Weight Gain??? Advice Needed, Please!

  • Hi Everyone! I am looking for some advice and/or opinions.

    My husband are on our 4 week which is awesome! At least for him... We both have been following the program as close to perfect as possible. My husband has lost about 7 lbs and he is starting to see some definition; which is awesome!! :) However, I have gained about 1lbs!! In addition to the exercise program, on the days that we lift weights I also run for 45-60 mins. One would think that it would be working!? Oh, this week I have also increased my weight limits because it wasn't enough. :) For supplements I drink Myoplex light, CLA, and I take Betagen twice a day.

    Any advice???

  • It depends....  There are a few factors that could cause you to be up 1lb of scale weight in 4 weeks.  Please see below for a few possible reasons.

    1) If you were pretty lean when you began it could be that you have gained a pound of muscle.  Which is great!

    2) Without getting too graphic...  Women weigh more at certain times of the month.

    3) Betagen has creatine as a main ingredient.  Creatine causes your muscles to pull water in and retain it.  Therefore making you weigh more.

  • I wish I could say it was muscle. Unfortunately, my BMI is 26. I just had a baby and I have about 30 lbs of baby weight to lose.  And I'm not that strong I can only bench 150 lbs and squat 250 lbs. I would like to see those both go up! :)  I just looked up the creatine. I knew it made your muscle retain water, but I did not know it can range from 2-6 lbs. So I guess that makes me feel better!

    Number is awesome! and you are sooo right on that! I think men should retain water too once a month! ;) jk

    Thanks for the advice!

  • One thing to consider. If you use the palm/fist method, then most likely hour carb intake will vary day to day by the gram. You could eat 130g one day, another day142g. Every gram of carbohydrate holds 3 grams of water. Most likely it is just water weight.

    If it persists, I would advise a food scale to accurately track your macros.

  • Hey Charlie, yea I do the palm/fist method. What you say makes since but would it make that much difference? We eat a very strict wheat/gluten free diet. My husband has a sever allergy to wheat. Do you think manly just brown rice is bad? For flour I use a combo of rice, potato, or almond flour.

  • You said that it's been 4 weeks...Are you PMS'ing right now? I had lost 6.4 lbs by week 4 and then in week 5, I gained 5lbs back (water weight and constipation), but then the scale went right back down and a little more once I finally had been on my period for a few days. Are you taking your inches lost measurements? Measuring has been the major motivating factor for me to keep going...inches lost will be more dramatic than scale weight lost when you are strength training. I don't think it would be the brown rice, but I'm not a dietician. Brown rice is one of the best whole grains you could possibly eat and as long as you are eating the appropriate portions it should be okay. Have you ever had your thyroid checked? My dad had trouble losing weight for years and finally found out it was a thyroid issue. Are you getting bored during your workouts? I feel like I don't hit 10's if I'm bored and unfocused during my workouts. Maybe it's time to switch things up a bit in your work-out routine? I hope that helps and don't give up!!!

    "It's impossible to be a QUITTER if you are still TRYING. Focus on PROGRESS, not perfection"

  • Hi Theorchid33! The weird thing is even before my PMS came the scale never moved. I did what you suggested and took my measurements and nothing has changed except my legs and arms are .5 inches bigger!

    You are correct, I have a hypothyroid. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I figured because I take medicine for it I would be ok. But maybe not. :( but I won't give up it's worth it to me to do the while 12 weeks or more even if I start to only see very slow results. I was just hoping there was some other explanation. Oh well.

    Thank you for your thoughts!!

  • I would suggest stopping the extra cardio.  Follow the program as written.  More isn't always better, sometimes it's just more.  And that causes your body to react differently.  In this case, your metabolism may have slowed down because the food you're eating isn't sufficient for the extra cardio demands you're putting on your body.  Best of luck, but the original book works great as written, try it that way first.

  • Yes yes, Hypothyroid. Well definitely please talk to your doctor and ask if there is ANYTHING that you can do...There has got to be. I would also talk to a registered dietician who understands hypothyroidism who can help you with types of foods. Don't give up! Remember what Bill talks about in the book about how life's obstacles are inevitable and WILL happen no matter what. Then it's about figuring out how you can make that obstacle work FOR you not against you!   Good luck!                                                          

  • Brown rice is fine. You said scale showed you up 1lb, I bet it's water weight.

  • Hi there,

    I empathize with your concerns, the amount of women more than men who have had this issue early like you or sometimes right up to week 8, 9, 10, 11 -  - that is no scale loss - imagine getting to week 11, is a lot!

    How are your measurements, are your clothes fitting better, how do you feel.... I sincerely hope you have changes in these areas, because this is really how the program is measured, not on scale loss - we are all different, don't forget that too. You are not the only person like this, remember that.

    Just some thoughts though.. (please don't feel like I'm attacking you, I want you to continue and do this, but please do it as written)

    1. This is a 12 week program, not 4 weeks.

    2. There is only 4 hours of exercise a week, not 7 - this was designed by Bill Phillips after he experimented on many other variations - if you are doing the HIT 3 times a week and reaching your high points you don't need more cardio - have you read the original book, did you see what he said about extra cardio and how it's detrimental to the program?

    3. Success is measured in what I state above, not in scale loss

    There are so many good programs out there these days, and yes, this is an old program,, it's hard not to get caught up in the latest and greatest,  but it's such a good, solid and basic program and millions of people have succeeded with it!

    I'll find an article or two written by one of the old champs to see if it can help ease your mind a little - hang in there and please cut out the cardio!

    No Changes?
    by: Michael Harris  9/12/2008

    This is a hard blog to write, because it brings disappointment, anger, and sometimes even bitterness into some people’s lives. But it needs to be written. It is a rerun because this is important.

    I have received a few emails, and seen several posts on the guestbook and Tracker as well, from disappointed people who even after 10 weeks of a challenge have not seen any results at all. The person generally expresses their reaction much like this: "I guess this program just doesn’t work for everyone."

    Setting aside for a moment the issue of self-pity here, I just must say that, "Yes, it really does work for everyone, but YOU HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT!" By that I mean you cannot skip workouts, cheat on meals, slip in little extras here and there, gorge absolutely all day long on free day, use a bunch of "tweaks" in applying the program, and have any hope at all that you’ll see good results. Body for Life is really that sensitive, that if you dabble with the way it works, it really might not work at all.

    I know that everyone in their own mind thinks they are doing this the very best they can. But often those who are seeing little or no results will have the presence of mind to really go back and examine their program from top to bottom, and will see that they are not really being that careful or stringent.

    There are two possible exceptions to this bit of bad news. One is that a person who has really abused their body for years by yo-yo dieting or by bingeing and purging or anorexic behavior, may have such a screwed up metabolism that results are slow or non-existent for a long time. Another possibility is hormonal and related to some birth control pills--not thyroid problems though. So, a good checkup with the appropriate blood work, as well as a truth-telling session with the doctor, is the best bet there.

    So, what do you do then if you are at week 10 and nothing has happened? Finish what you started, and finish strong by finishing perfectly. Then, take two weeks off, re-evaluate everything that happened the first time, and start again. Using rigorous self-honesty, and by learning from the mistakes of the first challenge, you should see much better results.

    So, if this was about you, I am truly sorry I don’t have some great "breaking news" for you that will excuse you from not getting good results. Denial is a tough pattern to break, so I am not confident that all of those who read this will think I have any idea what their problems are. It’s soothing and somewhat interesting to thing of ones self as particularly unique when it comes to "our problems," but when it comes to weight loss and muscle gain, it’s pretty much the same for everyone--eat less than you burn, and exercise hard for short periods of time with plenty of rest, and you’ll see results.

    6 pound scale loss?

    By: Mike Harris

    This was a response to a lady who was stressed about not losing many pounds in Scale Weight..... 6.2 pounds doesn’t sound like much weight loss unless of course you are adding some muscle at the same time. What would tell you whether you were gaining muscle or not is whether you are lifting heavier weights than you did when you started, and whether you have lost inches around the waist and hips.

    If it appears that this is all you have lost so far, you still could end up with a 10 pound loss by week 12 because good things often take place toward the end.


    One of the things you might need to look at is your food, both the amounts you are eating and whether you are eating little unspoken treats.

    I used to work with a lady who would go out to our table where the 400 calorie bagels were, and she would take 1/2 a bagel, cut that into fourths, and take just one piece of that and put a little cream cheese on it and leave the table. Good, right? Well, in 10 minutes, she would be back, and would do the very same thing with another 1/8 of a bagel. By the end of the morning, she would eat the whole damned bagel, plus a lot more cream cheese than she ever realized she was! FOr her, it didn’t seem like she was eating that much if she did it by nibbles.

    Well, it’s a lot like that for those of us who are around offices where nearly every counter or table top has some kind of a little candy dish or jar, or where there’s always birthday cake or "free" whatevers in the break room. If we can’t pass up those dishes and those freebies, we can easily hurt our challenge without ever even realizing it. I talked to a lady one time who was deeply hurt when I suggested she had to be cheating somehow on her meals, and she sent me her exact menu, which clearly was excellent.

    Four Chocolate Kisses Finally, though, when she decided she needed to lose fat more than she needed to feel sorry for herself, she admitted that after every one of these "teeny weeny little meals" as she called them, she was having her little "guilty pleasure," which was "just four chocolate kisses." Well, assuming she was finally telling me the truth, I ran the math and she was stunned–so was I to tell you the truth! Each chocolate kiss has 25 calories, so she was eating 600 calories of chocolate kisses every day, which amounts to 4200 a week, or over 50,000 calories during her 12 week challenge, which meant that there were 14.5 pounds that she HAD NOT LOST that she would have had she not eaten the chocolate kisses.

    NUTRITION CHECK! xxxxxx, I’m NOT saying you’re doing anything wrong–I’m just asking you to look at absolutely everything you’re putting into your mouth, if you’re adding fruit to shakes, or if you’re putting creamer in your coffee, or eating life savers or chewing regular gum–anything at all, take a look and see if some of those could be tripping you up. If that’s not the problem, it could be the meal sizes. Most meals for most ladies are only going to be about 250 calories at most. That’s not much, but if you’re eating 6 times a day, that’s a 1500 calorie a day diet, which should provide for moderate weight loss.

    If nothing sticks out at you, just finish up this challenge and see if the last couple of weeks are good for you, you might be really surprised! 


  • Oh, forgot to say - I have many more articles like this if you find them helpful. One of them has posts from real people who had the same fears as yourself, but the posts in the this article are how they are so glad they persevered when they thought it wasn't working, and lo and behold - it worked (some not until week 12 and 13)!