kind to me LOL, thanks, you really are a superstar.

    Michelle, so glad you still doing them burpees as me. I can just imagine you bursting out laughing at work, and the worst is you can't explain to anyone why its funny cos they not in our head space and just won't get it. Glad i get you to laugh though. I like that!

    Julia, plan the food like you do the workouts and it does become easier, sometimes our heads just play mind games though. hang in there, it does get a bit easier ----- some days. LOL

    Anne, i'll have to hit when the laptops not around next time!!!!. Cant wait to see teh results.

    Speaking of results. SUNNY BLUE GIRL:-


    tHIS ONE'S JUST FOR YOU.(Thanks darcy it's your idea just reusing it.)


    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart and pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!

  • Hello everyone,

    Anne- Spin class is like Donald said...crazy energizer bunny leading the class, and making you push yourself harder than you ever thought you could.  Excellent cardio workout.  I am drenched in sweat within the first 5 minutes of class.  Someone on here, I believe it was Donald told me I would get addicted and he was right.  I absolutely love it.  I even went and bought the special shoes today because I liked it so much.  I can't wait for the next class.

    Taylor- Thanks.  I appreciate your encouragement.  You are also rocking the TM.  It is you and your sister that keep me going.  Since my sisters don't think fitness is that important i use you guys as my substitute sibling rivalry.  LOL!  You guys are awesome. I am glad that you got some much needed rest and you are feeling better.

    Donald- I don't think I could have explained spin class better.  LMAO!

    Legs-  You are always so upbeat and cheerful even in the most dreadful conditions. (-32 degrees).  That I can't help but push myself harder and I keep hearing you in my head telling me to push out one more rep.  :)  I think that my biggest accomplishment on my run was the controled breathing.  I have never been able to do that.  It was a definite proud moment for me.  Thanks for being in my head.

    Julia-  Welcome to the Crew!  The more the merrier!  You are a brave woman for joining our insanity.  Really though everyone here is great.

    Mo-I just wanted to say that a group on another thread picked up on your burpee challenge and will be starting thier own challenge within a challenge games.  The freak is spreading.  LOL!  I hope all is well.

    Love all of the support,


  • SunnyBlueGirl-


  • Oh My Gosh Donald... What a Hoot!

    I have loved this journey...  and you guys have all kept me on my toes!  I am a new person...  I just can't believe I had let myself go so badly!  I understand why everyone continues on here.

    It is so very rewarding to be able to walk in to any eatery and be pleased to order just a salad... and be perfectly happy with it.   I have been experimenting with yogurt and just seasonings for my dressings... and lovin' it.  We go to a couple different restaurants locally,  and for the past 12 weeks I have ordered pretty much the same thing... it's just so easy to do now.

    I have missed just a couple of days of workouts in the gym, due to weather keeping us home,  and filled in somewhat with what I have around here... or just took the day off.  I never took a total free day... as I didn't want to feel guilty...  and I know I would have.  It just takes me too long to get back on track.  I felt very good on Monday's... knowing I hadn't  gained from splurging on Sunday.  So I mainly just had one meal that I would be very careful with once a week... no fries,  no candy, no sweets of any kind for the past 12 weeks,  no alcohol,  no soft drinks.  Just water, coffee, 100% fruit juices,  Silk,  Some powdered creamer... as my hubby makes me coffee in the morning and puts a little in.   I really don't miss the junk foods.  I still want to take off another 10-15 pounds... hope next challenge does it.

    Thanks Donald!  You Rock!


  • SunnyBlueGirl -

    Those pictures make we want to do burpees - and I can barely do a pushup.  YOU LOOK GREAT!!

    Michelle - Can I just tell you how jealous I am that you're going to Vegas?? You're going to have a great time, AND you're going to look great!

    Malena and Don - I've never done a spin class, even though I've always wanted to.  I love a good cardio high! Since we're in the middle of relocating (again - ugh.) I probably won't get into a gym until my next challenge.  Definetly putting it on my to-do list!

    Legs - were you a cheerleader in a past life?  Keep it up!  

    Ok.  My first FREE Day is coming to a close.  I'm going to have one last nibble and I'm calling it good.  I didn't even go as overboard as I thought I would!  

    Julia - Herder of Herding Dogs and Children

    C1 - 3/21/2011 PUPPY POWER!!!

  • Anne, Mazjaz, Sunny blue Girl,

    12 weeks completed. You all Champions in my eyes.

    Just for you from Porter freeman.

    Welcome to the finishers club!

    Congratulations—you did it! The 12 weeks are over but your Body-for-LIFE® is just starting. Think about how quick the 84 days went by. Another 84 days will go by and then another. My hope is that you do not go back to the unhealthy life that you knew 3 months ago. You did this and now you can do anything. You certainly have earned the right to better health, more energy, a better attitude and a sense of confidence that comes with a difficult job well done. You are a true Champion.

    I have always seen the 12-week Body-for-LIFE® Challenge as a springboard to newfound freedom and a loss of fear. No more fear of failure. You can continue to improve and make preparations for the mountain you always wanted to climb. You can begin working on your first 5K run. You can embrace all the physical activities that were waiting for you to get off the couch. You have paid the price of admission to get in the game. What is it that you wanted to do but never had the energy? What activity have you put off for years because you were out of shape? Go do them! You can. You will.

    We have so many Champions who did the Challenge two or three or four or endless times. Dave Wendell comes to mind. He and several others have never stopped doing Body-for-LIFE®. You don't have to, either. Don't you feel better today? Don't you want to go on feeling better? Isn't this an amazing day in your Life? The good news is this feeling does NOT have to stop. It can get better and better and better. Take a few days off, go enjoy the new you. Then start another 12 weeks or another 12 months or another 12 years of healthy, active, successful living. You didn't have to prove anything to the world, but you did have something to prove to yourself—and you have. Welcome to the Finishers Club, you earned it. I am honored to be associated with you.

    Porter Freeman

    I just love this line....

    You have paid the price of admission to get in the game. That you have ladies, that you have.



  • Oh yeah i copied that from Bonny my previous challenge workout buddy who posted this when our challenge ended. It ment a lot to me when we crossed the line.

    Oi Bonny where you woman???????




    A big hello to everyone in the crew, I'm so happy you are all doing great! A warning dear people, don't read the following if you are feeling down, this won't make you feel any better.......

    Me not so well the last few weeks, found myself in an unfamiliar state of depression, a place I have never been in before, been sad before (after my trip to the USA), been scared to death before (with doug being diagnosed with cancer l.5 years ago), been lazy before (a lot of my life), but never been flying high and then so totally low for no reason.... zero..... nothing, so bored with life, questioned this whole "for life" eating exercise thing, being so focussed on food and working out and not eating this and not eating that and drinking or not drinking and reading so many different theories on all of this over the past two years......all of the questions, the pondering just took me into a spiral so deep and dark, this on top of the beginning of menopause, well, it just overwhelmed me......

    Sooo, where am I at.... I had quite a few drinks with Doug last Wed night, strangely that lightened the load some, I opened up to him and let it all go, he has enough of his own problems with the cancer without having a strong "happy" wife freaking out over nothing and totally losing a grip on life, I didn't want to burden him..... but it was fine for both of us, so since then I've gone along with anything my body desired, I decided I would eat and drink what I felt like to see how "that process" felt, it's been over two years since I've done that or had that attitude... it's sunday night, I'm getting back on plan "life plan" tomorrow morning and will endeavour to lighten up on the mental pressure.....

    The fact is, we are not all going to be workout freaks and we shouldn't feel "less than" if we are not, I'be been there and done it, but it's not me, so I need to come back to my focus of flexibility, good health, good mobility, but more than eanything, just  enjoying life....

    Hugs to you all and thanks to you Young Donald for your unexpected support this past few weeks.

    Wishing you all the best


    Monday 28th March
    Start Date End date Week # Chall # Name 1st Chall Started
    21/02/2011 15/05/2011 6 C3 Kait  
    14/02/2011 8/05/2011 7 C3 Bonwitty 8th Mar 10
    14/02/2011 8/05/2011 7 C2 DonaldNZ 8th Mar 10
    14/02/2011 8/05/2011 7 C1 Paula  
    14/02/2011 8/05/2011 7 C7 Sharon WonderWoman 5th Jan 09
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C7 STEPHANIE-AL  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C6 Legs  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C5 Liesl  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C5 Brigette-in-Texas  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C5 Michelle-Nebraska 28th Sep 09
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C5 RickinNc  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C4 Lady Georgia 9th Oct 09
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C4 Taylor-T 26/04/2010
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C4 Leia  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C4 ChristinaB  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C3 Jacium  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C3 BryanL 14th Dec 09
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C3 Orrin 13th Mar 10
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C3 Skat  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C3 Tishalicious  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C2 JennieAtl 4th Nov 09
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C3 Ashley & Kelly 7th Oct 09
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C1 OhioDarcy  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C2 JennyNZ  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C2 Malena May-10
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C1 BAMF (Ranee)  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C1 KristiRog  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C1 JohnH  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C1 MeredithZZ  
    7/02/2011 1/05/2011 8 C1 StephanieH  
    31/01/2011 24/04/2011 9 C1 Gagirlsmiling (Sheri)  
    31/01/2011 24/04/2011 9 C3 JennNash  
    31/01/2011 24/04/2011 9 C2 yummymummy (Deb)  
    31/01/2011 24/04/2011 9 C2 Jimmie-B  
    22/01/2011 15/04/2011 10 C2 JulieSTL (MO)  
    22/01/2011 15/04/2011 10 C1 Stew  
    22/01/2011 15/04/2011 10 C3 Scotty  
    2/01/2011 26/03/2011 12 C1 Mazjaz (Marian)  
    3/01/2011 27/03/2011 12 C3 JillC  
    3/01/2011 27/03/2011 12 C3 AnneB  
    3/01/2011 27/03/2011 12 C1 SunnyBlue (Sharon)  
    3/01/2011 27/03/2011 12 C2 Nightgryphon  


  • Hi ALL!!

    Happy Sunday!

    HIIT DONE...Did the reverse of the Fusion Workout referred to before...

    I did Swimming In my Own Sweat...again.

    I did this challenge on February 27. Basically it is left arm swings, right arm swings (10 each holding a 15lb dumbbell) and then Burpees starting at 20 and going down to 11. MY GOSH!!

    I shaved 1 min 30 seconds off my time compared to February 27. Also did less "modified" burpees. My modification is just skipping the push up part....just jump back to plank and jump forward, and jump up...but I only modified for a few.

    Anyway...on to UBWO tomorrow...Free day was alright, feeling a bit bloated today but I should be ok by tomorrow...Week 9 here I come!

    And a MAJOR shout out to SunnyBlueGirl>>>AMAZING RESULTS!!

    Keep up the great work, I know you will reach your goal in your next challenge!!

  • Just a quick drop in…I see congrats here but will have to read back and respond accordingly later.


    Debs said, "we are not all going to be workout freaks and we shouldn't feel "less than" if we are not."  You are so right!  Going above and beyond is good but isn't required.  As we all know we can achieve our goals doing the exercises as prescribed from BFL.  We just make adjustments for our own individual goals once we know the ropes and are confident in what we learn about ourselves and what our body responds to in 12 weeks or more.  We should all be who we know we are and cheer on others who rock their world doing what they do to achieve their goals.


    Debs - You know the drill and thank goodness you know enough to catch yourself to get back on that horse.  Ride it like nobody's business and get it done, no excuses while you’re on it. :-)


    I saw this yesterday and I like what he says.  We should all roll with this mentality. :-)  Have a great day everyone!





    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Good Morning wonderful friends!

    Julia (sunshinekid) - stressing over food is tough. The list of authorized foods is basic. You dont have to count calories - just use your palm and fist for portions. The more you read into it, the harder it might get for you. Try to stick to that list as close as possible for alt least one challenge before branching out to the Eat for Life cookbook like some have. I say that so you realize a portion and also how little condiments and additives add up and affect your progress. I still only eat from the authorized list other than free days. I have acquired a taste for the clean food and on days that I eat something unauthorized my stomach growls within an hour. Be patient with yourself and know that every little choice you make will add up to bigger results.  (Im rambling here!)

    SunnyBlue - YOU LOOK FABULOUS!! The back pics show so much of a difference in the butt and back! Love it when that happens! And the smile! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL LADY! Enjoy your AR, and remember to continue posting, and staying in touch as we find those that stray too far away from here often dont come back and revert rather quickly to their old ways. In 12 weeks, alot of progress can be made, but in reality, it takes even longer for our heads to realize we are continuing to change and still want to lose body fat. It took us a heck of a lot longer than 12 weeks to gain the weight and as adults, we know realistically, if we are approaching BFL correctly, safely and making it fit into our routines, it will take another go or two or more until we are satisfied and ready to maintain what we achieved. I still have cravings and days when all bets are out the window ... just warning you of that if it happens to you. We all have our reasons for being overweight, and those voices, those reasons dont always drop when the sizes do. Make sense?

    Michelle-NB - You and I have been fighting with our heads forEV it seems. We take 5 steps forward, then 2 back. There is so much truth to how hard it is to finally cross the Abyss that allows us to complete our goal once and for all. We are so close, yet our mind chooses that time to play with us and we think, ah what the heck and eat or drink for a couple days, and then the cycle repeats. I have seen your pics, you DO look amazing in my eyes, however I know there are goals you still want to achieve. I get that and I hope this week finds you on track all week. No nibbles, great workouts, lots of sleep and water and that the end of this week your body fights that bump you are trying to get over and leave in the dust once and for all. (it will take me these last 5 weeks to make any progress I want for me and I will be giving it my all so YOU CAN TOO!) :)

    Malena - you are doing spin classes too? That is CrAzY! (better than burpees though!)

    Debsy - you are such an inspiration you have no clue. Thank you for popping in here and for putting that list up. Time is flying by once again. It is cool that you are able to put words to the emotions you have had and try to understand them. Sometimes when we start delving into the why's and the therapy end of our inner self we can really mess ourselves up. Im guilty of that too. I dont want to speak for all men, but I think I am safe to say we as women overanalize things, blow them out of porportion and worry for nothing, wasting our precious time and energy and spirits on things we cannot control nor do we need to. That probably doesnt make sense (dont keep reading it and trying to figure it out either ha ha) Just know that you arent alone, and I appreciate you for you. Remember when we jumped into the lake at Champsters and I was so afraid of being gummed by a fish?! Think of that the next time you cant find your smile. You gave me some very special memories lady and you deserve to be happy all the time. I really really really hope we can meet again in the Canadian Rockies in 2013. I am sure the chalets are marvelous!

    Yummymumy - I woke up thinking I should go to the gym for fun again, but then thought I might just set myself up for injury or waste my time if I dont rest my muscles in between workouts. My butt and hams are sore today and I have LBWO tomorrow. Which makes me want to mention something I read yesterday ... you know that laying leg press machine? Well I never knew where to really put my feet - either near the top of the plate or lower part. I just thought it was there for preference. Well I learned that if you put your feet near the top, you work your butt and hamstrings more. :) Lower on the plate will work your quads. (ya'll probably know that, but it was news to me) SO ANYWAYS, I am glad you posted that Swimming in my Own Sweat workout. I think that sounds like a great thing to do today. :) THANKS!

    Sharon - great post and words to Debsy. How is that basement coming along. OH YA and did you see the poster for the Georgia Marathon 2012?!! YOU ARE ON IT LADY! What are the chances! So you will be in all the ads from now till then. Oh my that is so cool!!

    Liesl!! How is the after birthday day treating you! Have you gone to bed yet!! HA HA. ***vavusula in the ear to you from me***

    Donald - keep those dreams of jumping out of a plane in your head (freak) ... you are well on your way to making that come true!

    Well I better get some work done here ... have a great day all you crazies!