• Alright. I messed up BIG TIME!! Just last week I didn't do one weight work out. I had my finals for college and not to mention it was the busiest week I've had yet. Is this a big issue? I was thinking I could do a do-over and start Monday (10th).

  • Life happens, don't sweat it that you missed a few workouts. Use it for motivation as you get back on track.

    Sadly, there are no do-overs(if do-overs were possible I'd go back a few years to prevent myself from gaining the weight in the first place...lol). I, too, missed a few days because of illness then just jumped back in...it's OK to do that. Just stick with the program, you'll get results.


  • Ok, good. Thanks for letting me know. The only thing I did (which I do everyday) is go to the barn every night and take care of the horses. I guess thats better than nothing huh?

  • There are going to be slip ups, and circumstances beyond our control.

    But, these can easily become excuses. I can come up with a reason not to go to any of my work outs.

    But, I choose to find a way to make it happen.

    If that means an early morning, or, late night work out - then that is what needs to happen.

    I missed a LBWO last week. Why? I was busy. I was tired.

    But, as I analyzed that week, as I do the end of every week, I know I could of made it happen.

    And, now, I regret not creating a high point for the whole week - by making that one work out happen.

    No excuses.

    Now - if you are serious, get back on track and make your next work out happen.

    All of us here have had to face this at one point or another.

    Make no excuses. There are no reasons. "Just do it! It gets easier". (BFLMIKE)

    We all here in the forum want you to succeed.

    You can!

    You have my best!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry