BFL Coffee Crew!

  • TaylorT - I am glad you shared. You are in the right mindset and luckily it was the day before free day and you have an accountability partner.

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    I know it is like $27 for a 24 pack at Sam's Club so after shipping Sam might be cheaper or the same but I don't have a membership. I just asked a co-worker on Thursday if I could give him some money to pick me up some. I think I will split this order with my roommate as they are short dated and he is doing P90X.

    Shipping is about $6 and order over $50 ship free so I just added the Body-for-LIFE Success Stories 2 DVD and got free shipping.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I do my best to hide it and I started my first challenge only focused of getting rid of it. I am now going to show something I have been keeping to myself. I went from 246 to 172 in 21 months. I focused on losing weight about a pound a week because I heard losing more than 2 pounds a week is unhealthy and will lead to excess skin. I am on my third challenge and feel it is time to open up about something I have tucked away for too long.

    Any advice from personal experience would be greatly appreciated...

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Happy Saturday Friends!

    I got to sleep in - MAN that felt good! I needed it.

    Scott and Donald - high 5 on passing on the poor food you were surrounded in! That shows such strength and I admire that so much. Plus, it IS cool how one post can change the direction of your day. That's what I like to see.

    Hey Scott - how was Janet Jackson's concert?

    I myself, having the day off work yesterday lurked through your posts on and off for help and stayed strong all day. My water was a bit short (and usually is on a day at home) but the rest of my day was great and I plan on today and tomorrow to be the same. It feels so good to "beat the temptations" for one day, then turn it into two, three, a week ....

    For those of you that have trouble reading about particular foods - scroll through the rest of this post ....

    TaylorT - when I find myself feeling guilty about eating poorly (like last weekend) I try to be honest with myself and figure out WHY I did that to myself. Was it due to emotions, work, family, excitement, ego, pressure ... there IS a reason and once you recognize it for what it is, the next time it happens you will be that much stronger. Stronger may be only eating 3 cookies - but it will be an improvement. Make sense? I also am guilty for occassionally  waking up like 4 hours after I fall asleep and attacking the peanut butter jar. I KNOW! :) I have come to realize it is on those days, usually at the beginning of my day, I did not eat proper portions - particularly protein. I have no clue what PB does for me/to me but it is my "girl-guide cookie" I guess you could say. I used to have a real problem with bread or crackers (remember MO?!) I actually did conquer that silly habit and havent had either for ages, plus the starchy carbs like potatoes/sweet potatoes, rice, pasta too ... - off the plate for ages. I now have protein, lots of vegys (raw and cooked) and beans mostly for carb. On the days I dont store up enough protein in my first few meals, I seem to get weak - enter Mr. Peanut Butter. Jim and I used to be the average family eating a vegy, meat and potato on every dinner plate. BFL has certainly changed that thinking and I know we are both more healthy for it.

    Where did all that come from! :)Sorry to those that have trouble reading about food on here (food porn) I know there are a few that by just reading, it can trigger you.

    Today I am going to run/walk as far as I can on my treadmill before getting too bored. The half marathon is only 2 weekends away and I havent done any more for training than a fast 5K. I'm starting to freak. I know I can do it - I have done one before, but this time, like Laurie said, we will run for a period, then walk and continue doing that the whole way. I just havent figured out what MY ratio of walk run should be.

    Have a great day all. Stick to those self promises. If you feel yourself getting weak - go lay down and have a nap or go outside and walk around the block. Do SOMETHING to change your thinking.

  • Thanks for sharing Bryan. You are such a treasure ... I love your honesty here.

    I had excess skin below my belly button - each time I ran the tub, there is was. I remember being so ashamed of it. I will tell you it has definately shrunk. It used to sort of look like your tummy - like it contained I dont know, excess skin or fat in it, but now, when I lean over the skin is very thin and I see a definate tightness of lower abs underneath.  So my opinion is, give it time. Probably months to be real - keep what you are doing and it will shrink.

    Again - thank you for sharing. You rock.

  • Morning to all of you.. hope your workouts are going strong.. I just finished week 5. still only a few lbs down but things are shifting and my upper body is forming nicely.  On the downside, I wish my bottom half would shred layers faster.  So I wanted to share an excercise for legs.. I was getting tired of squats and lunges so I went on youtube and found FROG SQUATS and wow  I did the reg 12, 10 8 6 12 and 12 no weights and I was sooooo sore (good for me)  so if you ever want a good challenge do a few.. they are hard..

    week 6 starts monday so tomorrow is my free day... I am hoping that the 8 week miracle happends because I feel like I am putting in my time but not quite seeing big results yet...trying to be patient and stay on track...I haven't been on year much I think because I am feeling frustrated.. any suggestions would help.

    stay strong you all have a great saturday..

  • Jen - all I can say is stick to your plan. Keep finding your 10's and take it day to day. It takes mental strength to continue. Especially in these middle weeks. Here is a post from Mike that might help in some way to keep you on track. Keep posting and stay in touch. Many of us have been where you are and know exactly how you are feeling. Dont let your pride stop you from reaching out. You deserve success. You deserve to reach your personal goals. You deserve to be happy and healthy and ALL THAT. :)

    Here it is :

    About weeks 5 to 8, somewhere in there, you will encounter the "what the heck" syndrome. How you deal with it will determine the course and outcome of the rest of your challenge. Here’s how it works. You’ve seen good results to this point, maybe nothing spectacular, but your clothes fit looser, people have noticed, you feel stronger and lift more, and your diet has been pretty much by the book. You’re feeling confident and more. Then, here it comes: "Honey, you’re looking great, and that big wedding reception is coming up next week. Would you do me a big favor and just try to eat and act normally while we’re there? You deserve a little break–you’ve worked so hard!" A smile, and a "pretty please" squeeze and he or she walks away.

    You bite. At the wedding reception, it’s cake and ice cream, a few beers, a couple of handfuls of nuts, and so on. What the heck–you’ll burn it off in the early morning cardio. And you hit the cardio hard. But you hit free day which comes up very quickly even harder. Sleeping in after free day felt pretty good, and you’ll be back on that routine before they know it. This begins a spin from which some never recover.

    Well, this is just an example, and the what the heck syndrome can take many other forms. A very sad event that just begs you to eat and drink over it. A really joyous event that just has to be celebrated. So, what’s wrong with that? Can’t I enjoy life, you say? WELL, my question to you is, "What does risking all the work you’ve done so far, in exchange for some really unhealthy eating actually have to do with the enjoyment of life?? If this is how the rest of your life after your challenge is going to be, you don’t stand the proverbial snowball’s chance in Hell of keeping your weight off and staying conditioned.

    The appropriate response to the "what the heck" opportunity is simple. Act like you’re enjoying yourself, and you no doubt will. If you can’t handle the peer pressure, grab a glass of diet soda, put a few little food treats on a plate and walk around talking to folks. Mess up the treats, and then at the first opportunity put the plate down, or hand it to a waiter, and walk away. You’ll feel better, and really, no one who matters to you will ever notice the difference. You will, though, because you won’t be waking up the next morning feeling like a bird slept in your mouth!

    Having fun and acting normal at foodfests, without becoming a victim of the gluttony, takes practice but can be done! If you don’t master this, even if your challenge goes smoothly, the rest of your life is going to be a bumpy road! When I was first learning how to be a recovering alcoholic, I worried to death about how to decline a drink when offered one. My sponsor told me to simply say, "No thanks, I’ve had plenty!" And it was certainly no lie either. It worked. The only people who still tried to push drinks on me were people who needed the program I had just been in. It’s no different with food. The ones trying to get you to stuff yourself are doing it due to their own issues, not yours!

  • One more thing - week 5 - 7 have always been hard on me mentally. I get tired and hungry, and really have to dig deep into my goals. I have realized this is the turning point when things inside are revving up. Hang in there. It's worth it.

  • Thanks for the post... that was a good thing for me to read so I don't get frustrated and lose focus.. I do feel changes,, i just think I am expecting more than I should.. I hope my insides are getting roomier.. lol..  losing fat from the inside out you just don't see it.  so on and on I will go.. I am sticking to plan so pateince is the key right now..

    Thanks again.. I was gonna skip my free days but in reality I believe that free day is needed so I don't overindulge on what I am not supposed to during the week,..

    Jen, oh and I will post more often, your right staying connected helps..

  • Bryan - Appreciate you sharing. :-)



    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi folks,

    Man i hate it when you type a post, hit reply and it goes into the depths of cyberworld never to be seen again.

    Copy, and wait and see. lesson learnt.

    Ok, so free day, Cardio done, woke up 4 times last night thinking about this session, it plays with me head sooo bad.

    I must confess, yesterdays cardio was BRILLIANT. I loved it, really had fun doing it.

    Todays workout.... not so much.

    Started with Bike sprints, and while it got theheart rate up, it turned my quads to jelly. And i changed from the last workout because it hit my quads and i wanted to give them a chance to rest between workouts.So i think i need to find something else, and cardio workouts that can be done Tabata style please let me know. Any advise suggestions welcome.

    So after bike sprints i did my all time favorite BURPEE'S.  NOT!!!!

    Coach Mo, burpee's done.

    Then i did the stepper, didn't see a higher step rate /20 seconds, even though i was doing this after skipping last week.

    Then i did skipping, and it was a stuff up, after the stepper i kept on tripping over the rope, did a hell of a lot less than yesterday, got so frustrated, swore like a trooper and almost threw the damn rope through the window. ARHHHHHH. so next time i will do the skipping BEFORE the stepper. Skipping is just such an awesome cardio session, gets the sweat flowing, heart rate up, and to be stop starting when i just wanted to go......

    then did Mountain climbers.

    Used to think burpee's were my worst by a long way, they now have company. did NOT like them one little bit!!!

    Confession time, i gave up with 3 reps to go.

    just couldn't be bothered, i was tired, gassed, sweating, frustrated and doing them made me feel all the bits i shouldn't even have wobbling and jiggling and it was straight up CRAP.

    Sitting there going through the rest period thinking i'm not going to do the next 20 seconds workout and i see TaylorT's post saying she almost gave up on the TM then reread my post in her head and decided she couldn't give up, pushed harder and set a P.B.

    Then i'm thinking of everyone doing P.B.'s, pushing harder, me saying JUST DON'T QUIT!!! and i'm quitting. :-( then i have legsy saying BOOM BABY, Happy Dance, And Yummy Freeking Debs laughing, almost get this school yard chant in my head, i'm so happy for your pain, na na nanana.

    (The voices in my head have a party with me, some weird stuff goes on up there)

    Phone starts beeping 2 reps left, lost 1 rep sitting there thinking all this.

    Turned over and did the 2nd last rep.

    Hated it. resting on my arms and knees, sweat poring off me, out of breath, Bloody phone starts beepin ALREADY!!!!!!

    last rep. Whimper, swear, grunt, swear,yell, swear, heave, swear, push harder, swear again. Time up, SWEAR, workout done, highest number of reps in the last 20 seconds. boom baby, i'm stuffed!

    Almost quit, where the hell did that come from???

    I suppose thats why i do the 1st new cardio on my free day, gives me a chance to ease in and tweak so i can hit it properly on tuesday.

    Brian, thanks for that post, takes huge courage, and a high level of self loving belief whatever to post that, well done.

    hey folks.


    I'm wasted and outta here for now.

    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart or pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!



  • Donald - I do think you're right... a 2011 champion is among us.  /  I believe the 500 meters per day just going to the loo.  The other night I pee'd 5 times in 2 hours (I need to keep my water consumption down before the Half Marathon or I'll have to stop about 7 times!).  That was a lot of sweat, dude!  What the heck is an "Out of Africa" expo?

    Legs - What is "the rack" at the gym.  You'll have to show me at my gym.  So are you doing the burp challenge?  (I can do burps).

    Mazjaz - I feel for you.  You sounded so deflated and discouraged.  Mo and Yummy have already analyzed your meals so I won't be too redundant.  I never think about "getting my oil portion in" for the day.  I do not intentionally add fat to my diet.  I do, however, intentionally eat salmon 2-3 times a week to get my good fat in.  That's it..... everything I buy is fat-free (FF mayo, FF cottage cheese, FF yogurt).  I do not use milk or cheese with anything (not even FF).  This is redundant, but tuna in WATER only!!! (I think that is huge).  I have a lot of the Pampered Chef rubs & seasonings, but honestly I don't need that much flavor (I use black pepper on most everything). //  So I am REALLY encouraged for you now because as you see, there are LOTS of things you can do to clean up your food choices.  

    Debs - Great advice for Mazjaz.  You always know what to say.

    Jimmie B - Getting a promotion of sorts already...  terrific!

    Taylor T - Have you done your 5K yet?  I'll be having "Girl-Guide" cookies on free day (that was so cute, Legs).  

    Bryan - That WAS a crazy 24 hours! / Very cool meeting someone at the gym in C3. / Down 2.3% BF and great measurements!  Thanks for the info on the EAS sale.  /  I know it takes a very long time to get rid of excess skin (and sometimes I don't think it all goes away - boo).  I have some too (very noticeable when I sit down or bend over).

    Mo - Thanks for the "bad choices" post.  I hate burpees!!!

    Tisha - I think you nibble because you secretly LOVE burpees!  Have a great run!!!

    GaSmilingGirl - It is normal to have to go way down on weights for flyes and lateral raises.  They are very hard but I love the results.

    Yummy - Great progress.  I expect mine to be about the same as yours.

    Michelle - How are you feeling?  Hope you were able to workout last night.

    Bonwitty - EXCELLENT post to Mazjaz.  How have your choices been since Thursday?  I might not be able to check in on you tomorrow, so I'm checking in today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scott - I literally said "Oh NO!" out loud when I read the horrible news and had to fight back tears.  Have you told Mario yet?  I still hope you (and Mario) can come to Atlanta some time.  You have a place to stay.  

    Anne - Donald's right!!!!!  Mo isn't gonna let us slack on free day.  Do those burpees!

    Malena - My burpees are the worst!!!  I've tried it with a dumbbell so my wrists don't bend, but that's really hard.  So I have to slow things down to protect my wrists.... I never get any momentum going.  They're very jerky and rigid.

    jnash - I'll have to check out the frog squats next time I change up my routine.  Thanks!

    Sharon - I didn't know that about sweet potatoes.  I tried a sweet potato my first challenge and didn't like it.  I might try them again (I actually eyed them at the grocery store yesterday, but bought brown ones instead).

    I had a really good LBWO yesterday.  Just finished work and am about to get changed into my running clothes.  It's raining here but it's my only opportunity for a long run/walk.  I'm hoping to do 9+ miles.  I'll let you know if I make it or not.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Lady Georgia - If you have a problem with the taste, try adding spices or use a spray butter like Smart Balance (  I don't know if it will trigger cravings but it's worth a try.  I love them plain.  I cook mine in the microwave.  Poke holes in it with a fork and wrap it in a paper towel.  Microwave on one side for 2 minutes and then turn it over and microwave for another 2 minutes.  Let it sit for about a minute and then split it open and eat.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Laurie,

    "out of Africa" expo is just a South african Flea market. i think thats the best way of explaining it.

    So a whole buch of stalls selling either south african products, or run by south africans.

    There is a large South african population in New Zealand. And Australia and Europe and Canada lol.

    Yesterday was the pits. the stalls not selling food were a waste of time to go look at, and we had to walk past the food stalls to get to the rest. And it's no so much that it's "fast food" more like traditional foods. Liesel will know them... Borewors rolls( a beef sausage cooked on a charcoal BBQ then served on a roll with fried onions and tomato sauce, Pootjie kos( a stew of sorts made in a 3 leg cast iron pot REALLY Yummy) , Lamb on the spit. so just tasty foods, that we wern't allowed.

    Great post as per usual.

    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart or pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!

  • Hi Bryan,

    I am in my 10th week of my C1,  and read your comment.  Sometime back,  really over 20 years ago... I was attending Weight Watchers meetings.  There was a wonderful lady there that lost over 100#,  and her body had totally absorbed the skin folds.  I was really curious as to how she did it and she shared.  It was several fish meals each week!  Everyone agreed... the fish meals over time will shrink  your skin back to your muscle... gradually,  but it will happen.  Not sure if you have tried this,  but like everything else... good things take time.

    Keep up the good work!  You look amazing!


  • Well Laurie .."the rack" is a term I read in a mens magazine. At my gym there is a rack that holds a varity of barbells already loaded with weights starting at 30# then up to what I meant by that, is I lifted each barbell for my deadlifts. I have read some people do the rack heavy to light, or lightweight to heavy. - just another way to keep challenging and shocking your body.  And yes I am in the Burp thing. Today I actually did 5 real burpees with a very slow push-up and recovery ... but I did do them. As I was on #3 I was already cursing MO for picking a month with 31 days - what was wrong with February. :)

    So I ran 8 miles today. O. M. G. By the end of it, the balls of me feet ached, my right shin was throbbing and the whole backs of both legs were so tired! I probably wouldnt have done better, but I do think that the deadlifts I did yesterday had alot to do with the soreness in my legs. Next weekend I hope to get to 10 miles. I ate a small amount of oatmeal with a full scoop of protein powder an hour before I ran, then immediately after drank a mix of chocolate and vanilla protein powder mixed in with my Betagen as well as my BCAA's. YUMMO!! (ya gotta try that - Orrin does that with his PUSH and it really is a nice change - well that's if you take that stuff)

    OH CRAP - I just remembered as I reread my post ... it is supposed to be a total of 15 burpees today. DANG IT. Im on it. ...

    One more thing - Donald - you are so freaking amazing! So proud of you!!