Diabetic and Needing Help @ 46

  • Hey everyone! I started the challenge on April 26, 2010 at 200lbs. I am enjoying the routine of exercise but have only lost 3lbs. in almost 2 weeks.

    My goal is to lose 25lbs over the 12 weeks and get toned.

    My trouble is with the meals. I am borderline diabetic and don't do well with some of the sugar alcohol in the protein bars.

    Also, can someone help with understanding what supplements to take that are "diabetic friendly"?

    Thanks very much.


  • This diet mirrors what should be a diabetic diet so congratulations on deciding to get healthier!

    You might want to stay away from the bars, but if you need a good supplementation I would call this number 1-800-297-9776

    Also take the nutrition info to your doctor and ask what they recommend.

    --- Kitty


  • Hey, Papa -

    Ya, just the usual, read the labels and stay away from sugars, refined/bleached flour.

    Trader Joe's sells a sugar free whey protein shake with the essential amino acids, chromium - which is what you need because it helps regulate glucose and insulin.

    But, you will probably need to take the creatine in capsule form unless you find a "sugar free protein shake with creatine". Doesn't hurt to look - type it into google search.

    Probably can buy your bread, and other items from a diabetic/ sugar free store, from the authorized food list.

    I do believe you can find sugar free protein meal replacement bars.

    If your diet is very restrictive, you should still find most of the authorized food list doable.

    Supplements are subjective to the ingredients and nutrition label.

    The only thing that spikes insulin is refined /bleached flour, and sugar. and to many carbs.

    Like KAT said, call the 1-800 number. I believe there are resources, and alternatives that are available.

    Once you have gone down this path of discovery, please post your findings for us - to educate the forum.

    We would be most grateful, as this information will be used to help others.

    Have a great day!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Hi Papa Bear.  I'm Hypoglycemic so I have the same issues.  I use the sci-fit 100% whey isolate protein powder.  It is sugar free and aspartame free.  Stay away from the bars unless it's an emergency.  Just use the shake and pair it with a carb like an apple or fat free yogurt.   Obviously a bar is better than skipping a meal but looks for some that are lower in sugar.  They mypolex light bars work for me in an emergency but may still have too much sugar for you.  The only other food my doctor suggested staying away from are some of the carbs that are higher on the gylcemic index like oranges & melons, corn and baked potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay).    My suggestion is to call and discuss it with your doctor.  Give him the food list and let him advise what is okay.   Good luck!

  • Thanks so much for your help, Kitty.

  • Thanks Heather... Is the sci-fit a EAS product?

  • Thanks Terry... and yes, I'll be sure to post my findings. I really appreciate everyone's willingness to help. We press on! :-)

  • No sci-fit is not an EAS product.  I get it at a local nutrition/fitness store here in Indy.  I'm not sure if GNC would carry it or not.  You can get it online.  Just google sci-fit Isolate.  It comes in LOTS of flavors too which is different than the standard chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.  I LOVE the chocolate ice cream flavor!

  • OK, Heather... I'll check it out.

    Anything with the word "ice cream" sounds good to me! :-)