BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Legs:  Awesome workout!!  Sounds like so much fun & very intense!  I bet your heartrate is still through the roof.  Hope you can sleep.

    aussie:  Great post!  Thanks for the motivation and inspiration.

    Jill:  I see you are on your third challenge.  I went to  your profile but found nothing entered.  I'd love to hear how you did on your other two challenges.  Care to share?

    Better hit the pillow soon.  Gonna be a long day tomorrow.

    Good night.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom,

    I have pictures posted on under the same name JillC.  I did amazing on the first challenge, 2nd challenge was more toning than weight loss.  Was banned from exercise by MD for about 2 months this summer, didn't gain much weight, but lost most of my muscle.  It really really works if you stick to it.  Have a great day!


  • Good Morning Crew! Hope everyone has a great day!

    Aussie-Debs - Thanks for your post. I find them very inspiring.

    WannaBeABrickhouse - Very cool shoes. I have been intimated by going to a running store but I think I might do it this weekend. I sooo need new shoes.

    Legs WOW - Been thinking about trying a crossfit class that a friend at work told me about. Sounds exciting and looking forward to giving it a try.

    C1 Day 18: Great LBWO yesterday afternoon - Really pushed myself Back on track with Cardio first thing this morning. Eating is going good and I am with a lot of you - LOVE LOVE LOVE my veggies.

    Have Fun today everyone - Sharon

  • MORNING CREW!!!!!!

    Tomorrow's FRIDAY!! WooHoo!! =) Also younger daughter's birthday...So the baker in the family, that would be my husband started on her cake last night...THEN oldest daughter decided that she wanted to make cookies for her Spanish class food lots of temptations in the house...BUT none of that stuff making it to my mouth!  So Natalie (I think it was you...), going to have to pass on your daughter's cookie fundraiser! LOL! =)

    Morning Jill! Have a great day out there on the east coast!! =)

    Sharon-I highly recommend you trying that CF class! It's a whole new level of "fun" and fitness! My class yesterday was 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats, as many rounds as you could muster in 11 minutes...I got 7 rounds plus 2 pullups...Needless to say my arms are not liking me this morning.

    Took the day off from exercise...listening to the body...have an official 5K on Sunday and don't wanna be beat up for that! This will be the biggest one yet that I've entered (thousands of people)...hope I don't get trampled! =)

    Okay, gotta get ready for school...I'll be back! =) Wakey Wakey FRIENDS!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Heading off to beddy bys now..... just want to quickly say.. LOL!

    In my best "BFLMIKE VOICE"...

    To any "newbies" reading these posts, when we talk about crossfit, PX90, TRX, whatever..... Please, Please, Please - don't Run before you walk.......  The wonderful people who talk about these "elite classess" - are actually at that "elite" level.... They have minimum 2 COMPLETE BFL BOOK STYLE CHALLENGES under there belts..... They have done the "basic plan", trust us all, you WILL WANT TO GO BACK TO "BASIC" when you hit around week 6!  So just bide your time - enjoy the excitement and dreaming that if you really want to, you too will be an "elite athlete", but please don't put any extra "challenges" in your "Challenge" by jumping ahead of time....

    Sorry, I don't wish to be a "downer", but these are the facts - if you are "new" - you really need to stick to the basics otherwise it can "do your head and body in"... Hugs! xxxxx

    Buy the Book and Do It–By the Book!

    by: Michael Harris  1/3/08 a rerun from 3/29/2007

    Each year, more people are trying to do body for life without reading the book Body for Life. While the website is a wealth of information, and the videos, booklets and other literature are superb, there is really no substitute for the book insofar as an overview of nutrition and exercise principles, specific recommendations to follow in setting goals, resisting adversity, and getting more out of yourself than you ever imagined you could.

    I’ve talked to those who haven’t read the book and they tell me unanimously that they know enough to do this right. The problem is that they DON’T know enough to even know what they are missing. They might know what they are doing, but they don’t know WHY they are doing it. So, the first time something new comes along, they are apt to follow that. Lack of knowledge produces instability. Instability produces chaos. And chaos produces failure.

    "Tweaks" seem to be the most common abuses of those who haven’t read the book. People introduce extra cardio, or different diet plans combined with the BFL exercise program, or different exercise plans combined with the BFL diet. These seem to be the most common variations. And if you haven’t read the book, you just don’t know why doing this is counterproductive to your best efforts.

    But, you argue, "this is a one-size fits all plan, and I want one that works perfectly for ME! I want to get fit right away and completely maximize my efforts." That’s a great idea, but it’s also way too simplistic and unrealistic. What you need isn’t the perfect plan for you--you need a plan you can follow perfectly. See, even if there was a perfect plan for you, no one could know for certain what that would be like.

    The book supplies ALL the foundational knowledge. It tells you exactly what the abyss is, and why if you don’t cross it you’ll go nowhere. You’ll learn the differences between goals and dreams, between habits that help you and habits that hold you back, and what’s meant by future vision, and why it’s important. You’ll know exactly how to carefully and completely develop the goals for your challenge. You’ll understand perfectly (even though you might still have the urge to throw in extra cardio) exactly why that’s not a good idea, and exactly why weight training is absolutely the best way to fight fat!

    Even more importantly, you will understand exactly why rest is so important, why long workouts are counterproductive, and why it is important to choose nutrition sources wisely. You’ll have all the tools you need, and you’ll have the manual that tells you how and why to use those tools to maximize your body for life efforts.

    You’ll also receive the unvarnished truth about why so many other diet plans and exercise regimens just don’t work long term.

    And, there are the great stories! if you read them again and again, you’ll find bottomless inspiration in the true stories of those whose lives have been forever changed by body for life. You’ll see that the greatest and most life-changing reward they received was not the championship at all.

    Top Ten Impediments to a Successful Challenge!
    by: Michael Harris  9/5/2008

    New people, please take this to heart--it will help you succeed!

    Body for Life is essentially a simple--but not easy--program that in twelve weeks will create physical, mental and spiritual changes that will help you break free of ineffective and destructive ways of eating, dealing with relationships, and managing life goals. Though it’s simple, most of us have found ways to frustrate ourselves and to complicate our lives needlessly. I include here ten of those that occur most commonly, in hopes that YOU might be one of the first to avoid them all!

    10. Failing to read the books carefully. Few really know all that’s in them. It’s all critical to doing the challenge right. Just as an example, the most commonly asked question on the guestbook and the Tracker has to do with extra cardio. Is it o.k. to do it? The answer is quite clearly in the book.

    9. Perfectionism. This is the attitude that I must complete a challenge flawlessly. That’s crazy, because there is no such thing! I covered this in detail on 9/4. Please reread it if you have questions on this problem.

    8. Skipping meals. If 6 meals is great, 5 must be even better, right? Wrong! It gets back to failing to read the book carefully. 6 meals is optimum, and 5 is certainly better than 4, but continually failing to get in 6 meals is a sign that the diet needs a bit more attention and priority!

    7. Failing to eat proper portions. It’s easy to suffer from "portion creep," especially as the challenge goes along. If you’re one of those whose "guesstimates" seem to get larger as the challenge goes along, use a container or something similar to check yourself. If your fist size is 2/3 of a cup, on occasion drop your carb portion into it to be sure that’s what you’re eating.

    6. Eating the "wrong foods." There are no "wrong foods," in reality, but there are often foods eaten that aren’t appropriate for the intended purpose. Here’s just one example: eating peanut butter or string cheese as protein portions. These are both fats, not proteins. Another common error is eating too much bread for carbohydrates. Bread should be rarely consumed, and when it is, only in the form of whole grain bread only.

    Please read below for the rest of this blog.

    5. Failing to work out with sufficient intensity. To be effective, the workouts, both cardio and resistance training, have to be short and intense. Many new trainees fail to appreciate the concept of lifting to failure, and hitting tens. Whenever I see someone announce that they "hit tens" on all of their exercises, I cringe, because that is someone who simply does not understand the amount of effort that needs to go into a resistance training session.

    4. Adding extra activity. Desperation is a difficult attitude to overcome. In fact, it is usually overcome only when the trainee becomes either injured or overtrained to the point of illness. Other than failing to work out hard enough, the next biggest transformation killer is adding a bunch of activity to the challenge in hopes that it will speed things up. This can take the form of things like kick boxing, jazzercise, PUMP, spinning, Beach Bodies, marathon training, etc.

    3. Failing to plan: This is the "ready, fire, aim!" approach to a transformation. You must have a careful plan for your challenge, including appropriate, objective and achievable goals, and a way of accomplishing them.

    2. Failing to set the right goals. Sorry, but "I want to look hot!" is not a goal. It’s a desire, but it’s not a goal. A goal must be objectively measurable, achievable, and achievable without forces beyond your control. A better goal than "hot" might be "10% body fat" which could certainly go a long ways toward making people think you’re hot.

    1. Failing to appreciate the universal law of reciprocation. A transformation should be a very memorable experience. Nothing makes it more memorable or joyful than regularly doing something for another person without getting caught, and without telling anyone else. These efforts don’t need to be extravagant, but they do need to be intentional and regular through your challenge. Taking time out to help others helps you to avoid the need to satisfy your own destructive cravings and desires. So, with those efforts, you kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

    I hope as you read this you realized you are doing more right than wrong. If not, just make some course corrections, and stay in the game. You’ll make it! And please don’t start over. First, go back and read mistake number 9. Truly that is the worst mistake anyone can make, being so perfectionistic that they never complete a challenge. Rather than a virtue, perfectionism is truly a real and stubborn character defect that undermines almost every effort the perfectionist undertakes!



  • For Aly and all you other spinach loving people out there... =)


    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Debs,

    I TOTALLY agree about the having 2 challenges before trying the other stuff...BFL has given me a strong foundation to where I can venture out more!

    So thankful you posted that cause I forgot to mention that to Sharon!

    Sweet Dreams my dear Aussie friend!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • aussie:  Ouch...guess someone had to step into Mike's shoes, huh?  I wouldn't even think of doing a class like that.  I have worked out all of my adult life, but have never been a "class person."  Maybe once I complete this challenge and feel I need to shake it up, I'll try something like that.  Right now, I am totally sticking to the basics.  I know how to eat and I know how to exercise....I've just never had it all put together for me in such a basic format.  I also didn't combine my food properly before, even tho I was eating clean food.  Thanks for your invaluable insight & motivation.

    Jill:  I will take a look at those pics. Thanks for sharing.

    DebMo:  Great job resisting temptation.  I try hard in that aspect.  I had lunch at Paradise Bakery with a friend, and they give a free cookie with the meal.  I wrapped it up and put it in my purse.  When I got home, I put it in the back of the fridge.  If I want it on Sunday, I'll have it then.  I probably will since my dad & I are going on a one hour hike.  Hiking is something I do on a regular basis.  I hope it won't affect the outcome of this program...but something I love to do.  I am keeping it at once a week now, and usually do it on Wed.,so I can totally take Sundays off from everything.  My dad and I were going to hike the Grand Canyon in October, but have changed it to the Spring now.

    Hey...what is the difference between Bill Phillips BFL & Transformation?  I get a lot of e-mails about Transformation.


    I will check in later.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Aww Aly - you are cracking me up over here.  I am sure you don't have big butt or bit thighs - silly girl!!  Yes I am on facebook, Teresa Marker Taylor.

    LDPower  and BDMOM- I live in a very small down and don't venture out much but I am definately going to looking into the running shoe store.  I thought you were talking about like a Nike show store or something but I would love to have my running anaylized and have the proper shoes, maybe I might enjoy it a bit more.  I am going to have to check it out the next time I am in a bigger city.  Thanks so much for all the advice.

    Aussie Deb - loving your post right now.  First I love the one about basically all of us being winners no matter what level of fitness we are, because we all are pushing ourselves. How true is that.  And then the post from BFL Mike.  Awee, I am so sorry I never had the opportunity to talk with Mike, but I am so thankful many of you kept his post and keep reposting (is that a word) them.  He was truly an inspritation and his words are like he is talking directly to you.  So all that got to talk to him and to all that kept his post, thank you so much for sharing.

    Everyone else have an awesome day -

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Gooooood Mornnning America, how are you.... la la la

    and Australia and South Africa and everyplace else - remember that song?

    Debsy - great post. We have mentioned that before and it needs to be repeated every so often. If not for a solid foundation of BFL, I would not know how to recognize my strength AND my weakness and need to step it up or slow it down. When I can afford a larger portion and when I need to drink more water. SO GLAD YOU SAVED THAT FROM MIKE.


    I have a day off today full of appointments....will try to poke in later.

  • BDMom, I just finished reading Bill's next gen book "Transformation" and it is VERY similar to BfL but much more "inner transformation" focussed, in some spots delving on the spritiual almost. Through years of additional research he's also slightly modified the "free day" concept to avoid the once weekly food / carb hangover by switching it up to a couple, 3 maybe, free MEALS spread across the week instead, otherwise it's the next gen BfL cash cow publishing for him LOL!

    To all, right out of the gate I want to thank all of you crazy pals in here! Moral support, accountability, & motivation is what makes BfL ROCK & if it weren’t for y’all today would’ve been a HORRID daytrip all the way back to “Fat Boy Rules!”

    So thanks to Murphy, today had already turned into a home “Precor cardio only” day then I walk into the break room this morning to make my mid morning protein shake & some “nice person” has baked a HUGE platter of several various kinds of cookies including my very favorite, peanut butter cookies with M&Ms!!! Just say NO! 8 OZ of ice, 12 OZs of water, just say NO, just walk away! Whew, made it!!!

    Then somebody decided our all afternoon meeting clear across town needed a kickoff lunch at that same “best BBQ buffet” in Memphis. GRRR! Smoked chicken, cabbage heart coleslaw, 1 piece of catfish & 1 yeast dinner roll for dessert, ONLY 1, I swear!!!

    Then the meeting goes way long & on the drive home I approach one of the coolest biker bars around! It sets immediately adjacent to one of the Mid-South’s largest Harley Dealers & right across the street from the only Victory / Triumph dealer for hours! WAIT!!! It’s Wednesday!!! That means its BIKE NIGHT!!! “Fat Boy Rules” kicked in & the commuter-mobile is parked before I remember even hitting the turn signal. Hmmm!!! How’d that happen?!?!?

    So, the lot is just starting to fill up with bikes, the band is just tuning up, my favorite stage side patio table is still open (I used to be a REAL regular), back to the wall (aces & eights you know!) beer & bourbon flowing like Niagara Falls, life is good! Okay, WAKE UP!!! “Unsweetened Iced Tea” I hear myself order! Whew! Okay, look at the menu dummy! YEP! It’s still there! The house special!!! Smoked 8 Oz Prime Rib Hoagie…MMM! NO!!! Just say NO!!! The “Biker Burger!” MMM 2/3 LB of ground prime beef slathered in melted cheddar & pepper jack w/ beer battered onion rings! Mmm!!! NO NO NO!!! Ahhh!!! The bike night special! SALVATION!!! Mesquite smoked Ahi Tuna Steak, Caesar side salad & a cup of Cajun gumbo! Bingo! Whew, dodged yet another bullet!

    Been there for an hour now, tunes are cranking, bikes & roaring in & out, scenery is amazing…life is good! Here comes the waitress with the dessert tray…No No No!!! “Thanks anyhow, check please” I hear myself mutter without even a mental battle! You guys & gals ROCK!!! There’s NO WAY I’d have made it through this day without all of you setting on my shoulders kicking that lil flame skinned, pitchfork wielding, buzzard off to the side! THANKS!!!

    Got home, hopped on the upright bike & pedaled off 6.3 miles @ 18.0 MPH, burning off 243 calories @ 11.6 Cal/Min so all in all a successful endeavor! Y’all have an OUTSTANDING day!

  • Good morning JillC, slemard, DebbieMO, aussie-Debs, BDMom, taylor t, Legs  and Roosed!

    JillC- awesome transformations!

    Aussie-Debs - Thanks for the BFLMike reminder. After my second challenge I am taking it easy (kinda) for 4-5 weeks then starting P90X to get me thru the cold winter months. I might be back for another BFL challenge by February (getting hitched in June). I am always planning ahead. I only have one free weekend where I dont have plans between now and the end of November. I am excited about your big trip coming up. I have only been to 7 states (Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisana, New York, Florida, and Nevada). Austraila has always been on my Top 3 places I want to go Internationaly since I was a kid. What day do you change flights in Dallas and how long is your layover?

    Roosed - talking about kicking temptation in the butt. I wish I would have been that strong last Thursday evening.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • BDMom!  So glad you love your veggies....even if it makes your pee stink :O).

    Brickhouse!  The RAINBOW!  Yes, lots of color, love that you mentioned that!

    MO!  Thanks for the spinach, ya know, my arms look JUST like that after I eat my spinach.

    Taylor!  I continue to try and embrace the badonka donk butt...always the last to go and the first to return, LOL!  

    ROOSED!  I thoroughly enjoyed your post this morning...felt like I was living it!  Props to you for pushing through yesterday.  Sounds like you still had some great tasting food without falling off!  Way to go!!!  Plus, you made me laugh :O).

    Debs!  Thanks for calling me tiny, ya goofball.  Loved your Mike posts.  The beauty of BFL and being tailored to an individuals needs.  A month ago I was running sprints with both toddlers in the stroller, threw the back out, now I'm stuck with walking...I use the incline and can still achieve some results!  It's AWESOME!!

    Now, I must mention, I wasn't giving a lecture on veggies like I have always been the queen of eating my veggies, rather, I mention it because my first challenge was done with mostly forgetting to eat my veggies.  Justs wanted to throw it out there, in case someone maybe needed to add a few more to their shopping list :O).


  • Jacium!  You crave broccoli?  What's your favorite way to eat it?  Raw?  Steamed?  Another way??


  • HI ALY!  :-)

    I love broccoli roasted in the oven with just a drizzle of olive oil.  SUPER YUM!

    DEBS!  Great talking with you this morning----THANKS FOR THE MIKE POST----I think he'd be kicking all of us in the keister!  His words live on, though!  Love you, girlie.  

    All my best to you ALL.  Hope you have a BRILLIANT Thursday!  HEAD IN THE GAME PEOPLE!  LET'S DO THIS THING!   Grrrrr!   xo