BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Hey Tonja, good to hear from some old friends.  I have been spending my time on the Warrior forum as well as My Fitness Pal - much easier to log into.  Hope all is well here...I am still maintaining my routine/size/diet.

  • Hi everyone!  I know, Sorry Steph, everyone sort of moved on.  To owning their own gyms, joining competitions, races, progressed into different specialties.

    Tonja, congratulations on your decision to become certified!!  Wow!  i think that's such a big step when people first started working out X years ago, and then consciously decided that they WANT to train others!!  

    i'm still eating Primally.  had a big hiccup in December.  That sucked. now been back on total Primal since Jan 1.  I have a few moments where I'll have ONE non-Primal candy, and EVERY time it turns into 10, then 20, etc.  Other than that, i've not even given bread a 2nd glance, even when it was the best of the best freshest.  Went to a friend's house last and she had homemade cookies.  After all my experimentation on myself these last few years with BFL and stuff, I knew to not even try just ONE.  I succeeded, came home, didn't miss it one bit. in fact, forgot all about it until now as I'm typing this paragraph.  

    i will not be doing a BFL Challenge at this time, possilby maybe not again (?..) It was great for a 12-week program and to get my  mind in the right place.  But I'm really enjoying trying all the other fitness out there that BFL didn't give me time or enough muscle recovery to do.

    i'm following the Primal Blueprint fitness plan.  And just started up classes for tap dancing and belly dancing one night of the week, which is 2 hours 40 min. in one big block.  And I love it!!! And eating Primally allows me to go from one activity to the next to the next without a drop of energy.  

    I don't post here anymore because I don't want to invade BFL principles, since my philosophy on eating and fitness has changed so much.

  • Where is everybody?

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I was wondering the same thing BryanL.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • having an East-coast early AM cuppa and reading posts pre-HIIT...

  • This was my biggest support group. I started a new job in April and lost all my support. Bad habits I had not had in many year slowly came back. Last night I ate a double cheese burger, 6 chicken nuggets, a bean burrito, and a flatbread taco.

    I have made 2-3 attempts to start back up that crashed and burned. I had the fuel but this group was the wind beneath my wings. I quit new job two months ago and now I am working two jobs as a independent contractor. I quit my gym membership because I had not used it in months and only went 20 times the whole vs 3-6 times a week in the past.

    I got thru for a long time saying as long as I am under 190 I am doing ok and maintaining all the hard work I put from 2008-2009. Right now I am 204 and had to switch to an old belt to go to work. My wife is worried that I am out of control as she never knew me before I lost most of my weight and started living healthy.

    Last week I turned 30 and I feel like a whole new chapter is opening. I am starting a business from home that we plan to launch in the spring. I am losing my full time contract at the end of the month. I slept in till 11am yesterday when I was suppose to be at work at 6:45am. I drank a red bull on the way to my second job and could not sleep last night.

    I plan to take before pictures and measurement this week. My very first BFL challenge started December 14th 2009 and I hope to start a new one or some type of training plan soon. I miss this support group. It was one of a kind and everyone moving to facebook then fading away really hurt. The forum was magic because anyone could post and there were always new people who wanted to join in. The Facebook group was closed so only 1 person in it is still motivated and posts.


    With 2014 on the horizon I am still optimistic about what the future will bring. I have been laying the stepping stones to escape the cubicle and draining commutes and focus on what I am passionate about to make a living. Depends on how a talk goes with my boss at my part time job my freedom might greatly increase. Freedom of time and freedom of living closer to what I believe in and what I want the future to bring.



    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


    Yeah--I think the BFL on Facebook thing kinda fizzled. It's too bad. I started that group there in hopes of getting Legsy back and as a way to provide a safe space for people to post while being able to know who the others were that were part of the group. But you're right--no new people coming with questions that challenge our own way of thinking, and get us to explain stuff. There's no better way to learn than to teach, right?

    Anyway, I share a similar slippery slope demise as you my friend.

    For me, the beginning of the slippery slope was my foot surgery which I had put off for years, but could barely walk on it anymore. Had the surgery, the big toe joint bends almost 45 degrees again, but my knee, hip, and plantar fasciitis got so screwed up in the healing process and I wasn't making the correct nutrition choices to match my more sedentary resting phase, that--well--you all know what happens then.

    Bad habit after bad habit after bad habit.

    I'm now 153 pounds where my normal, healthy body weight for my build is 135.

    Put it this way, when I was 9 months pregnant with my heaviest kiddo, I was 150. Now there's nothing but atrophied muscle and fat.

    Like you, I've tried 3-4 times to start a new program. and each time I last maybe 2 weeks if I'm lucky.

    Like you, I dropped my gym membership because I wasn't getting there enough, and no one else in the family was using it.

    The kicker was seeing bathing suit pictures of myself when I was in Puerto Rico a couple weeks ago with my husband. Wow, was that an eye-opener.

    Anyway, all that to say:

    I've got lots to work on.

    I would love support and encouragement and a good kick in the pants when I start disappearing.

    Does anyone else out there still read this forum?

    I was really psyched when I got an e-mail message saying there was a new post to the group. So thanks Bryan--that's what got me back on here.

    I pulled out my old BFL journal.

    I'd like to try again. Is anyone else out there near starting?

    Bryan--is there anything you can do while you wait for a gym membership to transpire when the job thing settles in? What's the weather like there in Texas? Any way to start slow outside with running shoes, push ups, sit ups and nutrition?

    The college I work at has a great gym. I just need to plan my time better and commit to getting there. I've found if I wait til lunchtime, it doesn't happen.

    K--enough from me.

    can't wait to hear more from you!!!

    And everyone else who might be thinking of jumpstarting things again!


    Larry (Laura) KP

    Sabotage is not part of the plan.

  • helloooooooo!!!!!!

    This is a bit like an AA reunion.

    hello my name is and i'm fat again...

    (well still fat but fatter)

    for me it was easy... knowing i was a day ahead of everyone made me accountable... if i never scewed up and i DID do my workout then no one else could blame me or well he didn't so i won't. that kept me working my ass off. then i went to crossfit and loved it.

    then this year like Brian i started a new job, got sucked in, making $$$ was fun, love what i do,but the gym became less of a priority.

    i just told them to put my membership on hold.

    So i guess what i'm planing is a Jan 1st start to BFL ( I'll do other stuff between now and then)

    I only have 1 goal for the 12 weeks.


    seems like a plan:-)

  • Haha nice name kiwidon!

    Yep using my phone for this sucks. Just wanted to pipe in here.yaaaay! I need more accountability too. I was doing that plank challenge then sorta stopped bit I don't remember stopping...

    I tweaked my back 5 days ago and it's still stiff. I had belly dance tonight and my moves were limited. I can't plank or updog. This better go away soon! I'm not sure about starting a challenge up yet. However last December I bombed in the nutrition dept. I don't want a repeat.

  • Mare my day to see this in my email this morning!  Bryan, if anyone can get back up and dust themselves off, it's you my friend!  I had a hard time staying connected when we lost the guest book, that felt like family to me.  I can't believe how much time has passed since then - crazy.  I miss everyone too.  I haven't done a challenge in forever.  Three years ago I injured my back, and spent two months sleeping on my living room floor.  When I got better, I was terrified of injuring again, so I didn't exercise, and gained 30 pounds.  A friend of mine inspired me.  I started running, and cycling, I feel so good.  I'm back down 25 pounds, and would like to lose another 15-20.  But, just that 25 has taken two years, I'm okay with it taking time, because I feel like - for the first time in my life - I'm finally, slowly creating healthy habits.....and that doesn't happen over night.  It takes time.  You have always been successful with the challenges you completed, you definitely need a support group though, we all do.  I hope you can find that here again.  I'm not sure I want to do a challenge, but I'd love to cheer you on!


  • Hey! Its a reunion!!!! Great to read some familiar names. This thread was a daily DAILY inspiration to me. :) miss you guys lots and lots. My next challenge... is losing some baby weight. I'll be down until March 1st, then it's full throttle fun again :)

  • I never posted much in the past, but I always kept up on these posts and everyone definitely motivated me!  I actually planned on starting this past Monday but fizzled out. And to be honest, I was sad because this forum wasn't active anymore and I just sorta lost my motivation to start. So thank you Bryan!  I am going to get organized to start on Monday, 12/9/13.

    I do think I am going to follow the transformation 5-25 lifting plan because I'm not much of a fan of switching weights constantly. I think the 5-25 fits me better and I will be more apt to stick with it in the long run.....because i DO NOT like lifting all that much ;)

    I am 33 now and have lost a lot of my muscle and definitely feel much weaker than before. I just feel BFL is the way to go and feel it meshes well with me.

    Good luck to everyone and look forward to lots of posts to come!!!

  • I'll be starting this tomorrow.  Not sure if I will build up on it like the instructions say. Depends on my back. But this will be something I can keep up with with the holidays.



  • sorry, I wanted to post the photo right to this site.  But maybe it's too big or something. It's not loading, so I posted the link instead....

  • Hi -

    I’m so excited to see that people are posting here again, and it came at a perfect time! I am ready to start a new challenge, and MsZZ, I would be excited to cyber-partner with you starting on Monday, 12/9. Let's do it! Discipline for the holidays.

    I wasn't quite sure what the deal with the FB page was, but, if we were looking for a different kind of forum, a Google Community would be easy to set up. You don't need to change your email address or anything, and it's more accessible, especially on mobile devices. There is an app for both iPhones and Androids.

    Let me know, and I can do it. Either way, it sounds like there are lots of us who are interested in getting started again, so let get going!