BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Hi everyone don't know if I can do this, Have a few things going on , will check back in a week or two, and let you know if I can join in to this group again.!!! BryanL  I know you can get back to where you ended.

  • hi all!

    Bryan--that's gutsy of you to post the pic of your busting button!  We can all relate. Now it's time to use those free gyms you have access to.

    laura--I didn't know you filled bags with canned goods before! Vry creative of you.  Easy to say 'screw it' when you have to resort to making free weights like that.

    I get so excited to see when this thread gets updated.

    Been eating cleaner again (reduced sugar) and my knee pain suddenly vanished. Back seems back to new also.  Go figure!

    We've started shopping around for a condo.  We've been renting for our entire adult lives.  looking over our budget, I'm strongly thinking of dropping my gym membership when we find something.  I just don't use all of that stuff anymore.  I'm not dropping my belly dance but will miss my yoga classes.

    One of the condos is directly across from a huge city park.  I've got daydreams running through my head of waking up in the morning, crossing the street, and doing a Primal workout somewhere on the park's grounds. Walking around the wooded area, climbing a tree.  Going to the playground and toughening up my callouses. tumbling in the grass.  Grabbing my skiis and cross country around the perimeter.  Play!  (Although I wonder if I will have kids crossing through my lawn to get to the park.)

    Oh and the thought of being to JUMP in my house without worry of disturbing any downstairs neighbors? Priceless!  Today's workout I still need to do 50 jumping jacks and jump rope 4 sets of 30 sec each.  I need to either head down to freezing cement basement or modify them here in the apartment .  Yeh I know I will warm up if I do them in the basement... but it's dirty and dark down there....

    We still have to get preapproved and get a realtor and all that, around February.  Then narrow down the search, read the condo association's rules carefully before buying, etc.

  • oh my god, my husband just did a 20-minute DDP yoga with me!!!  His first ever time trying anything LIKE this! yikes, he wasn't able to do some of the very simple things, like lower down into a pushup without joint pain.... hope he joins me again another time.

  • ok, so I went down to the cold basement and did 100 JJ, 3 sets of 20 walking lunges, 4 sets of 30 fake jump rope, and 5 sets of 5 burpees.  And yeh, I got hot! what was I complaining about being cold???? Then up in my apartment I did some non-jumping like planks.  I'm going to cool down wth some yoga.

    this is part of my 12 days of Christmas workout, each day it builds upon itself. At first I thought it was just 5 burpees, not 5 sets of 5.  Or 20 lunges, not 3 sets of 20.  whew... I'm going to have to skip some days though--sorry!  I have a surgery in a few days where dr. says no exercise for 2 days. And I still have my 40 hr workweek on top of that.

  • Today is the first day of my new challenge. I woke up 35 minutes before I had to get up. No time for a workout before catching the 6:15am train to work but I plan to get one in this afternoon or evening. Nutrition so far has been greek yogurt and granola. Lunch will most likely be a grilled chicken salad. 200ml of water down a 3 liters to go.

    I took my before pictures yesterday. I went on a run and it hurt. Did 2.4mi and felt like quitting 15 minutes into the run. It was sunny and in the 50s so I could not pass up the opportunity.  Later in the day Ellen and I rode our bikes because it was so nice.

    My job contract ends two weeks from tomorrow and I am going to have to push hard to keep a consistent routine until then. Once it is up I will be working from home on Monday & Wednesday and commuting by train to work on Tue/Thur and maybe Fridays if my work load calls for it. If I do cardio MWF and weight TTHS then I will not have to buy a gym membership. I do want to pay a year pass to the city gym for only $150.

    Things are looking up and good nutrition happens one choice at a time.

    Slim new me - Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Optigirl - I have to own the results of my decisions. Hiding it will only push me further from my goals. The Condo sounds exciting!

    Starting Weight 202.2 lbs 21.9% Body Fat 

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Hi, I want to be part of this cool group. Started 12/9. Went to Las Vegas for a few days and was going to use my free day, it turned out to be I used all my free days for the month of December. I'm not going to let this bring me down. Week 2 for me is now.  Not looking back.

    Have an awesome Monday everyone :)

  • Hi Hk1205!!! Welcome!!!

    I also had a "Not looking back" week last week.

    Today doesn't look like my wo will happen, but I'm super excited about my food intake--we had an amazing holiday party for faculty and staff at the college, and they have table after table of amazing food. Everything looks like it's right off the cover of your favorite snobby food mag.

    But rather than eat there, I took a plate of equal portion meat & carbs, with a Primal focus (cuz that's how I want to do this challenge due to some intestinal issues I've been having) I took NO DESSERTS (even though they looked AMAZING), NO BREAD (even though I love it), JUST WATER (even though they had this super yummy looking sparkling cider with raspberries floating in it.)

    And I took the plate down to my office so I wouldn't be tempted to sit up there "grazing and fellowshipping" :) :) :)

    Just need to complete the day on such a high note, make sure to drink the rest of my water, and today's Kitchen will score a 10!

    Crazy times with administering finals in the testing center and when I get home, the kids have their choir concerts, so sadly no workout today. BUT I WILL get down to the basement with the rickety barbell and do something to better myself.

    *tee hee*

    Opti--I'm so psyched your hubby tried yoga!!! NO WAY!!! That's unbelievably amazing!

    Bryan--You are my hero posting your before pics. I can't even bring myself to take mine. I will. But I don't think I'll be posting them any time soon. Not until there's HUGE improvement, that is.

    Run4Life--How's the travel to non travel ratio going for you at work? I miss chatting with you. I'll have to open FB soon and see if you're online.


    MiniMom!!! I'm so psyched Donald nudged you back into the sandbox!! I haven't been back here for long either. Settle on in! :)

    And all you other goonies--I can't wait to get to know you all better!

    Have a great day/evening, and be awesome!

    Sabotage is not part of the plan.

  • Thank you Larry KP.  Question. Does any of you know of a Facebook group for support?

  • Welcome Hk1205!  I don't know what that stands for, but n myhead I'm pronouncing it "hike 1205" 'cause I like hiking.

    Laura, so proud of you for staying away from most of that party table! I don't think I could have done it... But it's true, when you skip that oh so pretty desserts, you may feel sad at the time, but hours later and the next morning, you forget all about it and never once have I regretted turning that stuff down.  

    You never wake up in the morning and think, "Dang, I should have had that cake I saw yesterday..."

    minimum--I remember you, you went to the same gym as Sharon I think, had the same trainer?

    Anne--hope to hear from you soon regarding any kind of training or program or whatever new thing you want to endeavor.  I see your pictures of all the ways you're enjoying your new house.  And I so hope to have pictures like that in a year, before next winter.

    Bryan--Sounds like  a good plan, doing your weight workouts when you have access to your work gym.  Cardio can be at home, or to an internet workout on your computer in your basement.

    I'm so sore from my workout yesterday I just couldn't do today's, which was a buildup of 100 JJ, lunges, burpees, jmp rope, planks, and now pushups.  But I will sit on the floor and stretch to some relaxing music.  tomorrow is the last belly dance lesson for a month.

  • hahaha, A comedy writer and her family put together this humorous Christmas video instead of doing cards.  I saw it shared on my facebook and they actually are a pretty exercise-minded family.  This is awesome!


  • There is a facebook support group already on there.  And it's called...all caps! It has 739 members so far


    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • How was everyone's holidays? Well I guess they're not done yet, we still have to power through New Year's.

    I went non-Primal on Christmas Eve and Day.  I had ALL intentions on staying away from the grains.  Until I saw my mom's baked goods, same recipe she's used all while I grew up.  I dove in on sentimental sake. It was like, boom! I gave in and 10 minutes later I felt like some hurricane blew through. Starting on the 26th, I went back to straight and narrow and boy am I crabby, the cravings are very very hard.  My mind is not back in the game yet. So far I have avoided all treats at work.

    On a positive note: I've used some of the money gifts I got to purchase a month-long fitness pass to use in my city's park and rec, which there are a few ballet classes, yoga, tai chi offered.  there was a super deal offered for paddleboarding in summer, but I didn't take advantage of it before they all sold out :(  Hopefully that's a sign I'll be busy doing other things in summer, like moving or setting a home exercise space.

    Went skiing today, perfect temp of in the 30's. I'm going to stretch out with some yoga now.

  •  Since I've been looking at houses, I can't help but dream of the fun I could have on some of the bannisters I've seen.  Or these 2 support beams in the basement.  they're close enough together that I could climb with one foot and one hand on each one!

  • Well.....I didn't start like I wanted to back on the 9th (or was it the 2nd?)  But....I did downoad the app to my old phone and I am officially starting Day 1 today. In the app, you need to name your program. I named mine ,the last time, but the first  because I have started and stopped sooooooo many times. I vow to finish this time!