Starting BFL plan tomorrow, I've got a few questions

  • Just got back from the grocery store, tossed out the junk food and am getting ready for the coming weeks.


    Couple questions.


    1.  Where can I download the meal plan and exersize forms?

    2.  How do you guys handle lunch?  I obviously can't cook at work.  


    I'm sure I will have many many more questions over the course of the next 12 weeks but I'll start with these.





  • Also if you guys can direct me to a post (I'm sure it exists) that has tips for newbies that would be appreciated.  

  • nikkos: check out the "newbie" threads. I posted a few blogs from Mike Harris yesterday and jimmieb put a good one on the day before. Flip through those pages right to the beginning - lots of posts there.