My Week 5 Progress Pictures :)

  • I just finished week 5 on Monday, Jan. 13th! Woo!

    I am PMS'ing right now (TMI, sorry), but I think that's why I didn't see as much of a difference on the scale this week along with my inches lost. Do any of you women experience this before your ms? I still lost .5 lbs. and 1 inch. and that is progress. So I'm going to just be happy that I made some progress and hope that I'm just experiencing some pms symptoms. I'm retaining a LOT of water right now and I am bloated. So I'm drinking more water than usual to help with that! Here is my day 1 pic (left) compared to my finished week 5 pic (right). It's amazing how much change there has been so far. Especially my side shot. I really had a beer belly! I'm so glad that I have the pictures to remind me of my progress!

    I definitely feel different...I feel like I'm shrinking inward, and I KNOW that I'm losing a lot of fat and gaining muscle. I can definitely see it in my arms when I flex and my thighs are shrinking (hallelujah!). I am pushing myself more and more at each gym session and it feels awesome. I feel stronger and stronger every day and I'm having a ton of fun... I really look forward to my time there. I haven't missed a workout and I plan on holding that streak for the full 12 weeks, AT LEAST! I'm really excited because I have never gone this far/long with ANY workout plan and I am really seeing this as a lifetime change. I don't want to ever go back! 

  • wow awesome progress so far! I especially notice the difference in you from the before pic to the current pic. Your face is lighting up. I can't wait to see how you look when you reach the end!

  • Wow!!! You are kicking butt!!!!! Such awesome results so far. You must be on cloud 9. Its only week 5. Great job!

  • Truly impressive results. I know your final pictures are going to be amazing. Way to put yourself out there and motivate others.

  • Awesome job!  Wow if that isn't motivatin to stick with it, I don't know what is!  Thank you for sharing!

  • This is SO awesome!! That side shot and that bicep!! You must be hitting 10s and it is so good to hear about how you enjoy going to the gym.

    I experience the same thing around that time of the month. I bloat like crazy but it goes down more if I don't drink carbonated beverages. Once its over I feel like I shrink and the progress is suddenly super obvious, I love that feeling lol.

  • Thanks so much everyone! I definitely was bloated when I took the right photo. I am feeling much better now and the scale is moving again. I am hitting 10's! and I'm lifting heavy. I don't always hit 12 reps on that last set for each exercise that I'm doing, but I am going as hard as I possibly can and I'm still pushing myself more and more at each session. I think that's what makes such a rapid transformation in this program. When I start to get comfortable, I mix it up with a different routine.  I'm looking forward to taking my 6 week photos in a few days! I'm really starting to see results!

  • Great Job!! You can really see the changes and I really do love your positive attitude! It really helps to read your inputs to stay motivated! :) Keep it up!! :)