Good Record Keeping Sites?

  • I am just starting and I have every means to get through this.  I am trying to find out what are some good sites though that can help me keep track of the progress that I am doing.  I know of one site and that is:, but I am wanting to know if there are any others that are good (possibly better) then others.  Thanks for your input!

  • Goober- I use the BFL Journal- you can buy them online for about $15. It has been a life saver for me. Daily, it has a place for you to record what your goals for that day are, your progress, food log, and workout log- everyday there is an inspirational story that goes with it. There are 12 weeks worth of days in it. I love it and reccomend it to anyone!

    I think this is what your looking for!

    Stacy Lynn

  • I use the Bodyminder Workout and Exercise Journal which has a section for your food, weight lifting, cardio, water amount, vitamins, etc. It is not as big as the BFL journal which makes it easier to carry around.  Check it out on Amazon. com

  • has a place to track everything via there Bodyspace page.  I don't use it much.  I'm much better at tracking my progress if it's on my computer (no logging in to a site) or on a printed chart.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I prefer the BFL Success Journal above all else, but there is a free site called "" that is amazing! if you like it, (and you have a PC, not a mac) there is a more detailed version you can purchase for 20 bucks or so. but free is good, too!

  • In my humble opinion either the success journal or a simple three ring binder with the information on this site that has the pdf file print outs of both the food logs and the workout logs.  I use mine also as an inspiration book.  I put positive quotes and even pictures of the back, shoulders, legs etc that I will eventually have.  Also the whole point behind BFL is to not get caught up in the 'noise" of calorie counting etc.  Once you learn the authorized foods list it's really very simple if you just use the palm/fist measure method.


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  • I'm using the Success Journal, too. I like the daily "Lessons-for-Life" (Today's was SO apropos!), the daily reflections page, the menu plan and workout plan. Basically, once I'm through with this challenge, I'm going to create my own on the computer and set it up just like this.

    I highly recommend the Success Journal, especially since this appears to be your first challenge. It helps keep me on track, gives me daily goals for The Power Mindset as well as the Law of Reciprocation, and allows me to reflect on both my strengths and areas for improvement.

    I don't think I could be as faithful to the plan without it!


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