Week One almost done!!

  • I started week one on Monday May 3.  As suggested by some I prepared my meals in advance on Sunday for the week. (Thank you James and Stacey for the tips)  I even put together my snacks.  I have stuck to the eating portion by the letter.  As I am definely a newbie at the gym I am still catching on, but did hit a couple of level 10's today on my upper body weight training.  I think my favorite morning workout is the cardio.  I have quite a bit of weight to lose and I know that this makes a difference, but I have already dropped 7 lbs.  Normally my jeans straight out of the dryer are a little snug to snap, but today (casual Friday) they were loose, really loose!!  I have shared the fact that I am doing a challenge with a few of my co-workers to help me stay on track.  I am excited and eager for Day 6 of week 1.  Almost 1 whole week done!!  I love the journal, just looking at the stories and before and after transformations helps to keep me motivated.  I CAN DO IT!!  Thanks for letting me share.  Btw, would anyone want to partner up with me?  I don't mind if this is your week one or even challenge one.  I could use with a parther to communicate questions and successes with.



  • Yes you can do it!  I also started another challenge this week.  We can partner up if you like but really everyone on this site is here to help you along. :-)  Congratulations on your first week of success!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • kimmy ...good luck ! Some days you might not feel up to going to the gym , I know I do . Having my Ipod helps alot on those days , and telling myself "this is for me" works too . I regrete not taking a before pic of myself , cause I look great now and would have liked to have the before me to refference and motovate . Know one thing , you can do this , If I can , anyone can ....period . Looking back , I cant believe how I used to treat my body ...now , I love me and my new body ...and Im stronger then alot of the young bucks at the gym now to ...thanks bfl ! we rock !

  • Nice on the weight loss.

    This is typical because your body is no longer retaining water (watch sodium levels), and stimulation from increased metabolism rate.

    Do not get discouraged when your weight loss plateaus a while. This is typical.

    As you will see repeated time and again on this forum, measure your waist, legs, arms chest, and write it down.

    Also, go by how your clothes fit, and how you feel each day.

    Keep us posted!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry