Starting Feb 10th

  • Hello all.  I have been a BFL'er in the past.  I was a very early test dummy.  I did my first Challenge in 2000!  I went from 265 to 192.  Well, let me correct that.  I started running around Father's Day (June 20th or so).  I weighed myself and I was 265.  I was losing weight put not like I wanted to.  I needed something more.  I literally stumbled across BFL and read the book in one day.  I was excited and knew I could succeed.  I started my challenge on October 1.  That was a great day to start.  My Challenge ended on Dec 24th!  By October 1 I was down to 235.  By Christmas, I reached 192!  I did not have this forum or the early forum for guidance.  I had a book and some rules they required I follow to compete in the Challenge.  That was it.  My point is this, you don't need this forum to succeed.  Use this forum for support and a kick in the pants.  I just signed up today and have read only a handful of posts.  Those that never knew Uncle Mike Harris, when someone posts something about him, listen.  He was a Champion.  They allowed the Champs to blog on the old site.  Uncle Mike was one of the only Champs that took his knowledge and shared it consistently ( Sylvia did too).  But with all of his wisdom, came many excuses.  He told me most people asked questions only in hope that someone would tell them it was okay to stray from the guidelines.  In other words, if you are asking to bend the rules, don't ask.  He gave a lot of tough love.  When aussie debs posts something from Mike, read it and understand it.  He never claimed to be perfect.  But, he never strayed when it came to giving advice about what the BFL plan/rules were.  I am hoping to find inspiration in this site like I did in 2007.  I made many friends on that site (Betty, Robin, Chris Cary, Chris Elliott, etc) Aussie Debs I believe I knew you or at least read your posts in 2007 as well.  I have succeeded using BFL.  I have failed using BFL.  I have never been able to incorporate this into the "FOR LIFE" part.  My mind tells me I can do this any time I want and I keep saying next week.  Well, next week I embark on a new 12 week challenge.  I hope to find many new friends along the way.  I hope to be able to give some tough love like Uncle Mike and Chris Cary used to give.  

    Steve from South Carolina

  • G'day there Steve! Great to have you here!

    Please come onto the "Calling all Lifers - 6th Jan game day" thread - great bunch of people over there! I will add you on Team Renegade's roll call list for next week if you like!

    Thanks!... trying to keep Mike's wisdom on the plan alive, it's so much harder on this multi forum site... at least with only one thread people could be "put straight" on what the rules are if you are wanting to follow it in it's original strictest form to get the best results... This along with there being so many "good plans" out there and with all the nutrition knowledge of the last 14 years as well, it's only natural for people to "try and get an edge" because they know this and that.. but before you know it, you've completely re-written the plan..

    I still believe if you have come to do the BFL plan, do it properly by the book FOR ONE FULL CHALLENGE... learn by the threads and the successes and failures of others, then if you come back for the structure and friendships, that's great, but make it clear you are not doing a "real  BFL" challenge so newbies don't get confused...

    Ps/ The "for life" bit is definitely my focus and my main "transformation goal" this challenge.... whatever the body does during the 12 weeks, I'll be happy for that too. I intend to stay connected here indefinitely because it's the embarrassment factor that keeps a once successful challenger away (well, it was me anyway)... I decided to suck it up and come back and start again and I aint doing this again! No way! 2014 is my year!



  • I wish you good fortune for the next 12 weeks, I am on day 2. A real shock to the system.

    My success is your success.

  • Welcome back Steve! Jeff, you're over one hurdle, getting started. Debs and Steve I'm right where you are on the "for life". Thanks all for the support by just being there.

  • Hi Everyone! I am also an "old" BFL'er. I actually transitioned from T25 the last few weeks and made an interesting observation. I was building little to no muscle :( For cardio, it was great but I craved and missed my old BFL program. I usually do BFL every spring to get into shape and decided to start Feb. 10th. I am 46, female and tend to carry too much body fat. I am around 30% BF right now. BFL has gotten me down to 25% but have had a hard time getting lower. The eating plan works well for me. I love the recipes (like turkey meatloaf, chx enchiladas). I have always eaten a healthy breakfast. I'll be reading my goals daily and I created a weekly tracker for body fat, measurements, weight, energy/sleep notes. That really helped me last time. Look forward to getting to know the other 2/10 starters!

  • Oh and I am looking forward to my first cardio day today!! I have the old audios from Chris Cary still loaded on my MP3! I think I got them in 2006!!

  • I also started Feb 10.  Been a great 2 days and I'm excited about the journey.

  • Hi Steve,

    I hope it is going, well.  Hang in there.  


  • Howdy All!

    As Tpup has said.. BFL, we know it works, that's why so many come back - some for a "tune-up" like tpup hehe and some because they just let life get in the way and fall right back down the rabbit hole... (me).

    If you want to be part of a bigger group for support, encouragement and advise, please come over to:

    We have 6 people who started on the 10th in our group, every week we get more on board and it's just a great place to keep you on the journey..  anyways - we are here if you need us! Cheers Debs