everthing hurts.....

  • Holy cow!  One upper body, one hiit and one lower body workout later and everything hurts!  Have a hiit tonight and can't imagine how painful that might be...ha!  Does the pain ever go away or will it be like this for the next 12 weeks and so on? 

    Did well with the upper body workout but couldn't use much weight on the lower body.  It took everything I had to get the serious of squats and lunges down without weights.  ugh!  Gives me something to works towards I guess. 


  • I meant "series" not "serious"...

  • I am glad you are sore :)  It's a good sore.

    Doing this program I have found that, if it is followed correctly, I am still sore after every workout aside from HIIT  to varying degrees because I don't always hit the tens.  I cannot speak for everyone else because everyone will react differently.

    The changes you should expect to see is that the soreness will not be as sharp as you move through this program AND it won't last as long.  At this point thoguh,  there's a very good probability that when you go to your next UBWO, you will still have some lingering soreness from the previous workout  for the time being.

    As for your LB, my friend, I have been lifting weights on and off for 12 years and I rarely did any exercises on my lower body.  When I started, my max leg press so, the fifth set was 120lbs.  Now it's 180...you will gain strength, the important thing is getting your form down in the first little bit of the challenge so you can properly understand how to do and add weight to the exercises.  

  • It never goes away but you will soon understand and appreciate the pleasure of that pain!  

    When I started I was doing squats with a max weight of 30lbs (15 lbs each side).  Today in my 10th week I hit 80lbs (40 each side).

  • HA!  Evil!  Going up the stairs in my house was a little painful but nothing like going down, that was even worse!!...and I won't even bring up trips to the loo.......

  • Heather, you're my hero!  I can't wait until I can do that!!!

  • Just hang in there and push yourself to increase your weight every week.  Even if it's only by 2lbs.  You'll be there sooner than you think!!!  

  • **happy jealous face**

    Heather is bang on....those days are precious!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing the new people saying "when will this go away!" It is SO what we all have gone through the first challenge. It amazes me actually - we all follow a very similar path. Each week has its own charms.

    Hang in there people! Its a great ride. :)

  • Thanks all!  I'm looking forward to what the future has in store!

  • I am so with you.  Looks like we started the same day.  Everytime I try to scratch my nose or put in contacts, I feel a squeal from my triceps.  And if it's any consolation, I couldn't even finish my lunges the first day without falling down!  I'm staring down my cardio for this evening, wondering how my calves will do.  Still, feels good to know something's going on!

  • RJ, totally feel your pain!  ha!  but you're right...it feels good to move/work the body!!!  

  • I am also in pain after my 2nd lower body workout.  ouch! ouch! ouch!  :-)  Having done weight training before I am familiar with the feeling.   Pretty sure I'm going to be feeling it every day for the next, oh, 10.5 weeks.