BFL Coffee Crew!


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hey there lovelies!

    Ashley-L.... hehe - look at what I found..

    19/07/2009 10/10/2009 W12 Ashley-L C3

    Don't know if it's the last one for you.. but there you were!  We all joined in 2009 lovey! Nice to see you again!


  • Morning Coffee Crew

    Having my morning Dandelion Root Organic Tea, sorry not having coffee!!! Lol

    Then I will be getting ready for my first class of Crossfit !! Think I will need a post protein green smoothie, and a after one to keep this machine running !! Lol will chat later all :)

  • Hey Anne! Enjoy that CF! Freak! :) You have come so far! Totally staying uncomfortable - that is fantastic. :)

  • Well coffee crew,!!

    That was quite the experience,  got quite the workout just lifting weights and jumping and squatting !!! Coach said my form was great !!! But Holy Batman crossfit is freaking crazy ***!!!

    KiwiDon~mate know wonder you are as crazy as you are , lol if I did CF every second day I'd be as crazy as you!!! Lol

    No offence I think you 're awesome !!! :)

    Legsy~ I a awesome workout needed that this morning !!! Definitely staying on comfortable !!! :)

  • Morning coffee crew

    Well this is Sunday , February 16th

    Wow the legs and arms are really sore this morning , could hardy sit in bathroom, had hard time getting cup out of cupboard for my coffee this morning !!!(( Boom )) definitely staying on comfortable!!!!

  • Thanks, @Slim new me.   I like to stop by from time to time.  I can't keep up with too many threads or my ADHD will cause my head to spin off my body, and that can't possibly be good.  Luckily for me, as my Mom used to say, that my head is attached, or I'd lose it.  

    @kiwiDon - Thanks much to ya.  Now get your ass to the gym and report back once it's done!  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Wakey Wakey Coffee Crew

    Went to the gym again yesterday after noon, did a little workout just to get some of the (doms) out and then went swimming with my daughter, had a great after noon!!!

    Taking the day off today from exercise, we have a family day off in Alberta today,  not to sure what we will be doing today but I'm sure it will be good what ever it will be!!! :)

    So KiwiDon ~ Donald, What is your verdict , on starting BFL with the coffee crew??? :) I sure hope it's the right one we all want to hear!!! :)

  • hey everyone!

    Anne--good job on the Crossfit!!!  are you going back? Is this like the Elements classes and you take these for awhile?  I bet just walking in feels so much different from walking in to your regular gym, because you've heard all the HARD work they make you do!  And there's no cushy lay back areas like sofas, TV's, tanning beds.  I bet it was a little cold in there too, because you get so hot working out!

    Donald--glad to see you back in here!  I'm curious too to see what you decided as far as your new plan of fat attack!

    GOOD NEWS: We bought a condo!  It's the one we can see out our current living room window and they are all stand-alone buildings.  Basically a house, but in a condo association and no outdoor maintenance. I will have a flower bed and try to grow herbs and maybe tomatoes!  

    BAD NEWS: I've fallen back into old habits where I comfort myself with junk food and I'm so addicted and really really struggling with this right now.  I've had stressful times before where I've stayed on course, remained healthy and skinny, and those turned out to be my most proudest moments.  But so far, my resolve is down the toilet.  I got some weird bloody blister in an uncomfortable place and I'm wondering if it's from this junk I'm putting in my body or stress-related.  I know I should get it checked out, but so busy right now meeting deadlines for all this house business.  This is all new to me.  The next few months, I have no idea how I'm going to stay away from takeout and comfort food.  Seriously, cooking and prepping is the last thing I have time for.

    I can't wait to put all this behind me and move ahead with my plans to freeze local meat and homemade prepped dishes in  an extra freezer.  Take advantage of my bigger kitchen and exercise areas.  I will have room to use my hula hoop!!!!

  • I have some idea of how you feel OptiGirl.  I feel like I was moseying along pretty good until I got side tracked.  I’ve finally found my way out and making progress in the right direction.  It took me a year!  But I’m back and rolling.  You will find your time too.  At least we know this type of situation isn’t permanent and we know what to do when we are ready. :-) “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” --Theodore Roosevelt

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Evening Rockstars!

    OPTI - Sharon took a year, I took 2 - DON'T do that to yourself... as Shazza says -  do the best you can NOW!



  • Wakey Wakey Coffee Crew!!!

    Where are you KiwiDon~ Donald Danald Donald Where are you can't see you anymore???  Lol

    just getting ready to head to work now did LBWO, Chat later.!!

  • thanks guys.

    I've come to decision.  I'm going to skip my stair climb this year. I hadn't started fundraising yet so that's good.  I will practice for my dance recital and attend that in April.  I'm going back on a 30-day Primal like the one I did 1 1/2 years ago.  This blister/growth is freaking me out and I want to see if I can make it go away by focusing on nutrition.  You ever pray or negotiate with a higher being, and think, maybe I'll get my act together when something really bad happens and I have no choice.  Well maybe this blister is my sign.

    I'm holding myself accountable to all of you that I won't be eating grains or go on sugar binges.  These things slow me down and rip away my confidence.  I need all the confidence I can muster so I handle unexpected repairs, paperwork delays, and things that throw off my ducks in a row.

    I won't stress about getting workouts in, but nutrition has to be key right now.  If there's pizza, just eat the tops. So I might spend more on premade cut veggies and snack trays.  So be it.  

  • Donald! Thank god there is room for two bald fat men here hey! hahaha

    I had a better HIIT this monrning than I have had in a year and a half. A true 10 today! BOOM! Feels so good. I think I bit my lip though trying to breathe!

    The gym is so busy! AH! I will try and get some shout outs in soon!

    You guys rock!

    Together we are stronger!


  • Hello peeps,

    O.K. so after much procastination and another weeks of doing F.A. and getting fatter and lazier i decided to buy some CF gear for home.

    I'm selling my old home gym and the weights and stuff and buying CF equipment.

    So Olympic bars and bumper plates for lifting etc...

    I'm also going to go back to CF.

    will keep ya posted.

    i might even do my 1st class tomorrow morning.