BFL Coffee Crew!



  • You and Trudy are definately on my list of travels. :)

  • Ooops  I thank((him.))

  • Legs~ that would be so nice. if you came to N.S  =) ((((( HUGS)))))

  • Howdy folks,

    Cardio done.

    Burpees Done.

    Legs, u amazing lady, you so honest with yourself, and us. i just love that. You say you missed a weeks workouts, well actually less than a week, and you did a half marathon inbetween. yet you still hit the gym like you owe it something. Awesome job, i just know you worked out really hard. then throw in a few burpees as well!!!!

    TaylorT being stuffy is the worst for cardio, i dont know how you did it, even at 50% effort. but these Tabata cardio workouts are such fun hey. love it when you sweating like crazy, convinced you have just given your al, then 10 seconds later you flat out again trying to do better. I'm changing my cardio next week, need to think up some new torture routines.

    Yummy debs thanks for all that input on nutrition yesterday, must admit i learnt some stuff too. going to make some subtle changes, nothing hectic, just going to do veg varb for dinner instead of brown rice. i have also started actually eating 5 meals a day and only having 1 protein shake meal replacement like Mo told me. I was doing shakes 3 x a day.

    hey Mo, hows the studying going, you working hard lady? head down, do your stuff that you need for you first. you have worked so hard to get to where you are now you would be silly to take your eyes off the prize now.

    Laurie, Thanks champ. you know since you introduced us to Torianna its been so weird. our local paper has had 3 articles about kids with cancer, the website i use to catch up on news has had stories about kids with cancer, and man to see what these little folk go through, and they FULL of life. there's a 3 year old with over 2000 beads, they get a bead for every procedure they go through, different coulours for different procedured, i'n sure you guys know what i'm talking about. it's very humbling.

    I'm definately shaving my head for charity. i lso want to find a 10k road race to enter, will work my way up to the monster distanves you ladies are doing.

    Anne B, You go lady, i have been so impressed with your enthusiasim for someone ending a challenge, you got that bowflex at the right time, and your attitude has been a joy to watch.

    Ashley and Kelley, Dude- dudette, you guys are lurking reading, taking motivation etc, time to pay it forward, SPEAK TO US!!!!!!!! HELLLOOOOOOOOO ASSSHHHHHLEEEYYYYYYYYY KEEEEELLLLIIIIIII

    Anyone home????????//

    Darcy, howdy lady. how you been doing? energy levels starting to get in sync yet? still heaving that bodywieght of a belt around?

    Meridith, you still going?

    Malena. pop in, come say hi.

    GaGirl, hows the workouts going? getting back into it?

    Bryan, howdy bud.

    JimmyB, been missing your music. pop in soon.

    Scott- you bud, you been Mega quiet lately, pretty sure you still working out.

    prepping 4 next 20 - hows things going?

    jnash, leave the scale alone woman, dont look at week 10, leave it, dont look at it, work hard eat clean and jump on at the end of the challenge. what did Mo say? big changes are more satisfying than lots of little changes.

    Michelle, that burpee workout would take me a week then put me out due to injury for a month. Jokes aside that is one hell of a workout, really intense. thats like super fit athlete workout stuff. how you and yummydebs did it is beyond me.

    Mazjaz - where you Marian? it's your last week and we all want to know how you doing.

    Aussie Debs- my down under bestest buddy- how you lady? will chat soon to see if we can hook up later in the year.

    Oh yeah, quick question.

    Why is it that i'm the only one saying burpees done everyday????

    Did i miss a memo or something?

    Is this just a cruel joke on the fat boy down under?

    The only other person doing burpees everyday is Tisha and she loves the things so that doesn't count. I recon Tisha could do that burpee workout no problem, just churn them out by the dozen, someone would have to physically stop her or she would just keep on going. being the shiznizz and all. (Howdy Tisha)

    ok folks, gotta run

    sorry for the long post, Jnash, this is a long post, your one yesterday was a quick short note. LOL.

    AnneB if you reading this on the blackberry best you stick it on charge, i think i got your battery flat.

    to everyone i missed, sorry folks.


    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart and pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!

  • Hi Everyone!  I'm the friend she speaks of.... Michelle is the WHOLE reason I decided to do this!  She's always looked INCREDIBLE, but seeing her last summer looking like a teenager running around with two kids pretty much solidified my decision to do BFL after some soul searching and research.  I started on Monday.  I'd love to say it's been perfect (eating wise, not really - workout wise, I need to push harder), but then I'd be lying.  I'm commited to maintaining this lifestyle (that's really what it is) indefinetly.  I need to lose about 15-20 pounds (I'm currently 145 at 5'5") of fat and I'd love to get some strength and definition.  I know I will if I just stick it out!  I'm delighted to step on board and get to know you all.  Michelle says it makes a huge difference!  

    Currently, I'm working out in the mornings after I get my oldest child out the door to school.  My 3 year old thinks watching Momma work out is a hoot.  She will get on the floor and grunt right beside me and tell me I'm doing a great job, though!  

    Ok, Coffee Crew!  See you around!  

    Julia - Herder of Herding Dogs and Children

    C1 - 3/21/2011 PUPPY POWER!!!

  • Ok, have I mention been a crappy week. Ok today gave into the sugar and the coffee two things I said I was quitting. Just feel so crappy and wanting comfort food, by no means is this a good excuse I know this MO!!!! I can hear you yelling at me all the way from MO. Need to get to feeling better and get moving!!

    Donald - Love your post and how do u remember everything about everyone I think that is just awesome. Well about the burpees (honestly I gave up) I got too far behind and was like I am never going to catch up and I hate them by the way. Tisha pretty sure if that was my punishment nothing unauthorized would go in my mouth - oh crap did I just say that on this forum where I know MO is peaking?????

    Going to have to push thru another workout tonight because I am not feeling it what so ever but something is better than nothing, right?

    Oh Legs, i am with Donald I love the honesty and the hard work and dedication. and I love that you share it all with us. One special lady.

    Ok out of work here in 10 mins and then home bound to get that workout in and then some rest this weekend I need to get to feeling better - I have some serious working out to get done!!!


    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Great post Donald .. you motivate me all the way from down under! Keep doing those burpees ... it is you against you remember. :) I actually dont mind the "burps" so much anymore. The day I did 65 I felt it in my core the next 2 days. Who knew!

    Taylor .... go look in your mirror right now and say "Legs knows Im worth it, therefore I am!" and dont just go through the motions to "say its better than nothing". That is WEAK and we dont play like that here. You will only be wasting a precious workout then feeling guilty afterwards. I've been there. Dont go there!

    When we were running up a hill, there was this girl at the top improvising with one hand over the other that she was pulling us up with a rope. Make sense? Well when you are working out tonight, think of all you can put into your 45 min and hit some new 10's. I know you can ... its do you want to.

    Hiya sunshinekid! GREAT to "half" you here! (well you dont need to be halved ...but you know what I mean)

  • Hello everyone,

    Donald- I agree with Legs.  You motivate me everyday.  I love the fact that you are always giving such vivid explanations of your workouts.  I can picture it, and it makes me laugh.  I am glad that I am not the only one who looks like that.  I am constantly making faces, and grunting and groaning.  I know I get some crazy looks when I am in the gym.

    TaylorT- I sure hope you feel better soon.  It sucks trying to work out when you can't breathe.  I will be praying for your quick recovery.  

    Anne- Enjoy that last workout tomorrow!!!  You have worked extremely hard, and I am proud of you.  Enjoy your AR.

    Mo- Good luck with your Cross Fit testing.  I am positive you will do great.  Remember...YOU ARE THE FREAK!!!!

    To everyone else-  You are doing AWESOME!!!  We are only one workout away from WEEK 8!!  I wonder what wonderful things we will see this week.  Keep pushing hard, lifting heavy, and eating clean.

    Tonight I started my workout with a run on the TM.  I have to say that I saw big improvements.  I was able to control my breathing, didn't feel as tired and was able to run 2 miles in 21 minutes.  I was on cloud nine.  I was so happy that I pushed harder than ever in my lifting.  It was an AWESOME workout tonight.  Thanks everyone for all the support.  You guys rock!!!

    Oh, and I have my 2nd Spin Class tomorrow morning!!  I loved it.  


  • Morning Crew,

    Well this is it my last HIIT cardio for Challenge 3 Done. Burpees Done. Wow they are KILLING ME. LOl  Do they ever get easier. I'm beginning to think that they don't!!!!! =)

    Donald~ I agree with Legs.  You motivate me everyday. ~ I love the fact that you  always have a  long post !!!! We all love reading your post,~ I don't know how  u remember everything about everyone, Your amazing.  I agree with Malena  love the fact that you are always giving such vivid explanations of your workouts!!!!!  your so funny at times you makes me laugh!!! As I was getting closer to the end of you post and seen what you said about ~ AnneB if you reading this on the blackberry best you stick it on charge, i think i got your battery flat.~ I started to laugh, And you know why because it was so true, I needed to charge my battery had 1 bar of power left. Got that right on the charge and soon as I got home. Lol

    Malena~ Thank you I will Enjoy my AR. but Not to much that I will kick my butt after. I will be doing a Challenge 4. I didn't hit my goal where I wanted to be, but it was a big goal and I knew it would take more then one challenge to get there, but I'm on my way.

    Sunshinekid! ( Julia) GREAT to have you onboard the coffee crew. great ppl. you will LOVE THEM ALL.

    Taylor t~ I hope you start feeling better soon, my friend. =(

    Oooh I was wondering what is a spin class I have never heard of it. only here on coffee crew.





  • Morning Crew!

    I had a uber good sleep, and am off to the gym. Usually I would do my HIIT on the TM at home, but I think if I leave soon, the gym will still be quiet and I want to do a LBWO to kinda catch up what I missed while in Atlanta. I plan on doing lots of leg stuff then maybe use the stepper machine for a few rounds of HIIT. I can always do cardio tomorrow too and will hopefully have enough rest between today and Monday for LB.

    It stil cold here -28 with the wind. Crazy weather ....

    Taylor - how was your workout? Hope you are feeling better in that head of yours. My mind isnt always my friend either. One day at a time. :)

    Malena - great work on the TM time! You should be so proud of your steady progress!! I AM! That's what its all about ... progress. Way to go!

    AnneB - I have heard Bryan talk about spin classes too. They sound intense. I think its where everyone is in a class on bikes and then are told when to increase tension and speed throughout the class to improvise real terrain. Hopefully he or Malena will see this and post for ya.

    OK, coffee is done, Betagen slammed .... time to rip it up! Later friends!


    Update! I had an hour and 45 min in the gym all to myself! I started doing HIIT on TM and after 2 rounds was fatigued. Not sure if it is from the marathon still or not eating my 6th meal last night. Hmm. So then I went on the stepper machine and stepped up 43 floors. (whatever that means) Then on to play on all the machines. I really hit some 10's. I started taking Betagen and BCAA's again, and even though the Betagen makes my tummy poof a bit, I really think it helps me gain strength. And if I am taking that stuff, I better be working out hard so it has some actual work to do inside me instead of just touring through. Another thing I thought of as I was working out was I hope I remember how good I feel when I am at the gym when the voices of Saturday/weekend temptation wake up and start at me. Working out is the easy part ... its what comes after - the rest of the day. Working out is easy ... but it is the clean eating, the water and the rest that leans a person out the most. I know all that .. sometimes it is just hard to apply continuously. CHeers to a great BFL everybody!!

  • Hello Crew,

    Ok, so came home yesterday after work and went to bed sleept for a couple of hours then woke up ate some dinner a little tv and back to bed but I am feeling so much better today. So into my home gym I went and kicked out an awesome UBWO. Thanks you legs

    Can I just tell you how special it is that people you have never ever met are here in this forum pushing us to be the best that we can be. I just think that is totally awesome. I feel blessed everyday that I have met some amazing, wonderful friends on this forum and to take this journey along with me. I can't say how much it means to me. Thanks Legs for the little pep talk, probably would have just skipped the whole workout until I read ur forum and just knew I had to go get that workout in, glad I did, but glad I just rested yesterday so that I could hit that workout hard this morning.

    Malena - Keep rocking that treadmill girl. 2 miles for my 20 mins is my goal. I will get there!!!

    AnneB - How exciting almost there girl, do you guys have horses seen pics on facebook. We have two love to go trail riding.

    Donald and Laurie - Thank you both for taking the time and addressing us each personally. I have to admit I am always looking for my name to see what you all have to say to me. It is so wonderful to be part of such a great family!!!  Yep loving those workouts. I researched a few other exercise I want to add or change up, should be interesting but really liking it, feel like I am pushing myself all the way through.

    Mo - Good luck with ur certification.

    Bryan - Glad to know you are feeling back up to power. Can mess with ur head when ur not 100% - Good Job!!

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Howdy folks,

    Burf*&^*&pees done for the day. 27 of the enegy sapping up down ah man i hate these things jump

    clap fall down again things. Friday going to be sooooooooo nice.

    Legs, Maleena, Anne, TaylorT wow, sheez you ladies made me blush. ummm thank you. LOL

    Maleena 2 miles, on a TM, thats pretty quick. Love the way the distances just keep getting better and


    Speaking of which, TaylorT, you should wait till next saturdayand hit TM then for cardio, or maybe even

    the following week mid week, give yourself 2 weeks doing these crazy cardio routines flat out then

    see the difference on the TM. There WILL be a difference for sure. i loved legs post, we dont play like that here.... HAHAHAHA and look at what you did. She's right. all out puke then carry on or why bother.

    Crazy lady... but i knew as soon as i saw what legs said to you that 1) she was right, 2) you would nail the workout. Nice!!!!

    Anne, WELL DONE. There is a post by porter Freeman welcoming folks to the finishers club, i know you have done challenges before but that such a good read. and you are once again a mamber of that club. You know its actually quite sad how many folks start a challenge all full of energy, goals, motivation,

    going to be on the cover of the next book, eating right working out hard bla bla bla, and then never make it

    halfway. and it's not like the 2nd or 3rd challenge is easier because it's not, you may know whats

    comming, or be better prepared for doms cravings etc but you push yourself harder than you did 1st time round. and my point behind all that is that YOU were more excited during your last 4 weeks than most

    are at the start of a challenge. it was really cool to see how you were excited to be working out, pushing hard and a new piece of gym equipment got you all excited to workout. i hope i can be like that at the

    end of my challenge. thank you, it was very inspirational to watch. now go enjoy AR but BEHAVE, eat right dont go make the 1st 4 weeks of the next challenge losing weight to get to where you are now. OK?

    Once again, well done.

    Spinning classes, thats where you all go sit on bikes, they give you an energizer bunny type person that

    can peddle a bike like a freak then they get you totally exhausted and say ok warm up over lets go....

    make you peddle really fast while playing fast high tempo music, then play some really slow crappy

    music and make you set the resistance really high so you can stand on the peddals(jump on them)

    just to get them turning, then get all happy happy high tempo fast music lower resistance and

    peddle your backside off again. they such fun....(damn i wish there was a sarcastic font!!!!!) actually to be honest they are actually pretty fun, and one hell of a workout, pretty good for fitness and weightloss.

    Legs, you know what lady, you dont just motivate me, you blow me away 9 days out of 10. your attitude is amazing, -28 deg and you off to the gym!!!! WTF???? so thank you for saying that, but i'm just trying to pay back what you give me all the time.

    Sunshinekid ( Julia) welcome to the nut house. hope you know what you letting yourself in for. HAHAHA

    you have a fantastic role model in Michelle, and she's right, making yourself part of a group like this

    helps. everyone here has/is/will be going through what you goingthrough, we get it that you walk like a robot after a hard workout, cant move your arms, how did someone say it???? you put the toothbrush on the counter then move your mouth over it because your arms are too sore to work. we also get that you pee

    all day long because you drinking gallons of water, that it hurts, it;s tough, food becomes a demon, and

    that somedays it's just doesn't seem worth it!!!!!(you still keen?)

    Thing is, WE DO GET IT.

    I was told by a very wise lady on here that has a name similar to lower body parts who is from Canada that will remain nameless that the Coffee crew are a nice bunch of folks, who will help me, will keep me on track and motivated as long as i'm honest with them and myself, and willing to accept critisisim and the occassional slap on the head when i need it. she was right on every count.

    you will notice people arnt saying good luck.... thats cos luck isn't needed, committment, dedication, mental toughness, self belief, self promises, and trust in the system and your workout buddies will do fine, luck unfortunately plays no part.

    Sheez, another short novel..... i wish i was like Orrin, pop in, 5 lines that blow everyone away with pure wisdom, insight and sheer brilliance.

    so FREE DAY TODAY!!!!

    got some craving i need to sort out. HAHAHAHA relax folks... lunch planed, rest of the day wil be sensible. i'll do my shakes with milk instead of water just to be "out there".

    Sharon, where you been, i know you busy and the marathon threw your work schedule out, come say hello, missing your posts lady.

    Got to figure out new workouts for next week, going to do do that now while i'm still in the gym mindset after them burpees. less than 120 of them left till end of the month.....

    Time to change up everything, then i can hit it really hard this week and hopefully get some DOMS going again.

    Cheers folks.

    why is it that freedays always go by so fast???????

    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart and pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!

  • It takes absolutely forever to send stuff from here to New Zealand.... so I'll just put it on here. It's for you Donald! Thank you for all you are to the Crew, to my head and to those that are just reading along in silence. We're so blessed to have you on the same journey as us.


    Some people are wired to post daily, others can manage with a post now and then. Some people can write away with no troubles, others just want to say a few lines. Whatever works for YOU is what we appreciate and respect here. Its just so dang nice not to be alone when we need to talk to someone that understands the struggles to continue towards our own vision of a perfect us.

    I am having such a good day thanks to all the positive energy in the Crew. Just sayin ...