Already exhausted and hungry :/. Day 3. Encouragement/advice?

  • This is my third challenge, but my first since giving birth in September.  I was so excited on day 1, remembering how well this worked for me before and how awesome I will feel at the end....but this time I have a 4 month old who wakes me up 4+ times every night! and a three year old who keeps me running all day.  I'm still 100% breastfeeding the baby and the calorie restriction is already causing me to feel so third and starving.  I'm eating around 1750 cals a day to compensate for the additional caloric need with nursing but I just don't feel good.  Need encouragement or advice!  Someone tell me the first week is the hardest because I've forgotten after so long!

  • CookieFleck,

    I think you need to consult a health professional.. please see the response below from BFL to another person who is actually pregnant, but they mention those who are breastfeeding also...carb and caloric restrictions not recommended... obviously you would be a whole lot better off if you just stayed away from all unauthorised foods but had decent helpings of the food lists at each meal... exercise that you and your body can cope with, without knocking you around... "REST" is paramount for anyone on BFL, let alone someone breastfeeding and dealing with nightfeeds and a toddler... 

    All the best..

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! The Body-for-LIFE program was not specifically designed to meet the needs of pregnant women, so we recommend you check with your doctor to see if the program is right for you.

    As for the products to use, EAS nutritional products (like AdvantEDGE Carb Control, Myoplex and 100% Whey Protein) can be used by pregnant or breast feeding women. However, generally your diet should not be carbohydrate or calorie restrictive, so as with any dietary change while pregnant or breast feeding, we suggest talking with your physician first.

    Another thing to keep in mind, EAS dietary supplements (our products that say "Dietary Supplement" on the front of the label) are not recommended for pregnant women, women who are trying to become pregnant, or breast feeding women, unless otherwise directed by a physician. Feel free to call us if you have any other questions, 1-800-297-9776, Monday- Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST.

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team


  • I have checked a bit and, fortunately, BFL seems to be generally acceptable to health professionals for breastfeeding as long as total calories and carbs are elevated to meet the additional nutritional demands (around 250-500 cals beyond BMR, which I am taking mostly as complex carbs and high quality fat).  Further it is generally acceptable to begin a diet and exercise regimen after 2-4 months, depending upon who you talk to so I decided to err on the side of caution and wait until 4.5 months.  My diet is still quite varied, and is in fact probably much richer in vitamins, minerals, and quality protein than it was before I started.  I am playing with the idea of upping my caloris another 200/day (in carbs) because I think I may need to be on the upper end of that recommended breastfeeding surplus (my baby is super fat!).  I am also laying off the HIIT until my son decides to sleep a little better, because as I recall HIIT is crazy tiring.  Basically I will be doing the diet and weights.

  • I think this is a smart move!  One thing you hinted at but are not really talking about how important it is would be your proper rest.  if you dont get enough sleep, then you are not going to be happy.  if you are not happy you will not stick with it.  I say you have the right attitude just not the time for the total program.  do what you can and hang out with us on the board!  

  • Thanks.  I have to say that I feel a little like a BFL poser right now because I just can't commit to the whole program right now.  Until I am getting decent sleep, cardio just has to wait.  Until I am not 100% physically manufacturing every bit of nutrition that is feuling my baby, I just can't limit my carbs and fat to a real degree.  I'm going to stick with what I can do though in hopes that I can (1) lose some of the baby weight and (2) maintain some level of physical fitness once I am at a point that I can really dive in.  

  • Good morning cookiefleck,

    I sincerely hope you stay with us on the Calling all Lifers forum.  Please don't feel like a BFL Poser... you are not at all... you have very different priorities (your babies health and your rest requirements) to what most doing a "transformation challenge" do... And there are not many doing a full on Transformation challenge - lets be clear on this....

    Please remember there is a huge number of people that are "Committing to 12 weeks" of "healthy eating" - limiting junk food, limiting alcohol, getting into the habit of daily exercise, working on their addictions opposed to a full on BFL "Transformation Challenge and officially entering the contest".. So you are NO different to 95% of us.... some of us go hard and stick to food and exercise by the book (because we can), to see how "good we can be".. and some of us do the best we can with given circumstances and limitations.. (you)

    PLEASE BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE! You have made an awesome start, just having the mind ready 'to do something" is huge, huge for a new mum, hats off to you Cookiefleck.. I think you are amazing....



  • Well said Andy and Debs. The greatest success is the mind. The choices....the body just follows, and is the "product" of the mind. Strong mind, strong body.

    I hope you stay with us Cookiefleck. : ) You are a wonderful leader to those other young and beautiful moms out there. : )