Reasonable goals

  • I begin the program on Monday, May 10.  I would like to have a good idea of what reasonable goals are.  When I look at the before and after pictures of previous champions, I see extreme results.  I am in good shape for lifting as I do that on a regular basis, as well as cardio, although I am about 80 lbs over my ideal weight.  The before/after pictures of those overweight to begin with look much like me now and their after pictures look the way I want to look, although I don't believe an 80 pound transformation in 12 weeks is reasonable. 

    For those of you who have been in the program for a while or have finished BFL, what are some reasonable (little stretch) weekly and final goals for the 12 week period?  I would like to put down that I am setting a goal for 6.7 pound per week and 80 pounds for the 12 weeks, but I believe that is way beyond being reasonable. 




  • Hi Glenn! Hmmm, 7 pounds per week does seem like quite a lofty goal, and you may just get discouraged if it doesn't happen each week. How about using another form of measurement for success, like inches? One of my goals is to lose at least 5 inches off my waiste in 12 weeks. Or maybe set a goal for cardio... like being able to run a 9 minute mile on average by the end of 12 weeks (or something like that). Sometimes weight itself is not a very good indication of success, but getting smaller and faster is. Hope this is helpful...

  • Glenn, I agree with Erica in that you shouldn't just focus on scale loss, many people do the "clothes test"; I only weigh every 4 wks so I don't get discouraged and I see larger losses. I lost 20# in first challenge, then another 5# during my 2 wk break...

    I think a more reasonable goal for a male is around 30-35 pounds. Ray on here started his challenges I believe back in September and has lost a little over 50 pounds. Once you start building lean muscle the wt. loss slows down a bit cause the muscle is replacing the fat.

    Don't be discouraged though...I thought I read in another one of your posts that you though you would need 3 challenges to get where you wanted to be...Trust the Plan, Work the Plan!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I would think that if you are just doing BFL by the book that 80 lbs is not possible.  With the prescribed exercises and meals you would not be creating a calorie deficit great enough for 6.7 lbs per week.  And that is probably a good thing.  Remember 12 weeks is an arbitrary amount of time for the challenge.  The changes you make and habits you keep during the 12 weeks is what will keep you losing the fat and getting healthier.

    I originally started this challenge on March 19th with a goal of 50 lbs to lose.  As I have proceeded I have realized that 2-3 lbs per week is what I am going to get.  I have decided to do the challenge without any supplements besides protein powder.  While that may hold me back from a 50 lb loss, I am OK with continuing my loss after the 12 weeks is up.  I am not saying it isn't possible to lose 50 lbs in 12 weeks, but that would require a good deal more cardio than BFL says to do.  

    If your mind is up to it and your body tells you it is OK then extra cardio might work for you, many of the people in the before/after pictures did much more cardio than outlined by BFL.

    My best wishes for health and discipline to you.


    C1W8D1 21 lbs lost

  • Hi Glenn:  Great to see you making a commitment to the really works. Realistic expectations are important. Although I have never been 80 pounds overweight I have read a lot and from my own personal experience you can expect to lose in the neighbourhood of 20-25 pounds during a challenge. You have to remember that you will be building and gaining muscle mass along the way so I really encourage to not focus too much on the scale. I wrote a post a few weeks back about "Belts and Pants tell the truth". Let your clothes be your guide as you reshape your body. I am currently on day 68 of my challenge and I weighed myself at the start and am not weighing myself until day 84. I wish you all the best!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thanks for your reply and, yes, it is helpful.  What I had said about the 7 pound goal is that I thought is is unreasonable.  If I am using pounds as a goal, I would think 2-3 in reasonable.  The weight is not the important thing for me, although I do know that when I have been in extreme physical condition (almost 30 years of my life was that exact condition with a 7-8 % BF) my weight was 80 pounds less than what it is now and my waist was 8-9 inches smaller.  I do have a reference other than the pictures from BFL.  


  • DebbieMO,

    Thanks for the input.  It will help.  You can see my reply to Erica.  

  • James,

    What you have provided is exactly what I would have thought would be a reasonable goal.  The thing that didn't compute to me was looking at the befores and afters of those who started where I am starting.  Their's were extremes: almost 60 pounds in 12 weeks.  That is a 3500 calorie deficit per day which is almost impossible unless you are exercising much, much more than 46 minutes and 20 minutes per day as the BFL plan calls for.  

    You have done very well and congrats on your achievement.  Keep up the great work.  I look forward to more messages from you.  


  • Fit4life,

    Thanks for the reply.  Yours seems to be a reasonable expectation.  The appearance and size are the important factors.  


  • Hi, Glenn, and welcome to the CHALLENGE!!!

    I am on week 5 and I will share my weight loss experience thus far. Started at 238 pounds.

    - The first two weeks hitting it hard, I lost about 17 pounds.

    - went into third week around 221, to 222 fluctuating but, held w/ no weight loss.

    - 4th week, gained a pound or two, but held around 224.

    - gott to end of week 4 and was 221.

    Have not weighed myself for 5th week. I am waiting till end of 6th week.

    My stomach has shrunk noticeably, and seeing stomach muscle lines showing through. My arms, shoulders, and chest have also increased.

    I have an easy 25 more pounds to lose.

    My legs have always been buff my whole life. I was always the fastest runner (short and long distance) growing up, and did a lot of cycling. Of course, now, feel like I am starting over with the running.

    So, it seems, for a man, there is initial and significant weight loss in the first two weeks. I pushed myself really hard, mind you.

    Your body gets rid of the excess water it has been retaining. And, the fat storage process changes as the metabolism changes food to fuel, instead of storing it.

    Definitely do the HIIT 20 mins in the morning - before 1st meal, and don't eat for no longer then one hour afterwards.  By the time I get home from my run, I check my emails, then cook breakfast - it is almost an hour.

    Also, check out the EAS products for "lean and strong".

    WE are all behind you, and hope you will keep us posted.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • I am entering in my 5th week. I have lost ONLY 4lbs. I weigh 200 lbs.(female) I am working hard and I can see a mayor difference. But I do have fat to loose and I am getting very nervous about this...cos the weeks are fewer and I NEED to be 30 lbs.

    I am working out as hard as I can and I am eating well...but what can I do to speed it up? I know weight is not the goal, but this fat is driving me mad..! Mad!

    I hate cutting the carbs, but would that be ok for a week or so? Or counter productive?

    Would love advice!

  • jaja-you have to trust the program...your changes are most likely happening on the inside first, many women (me) do not experience dramatic changes until weeks 8 and beyond. I know that is a little ways off for you, but like I said, keep working the program, make sure you are eating the BFL way and hitting your 10's in your workouts.

    You can click on my name and look at my pics...I started at 203 back before Christmas and I'm now at 175; I'm about to start wk 7 of Challenge 2...

    I don't believe there is a way to speed up the process, if you think about it, how many weeks, months, years did it take for you to get in the shape you're in? Trust the program, work the program! All my best to your success! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...